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Jewelry Solutions

Wondering how to display and organize your jewelry? Here are a just few ideas – from our family to yours.

Hang your necklaces on hooks in your bedroom and it becomes part of the decor. I got this fun idea from my sister. (side note **sisters are cool about you copying them as long as you give them credit for the idea…at least that’s the way it rolls with my sister)

If you don’t love that idea, here are a few suggestions from Ellie and Addison…

Hang your bracelets on your mom’s dresser drawer knobs…

and hang your necklaces on your mom’s bedroom hutch.

If you’re in the mood to really show some creative flair, then opt for a more detailed approach by creating a jewelry ensemble on your stair case.

Then there’s always the obvious choice…use your necklaces to pull your “horsey” around the house. (side note **this may cause some wear and tear on your jewelry AND your horsey’s teeth. It is not recommended for long periods of time)

(side note **horsey’s perform much better after a kiss…and a carrot)

And last but not least…
You can always display your jewelry where it looks best… all over your father. (side note **not all dads are cool enough to take this kind of abuse. Proceed with caution)

It’s a good thing Kenny is such a good sport.

And incredibly secure in his manhood.

xoxo, Erin
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18 thoughts on “Jewelry Solutions

  1. That is a great solution for necklaces. I love it! I need to do something like that for mine. They all get jumbled together. What a nice Daddy to let you take that pic. Have a great day!

  2. I love it! Not that your sisters idea isn’t great, but I think Ellie and Addie’s ideas would be fantastic for me! My stairs would just be perfect for that- right in the entry way, no one would miss it!

    So cute! Love this post Erin! Kenny- I love you. What a rockin’ Dad!

  3. No one should give me too many props for playing dress up with my girls. I always dress like that when I’m not at work (and sometimes on casual Fridays). I think the crown brings out the color of my eyes.

  4. Ha Ha Ha! I am rolling at your horsey husband. Excellent idea on the jewelry…good thing you have me and your girls to keep your accessories visible and organized :) ps. I’m spending my entire weekend scrubbing my bathroom and kitchen and organizing my hair products, fridge and pantry. I’d pay you $2,000 to do it for me, while I go sip a latte and get a pedicure!! You’d do it so much BETTER!

  5. So glad you stopped by so I could catch up on your events as well. Couple of things…your photography is looking great, LOVE your jean capri/ shorts (where are they from?), and my favorite is that the “Horsey” in your house is still in his work clothes. That is a fancy horsey. Fun summer!

  6. Dude, what the hell. Aren’t you even a little embarassed about this? I don’t know how I feel about watching football with you now…

    Here’s the deal. If you cross dress in that outfit to a Charges game with me, I’ll cross over to the dark side and become a Chargers fan!

  7. The “royal purple” in your crown compliments the purple gown of your subjects. The pics remind me of fun dress-ups with dad and our girls. Keep makin’ those memories.

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