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Morning routine

Getting ready for pre-school…

6 outfit changes.
5 different pairs of mom’s shoes.
4 different colors of lip gloss.
3 disagreements (at least)
2 different hairstyles.
1 VERY tired mommy.
All to get Miss Addison out the door for pre-school.

And she’s only 4….
Lots to look forward to. :)
xoxo, Erin
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16 thoughts on “Morning routine

  1. I see she chose the “stefani” shoes. And liplicious. Very nice. As a mom, I’m sure it’s more than frustrating. As a female with a sophisticated hold on prevailing taste, I’ll bet you are secretly quite proud of your budding fashionista.

  2. She has your sister “Carly” written all over her!
    Actually, you really weren’t all that easy to get out the door either.
    All I can tell you is it gets worse….not Better :)
    I could just squeeze her she is so cute!

  3. Oh my how funny. Easier to laugh and enjoy when its not my little girl you are trying to get out the door still with that smile on her face and with your closet not a mess! She is adorable and it is so great you can laugh about her spunkiness and personal style. Reading it makes me miss those days when Natalie as a teenager would come in my closet and try on six different outfits of mine – choose one and leave the others in a pile. I miss those girl visits while she was finding just the right outfit. I now love when she visits and asks if she can borrow something in my closet.

  4. PS My only concern will be if you post a similar entry re: Kole when he starts preschool. I may have to schedule an intervention at that point.

  5. LOL. I’m glad I’m just sending off a little boy to pre-k right now. :o) Shirt…check. Pants…check…. 1 pair of shoes….check check. School bag….check check check…BOOM….we’re out the door.

    4 more years I’ll be right where you are with my little girl, so for now I’ll enjoy Samuel’s experience. ;-)

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