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A little Q&A

Just a few questions I’d LOVE some answers to:

1- Lately I’ve been noticing some wrinkles ‘fine lines’ around my eyes. Does anyone know of a great something to start using that will help in this area? What is your nightly facial routine? Any product that you SWEAR by?

2- I’ve been in a bit of a rut with my exercise routine (dragging to the gym) so I bought myself a new workout outfit. (Just a little Mother’s Day gift to me from me and one of my sure-fire ways to make exercising fun again!) Now all I need is some new music. So…question is…what do you have on your i-pod? What are your favorite workout songs that keep you moving?

3- While we’re on the subject of music… music on blogs – fun or annoying?

4- Last question. Which is more amazing… the human body or the mail? This is a debate that has been going on between Kenny and I for oh…about 10 years. One day after one of my many knee injuries healed, I commented on how amazing and cool the human body is. Kenny, being his usual sarcastic self, answered: “it’s not as cool as the mail.” We then went back and forth debating this and finally agreed to disagree. It comes up often in our marriage as we think of more reasons about why our choice is the correct one. A few points to consider before making your decision:

Human Body

  • Miraculously heals after most injuries
  • Childbirth (enough said)
  • It has its own heating and cooling system
  • It’s full of systems working together all the time to keep us functioning
  • The human brain is… ‘the most complex and orderly arrangement of matter in the Universe.’ (Quote by Isaac A.)

The Mail

  • Delivers during rain or shine — it doesn’t need to heal because it never gets sick
  • You can get something from across the country or the world in one day — way faster than the human body
  • Doesn’t sleep, doesn’t eat, and never asks for favors such as random computer help
  • The mail is… ‘the most complex and orderly arrangement of letters in the Universe.’ (Quote by Kenny R.)

So those are the questions that are keeping me up at night. If you’re reading this right now I’d love to hear your answers/opinions. Unless you’re going to tell me that the mail is cooler

xoxo, Erin
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20 thoughts on “A little Q&A

  1. I have nothing on the “beauty” question.

    I would love any work out music you find, so I can add it to my ipod as well.

    To be honest I don’t really like the music while I’m trying to read blogs – I usually just mute it.

    I’m with you – the body far surpasses the mail!!

  2. Facial routine? Dove and Cetaphil
    Music? look at the top 100 downloads on itunes
    Blog music? I like what you’ve had, other people’s annoy the H out of me!
    More amazing? the human body…hands down. The mail system wouldn’t exist without the human directing it…humans stuff envelopes, pack packages, deliver to post office, the post man/women work there non stop, deliver it, put it on airplanes, drop it off at our door…etc etc Enough said!

  3. Okay, I’ve heard just about enough about the human body. Amber, I bet you haven’t even been to a post office. It’s all run by machines, not humans, and the machines were delivered IN THE MAIL! The only problem with the mail is when my mailman screws up and delivers my stuff to the wrong address, and that error can be attributed to the human body. If you think about it, all good things in life are a direct or indirect result of the mail.

  4. I use Clinique’s “Anti-Gravity Firming Eye Lift Cream.” This is my first bottle of it so I can’t “swear” by it yet, but so far I have really liked it (at least the name sounds really good right?!). I also really love Clinique’s visible skin renewer. It really makes a difference in your face’s overall appearance- softer, more radiant, not like your always sleep deprived! (even though that’s how I feel). Give them a try- see how you like them.
    You can’t be feeling down about the gym- I just got my membership! I need your inspirational tips. I’ll send you another CD sometime!

  5. I have always thought the human body was/is amazing–which I still think it beats the mail. However, the mail is really cool–I have never even thought about it. :) I am really no help on the music I exercise w/out it most of the time, but when I do I love Abba Gold and Eye of the Tiger, Rocky, etc. I use avon eye cream but I don’t know if it is helping or not. sorry that wasn’t very helpful…:)

  6. Ok, I have all the answers….
    #1- get fat, then you wont have wrinkles!!!

    #2- My workout list titled “Rock Your Body” includes some oldies, but goodies…. Temperature (Sean Paul), Mr. Vain (Culture Beat), Hot in Herre (Nelly), Drop it Like it’s Hot (Snoop, great beat for abs), and Buttons (Pussycat Dolls, don’t we all want to feel like a stripper when we work out?)

    #3- I am a music geek, so I have to add music that goes with my blog posts, but others, I mute after a minute!!!

    #4- Take Kenny to Bodies- The Exhibition….
    I think he’ll change his mind. It’s amazing!!!!

