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My baby can Bollywood

So yesterday I was cleaning and turned on So You Think You Can Dance from a couple of weeks ago because I love to watch and re-watch the dances. (Kenny gets so annoyed that I don’t delete them because “they are taking up precious space on our DVR.”) Whatever. I hate to delete them! Anyway, while I’m watching one of my favorites so far this season (the Bollywood dance by Jason and Caitlin) Addison started doing her version of the dance. She even attempts Caitlin’s hand stand. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. :)

{Bollywood by Jason and Caitlin}

{Bollywood by Addison}

(you’ll be seeing her on So You Think You Can Dance 2025)

xoxo, Erin
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24 thoughts on “My baby can Bollywood

  1. I just love Addison’s dance! She is such a great little performer! This will be the little video clip they show when she makes it big someday. I’m excited for 2025…

  2. She is going to love all these dance videos you have when she is older…someday someone may pay big money for them. I am betting she is going to love her little dance class and just completely WOW the teacher!
    Addison is too cute for words! Hurry and come to grandmas house!

  3. Good to see Addie has her groove back, and apparently inherited mom’s drill team precision! Maybe one day her sister will yell for HER during half time and make her ears turn purple. HA! We’re still sick as dogs thanks to you Crazy Californians! Keep it in your own state next time! ps. just saw Kenny’s Father’s Day book. loved it!

  4. Man, I can’t ever get my kids to dance for a video–lucky!! Of course by the time I got to your post, the video police would not allow me to view the SYTYCD version. It would have been my first (eVER) look at that show. I know, how? how? can you let me on your blog…

  5. GO ADDI! she’s got those moves down…that’s for sure. at the rate she’s going she’ll be in the top 20 for sure. ;)

  6. Hey I thought I would stop by and say that I have enjoyed looking at your blog. I am Jeff Taylor’s wife, he was Kenny’s mission companion. Anyway, I got your blog address from your Christmas card this year and thought I would check it out. You guys have a beautiful family and it has been fun seeing all your pictures.

  7. Hey Erin!
    This was so funny of Addison. I was cracking up, she is SO turning into you.
    Yeah! I am excited you are coming to Santa Claree. I miss you. We have so much to catch up on, it’s been too long!
    I have loved reading your blog each week, it always makes me smile. Love you!

  8. I love it! Ryan and I were so impressed with Caitlyn’s handstand too! It was a great dance. Addie is a crack up and such a cute little dancer. I especially love her hands getting into it, really working on that hand and foot work! So cute.

    Ryan wanted me to add- he agrees once you’ve watched it, delete it. The DVR space really is precious.

    Whatever, like there’s not like a thousand hours on it!

  9. I expected to see a cute rendition of twirling to Jai Ho. Instead, I did a little double take on how she was hitting some of those moves. Pretty awesome!

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