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Christmas Card Pages

In 2004 (our first year with Ellie) Kenny and I started sending out Christmas cards. That’s also the year I started saving all of the cards I received from family and friends. I LOVED having pictures of so many loved ones and I wanted to keep them. Now (six years later) my card collection was getting out of control. I knew I couldn’t keep everything so I came up with this solution. Each year I’m going to pick a handful of cards and scrap them (one layout per year). I took the pictures off of the cards and cropped them and then arranged them around making a little collage of sorts. I tried to use different families each year so that at one point I’ll have everyone we receive cards from in our Christmas album. Here’s how they turned out…

I kept it simple so it’s easy to do each year. This honestly didn’t take me long at all and I’m so excited to finally have a solution for what to do with my cards! I’m trying to decide if I should type each families name on a little square to put on each picture or just leave them like they are. Anyway, thought I’d share this idea in case any of you are like me and don’t want to part with Christmas cards, but can’t keep saving them all either! I love that now they will be out in our Christmas album each December for our family to remember and enjoy along with pictures of our past Christmases.
p.s. I know a lot of you reading my blog have your picture on display here…hope you don’t mind. You all look lovely. :)
xoxo, Erin
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21 thoughts on “Christmas Card Pages

  1. That is the best idea, a few years back I put every picture in and it took up way to many pages. Now they are just sit in a box in my cupboard because I just could never bring myself to throw a friends picture away. One layout a year is perfect.

  2. Erin,
    I’m just starting to buy scrapbook supplies, what did you use for your numbers ?
    Your pages look great, and that is such a good idea!
    Thanks for sharing, and keep them coming.

  3. We should do a VanAusdal Christmas card next year. We are due for new family photos anyway, so we should do a picture intime for a family Christmas card.
    Loved the way you will keep your cards from year to year…wish you had a page with little Claire on it though.

  4. Fantastic idea! I have ALL of my cards since Jeff and I got married in big ziplocs for each year! I’ve wanted to do SOMETHING with them! :) Now I’m inspired! Thank you! I’m honored to be displayed on your blog! Love you!

  5. Oh Erin, how do you do it all? That looks very cute! That is a great idea, but I’d have to use all the pics, I just can’t throw picture cards away, at least not from people I like! Some day I’ll do something with them. See you TONIGHT!!!!:)

  6. Hey…some good looking dogs in a few of those photos. Kira felt well represented, while Sadie angrily felt you made her look top heavy. Sam was too scared to look. Claire needs some space on next year’s page! Cute scrappy idea. I love getting the cards in Dec. but have no problem dumping them in Jan. Goodbye clutter!

  7. Sarah, Koni and I went to the park today. We missed you. make sure you call when you’re coming next so we can get together. ps my butt, arms, thighs, cheeks and stomach are all fighting to see which can get the biggest…

  8. YOU — are so very cool with that idea! Seriously, I’m going to have to do this, too.

    I wish you lived close to me so you could be my scrapping buddy. I would love to see your books!

    Ahhhh…I’m getting that itch again. It’s time to start putting some books together. I think I’m going to devote this Sunday to getting my scrapbook room ready. Maybe soon you’ll start seeing some of my pages on my blog!

  9. Darling!! Those turned out so cute! My Christmas cards are all sitting in a box in my ‘scrapbook’ cupboard, so that someday, I too, will make them into a scrapbook. The key word is SOMEDAY!! Why can’t I get some motivation to do something cute like that anymore!! I am working on my blogbook, though!!

  10. Yeah, we made the cut! Every year i make a laminated bound book (thank goodness for my school’s work room and supplies). The book gets bigger and bigger each year. i really like your idea of cropping down to just the photos. Very efficient.
    Hope you are feeling well! How about an updated photo?

  11. Hi Erin! I saw you comment on Jen’s blog about how you organize cards so here I am. I asked her a question about cards that aren’t photo cards. I’d like to know how you store those away. She had an idea with binder rings. What do you suggest? My creative juices aren’t flowing much when it comes to this.

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