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Food and Cooking...or lack thereof

Tri-Color Pasta

So I thought I’d share a favorite recipe. Yes. It’s me. Erin. I promise. Are you over the shock of it all? It’s no secret that I hate to cook. The kids eat early, Kenny’s home late, and as for me…well…tonight I ate my kids’ leftover corn on the cob and store bought cookie dough for dinner. BUT, I have been trying to be better and for weeks now have met my goal which is to cook two times a week (baby steps people). So this is one of my favorite recipes because it meets my recipe criteria: it’s easy, yummy, and feeds the whole family. My girls won’t eat the finished product, but I can set aside some plain pasta with sauce and broccoli for them. (I’m SO getting back everything I put my parents through with picky eating). Anyway – I know the suspense is killing you so here’s my recipe:

{Tri-Color Pasta}

Brown one pkg Jimmy Dean pork sausage w/ chopped onion
In a separate pan, cook 1 pkg. penne pasta
When the pasta is mostly done, drain it and put it back in the pan
Add to the pasta:
the cooked sausage and onion
2 pkg frozen broccoli – cooked (the recipe says to cook the broccoli with the sausage, but I can’t do this without over or under cooking the broccoli…so I cook my broccoli separate) :) The recipe also says one pkg of broccoli, but I love broccoli so I do two or just lots of fresh broccoli.
2 cans stewed Italian tomatoes (I usually cut these up a bit)
1 or 2 cans of tomato sauce (depends on how saucy you want it)
Sprinkle with garlic, oregano, and parmesan cheese (I just LOVE cheese)
Combine everything and warm it a bit and serve!

Ok…so Kenny and I are watching TV right now and I told him I’m posting a recipe and he is LAUGHING his head off. He asked which one and I told him one of our family favorites, Tri-Color Pasta. His response: “It’s a family favorite by default… it’s one of the only three recipes you cook!” Then he smugly added “You might as well be posting legal advice.”

Hmmm… I’ll show him. Tune in tomorrow for a complete run down on setting up your own corporation, the steps to ensure proper funding for said corporation, and potential exit scenarios, including reverse mergers and IPOs. And maybe if you’re really lucky… I’ll throw in another recipe.

xoxo, Erin
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11 thoughts on “Tri-Color Pasta

  1. Congratulations on cooking twice/week! At least you put it out there…something you are working on. We should all be taking baby steps towards something…let’s see maybe I go through one box/week of junk still in my garage postmove. That wouldn’t be too fun to post about though. carry on with the culinary I say!

  2. I would have breakfast for dinner 7 nights a week if I could.

    i will try out your recipe. I am always looking for new ideas for my picky eaters too.

    Talk about paybacks…up until the age of 9 I would not eat ANYTHING that was not white or yellow… my poor mother.

    I am a master of knowing all the local restaurants and their “kids eat free” nights. Does that tell you anything? ;)

  3. Yummy! I love the looks of that recipe, minus the broccoli, the sausage and the onion. Picky eaters of the world…unite! I cooked the Baked Ziti Lasagna dish you gave me in my wedding recipe book just this weekend. I love love it, mostly because it’s just pasta, sauce and cheese! By the way, since it’s clear who the real legal minds are in the family, let me know if you’d like to join forces with my newly formed small claims litigation firm! We could be E&C Attorneys – ONE CALL THAT’S ALL!

  4. Oh you guys are cracking me up! I can just HEAR Kenny saying that to you. What a punk. I am very proud of you! I think cooking twice a week is great! I am a big fan of cooking something that will be good for leftovers the next night too, so I usually only cook 2-3 times a week anyway. And I’m way impressed that you are so “comfortable using legal jargon!”

  5. Good job Erin. That was one of my first recipes I tried when I started cooking. Call me if you want some other tasty, easy and family friendly dinners.
    Baby steps, it’s all about the baby steps.

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