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Food and Cooking...or lack thereof

Week recap and a recipe

Is it really Thursday already!? This week has been a busy one. Addison started pre-school on Monday.

The morning before included lots of outfit changes (before finding something we both agreed on) and lots of picture taking.

It also unfortunately included lots of tears when I dropped her off. But, this is her second year at a pre-school we LOVE and after just a few short minutes she was back in the routine and not ready to leave when it was time to go home. :)

Other happenings this week:

Lots of laughs with grandparents (Kenny’s mom and dad came for a visit).
Lots of play dates and carpooling.
Lots of cleaning and organizing.
Lots of picture developing.
Lots of back to school shopping. (clothes, shoes, school supplies – doesn’t get much better)
Lots of exercising. I tried a Latin Heat aerobics class Tuesday morning. Oh my. I moved my hips in ways I didn’t know was possible.
and…LOTS of cooking! Yes. You will all be so proud of me! I have become one with my inner Betty Crocker and have cooked more in the last three weeks than I have in my whole married life.
My goal has been to cook more and eat less. Nice one. :)

When my sister came to help out after my surgery she made the best fajitas. I called her and got the recipe the other day and I’ve made them twice since then because they are easy to make, healthy, and taste so so good. Thanks Car!

All you need is a few peppers (green, red, and either yellow or orange), an onion,

some low fat cheese, whole wheat tortillas, and pre-cooked southwestern style chicken strips.

(side note: pre-cooked chicken! Are you kidding me!? I didn’t know this existed! It has changed my life! I hate cooking chicken – I actually don’t like dealing with raw meat in general. But to have the chicken already cooked and spiced and ready to throw in the meal! Genius. Pre-cooked chicken, where have you been all my life!!?)

Anyway, slice everything up, put in some olive oil and saute the onions first. Then add the peppers. When the onion and peppers are almost done, toss your fabulous, pre-cooked, already spiced chicken into the pan and warm everything up.

Serve it with salsa and chips. The chicken gives everything the best taste! Your family will ohhh and ahhh and you will feel oh so chef like. Right up until your kids don’t eat it and you end up just fixing them a tortilla with a little melted cheese. But you and your husband will love it! So you will still feel oh so chef like.
At least that’s the way it went down around here. :)
xoxo, Erin
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12 thoughts on “Week recap and a recipe

  1. So true with the fajitas! Except at my house the husband won’t even eat them! Therefore I don’t make them but they are a yummy treat at restaurants!
    Ellie looked adorable! Love her dress! Yeah for the start of school!

  2. I will have to try Carly’s fajitas because they look yummy.
    And I feel the same way about Pre-Cooked Bacon! Who would have thought? It takes just seconds to heat the bacon and leaves no mess in the microwave.
    With all of the tomatoes now from our garden, we eat a lot of BLT’s around here…I will have to try the pre-cooked chicken.
    Addison looks precious in her little grey dress ~ kiss her for me!

  3. We needed to be neighbors. We could’ve balanced each other out. Ima not gonna lie, I quietly scoffed at the idea of pre-cooked chicken. But then again, I’m just looking around at my clean house recently completed by my first ev-ah cleaning gal….hired so I CAN cook more.

  4. Erin. You are too funny! You really didn’t know you could buy cooked chicken?! I usually don’t buy it just cause it’s more expensive and it’s a “convenience item” I know I can do myself. But, yes, it is good. There are lots of kinds, so knock yourself out and keep up the good chef-ing!

  5. This came just in time — I have decided to return to cooking one meal a week. I know that sounds so lame, but as empty nesters, its so easy to get out of the habit (atleast for me who really wasn’t that much in the habit!) So, this sound yummy and something we will both love. Love the pre-cooked chicken plan too.

    Oh, sweet Addison off to preschool. So much fun.

  6. Look at you, goin’ all Pioneer Woman with the step by step recipe instructions! Nice work!

    When I was pregnant with Amelia I was totally grossed out by raw meat. After several dinners of cold cereal, I decided I should fix something decent for Dan and Lily. I got the chicken out and I just couldn’t do it. So I called my neighbor and asked in a desperate voice, “Will you come cut my chicken for me?” It was a mark of true friendship that she came right over and did my dirty work for me!

    My BFF is a school teacher and super busy with a 6 year old in competitive gymnastics. She swears by the pre-cooked chicken and I say more power to both of you!

  7. Those picture of Addison and her cute curls are just adorable. Sounds like you have a lot of good things going on, including a nice visit from the in-laws. I’m excited about those fajitas…they look really easy. Yeah for you and your cooking!

  8. Yum! The fajitas sound great! Can’t wait to make them!! Can you post some ideas/photos of the organization projects you have been working on? Thanks!!

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