    You’re welcome for all the answers, that will be $75.00 ;)

  7. Wow – Kenny DOES check your blog! I knew it! He’s secretly hanging out in his corner office reading about wrinkle tips and iPod music! Ken, I thought you and I had a “we’re too busy for this blog business” thing together, but if you must particpate on occasion to express your love of the postal system, go forth. Sis – loose the blog music. I hate it when my fellow cohorts can hear me blogging in my corner office when I’m supposed to be too busy for this blog business!

  8. You guys are cracking me up! I guess it is just part of Kenny, he loves a good argument, right?

    Kenny I think you are hilarious, but sorry buddy, the human body really is the most amazing thing ever. You do realize how those beautiful little girls where made right? Which, speaking of, which one gives you the most satisfaction and pleasure in life, Erin’s body, or the mail? I think I know the answer.

    Sorry I am not much help Erin. I have been freaking out about lines in my forhead for a couple of years already! What the heck?! I was like 24 and they were showing up! I use Mary Kay and they have some good Timewise products, I like the way they make my face feel, but I don’t think it actually helps with the anti aging. But, ya know it works for like 80% off people, so I guess I’m in the unlucky 20%.

    And music on blogs, I usually turn it down if there a lot to read but it can be fun, especially when it goes with the post. And sometimes I’ll leave someones play list on while I do other things on the computer.

  9. Wear sunblock everyday, sunglasses are a must,
    get a face peel I did I love it. It was so worth the money.

    work out music
    shake it- metro station
    Lady GaGa
    Hung up- Madonna
    ready. steady go- Paul oakenfold
    list of demands- Saul Williams (from a nike commercial)
    the way I are- Timberland

    I don’t like blog music but I do like to see what people are listening to.

    The human body is better, it just is.

  10. The human body is more amazing. It’s the human brain that thought up the mail system.

    The wrinkle thing and the gray hair thing are both sad.

  11. the human body wins, hands down. the mail system wouldn’t exist without the human body to deliver it. how ’bout that for an argument, kenny! :)

  12. Okay, I think you all have a lot to learn about the mail.

    Carly, I normally don’t check the blog this often but nobody puts the mail in a corner.

    Josie, you made the best point of everyone and I agree that Erin has a hot body. But you know what’s even better than Erin’s hot body, Erin’s hot body jumping out of a crate delivered by Priority Mail. You’re feeling me. I know you are.

    Lacie, the “it just is” argument isn’t going to cut it. I have years of scientific study on my side here.

    Kami, the the human brain also thought up sports cars, high definition television, surround sound and the NFL Sunday ticket, each of which also beats the human body, so your argument is a loser.

    And Amy, I wouldn’t say that humans deliver the mail. I’d say it’s delivered by those cool little jeeps with the steering wheels on the wrong side. Those jeeps are part of the mail system and are WAY cooler than the human body.

    You’re all just part of Erin’s conspiracy to dethrone the mail and deep down you all know that the mail KILLS the human body.

  13. Here are my two (more like four) bits:
    1. I can’t swear by anything as this is out of my league, but I have heard that preparation H will take the wrinkles out. Let me know if that is myth or fact. And don’t forget to wear sunglasses.
    2. My exercise routine is beyond the help of a new play list, so no help there.
    3. I rarely read blogs, so it doesn’t matter if there is music or not. However, when you have music on your blog, it is good music, obviously.
    4. The sad part is the dejavu that overcame me as I read the “points to consider” (which sounded quite unbiased, well done Erin). This is Kenny at his finest, good to see he has not lost his touch on arguing for argument’s sake. As I ventured into the posts, which were interrupted frequently by my own laughs (thank you everyone, but especially Kenny, it is healthy to laugh like that every once in a while) a few points needed to be made clear…
    Both sides present valid arguments. However, consider this, the human body was created by a perfect being, human beings are not perfect, but the design is. What else would you expect from God? Mail was created by human beings, who are not perfect, and look at what it has done to the world as we know it. Now that is amazing. In fact, I am surprised Kenny has not launched the whole evolution of “mail” campaign yet. For instance, I just posted this comment on your blog while sitting at home in my pajamas. Amazing Indeed!

  14. Loved your post Erin. The facial routine is just use tons of moisturizer. The “lines” come with age, all products say they do this or that, I don’t think they work. Blog music…It’s fun to see what people listen to, but like Carly, I’m checking blogs when I’m supposed to be working. Is there a way to put the music on already muted and then if you want to listen to it you can? And the argument? Oh Kenny, that’s all I’m going to say….Oh Kenny…. I hope you get it figured out!! Love you!

  15. i’m a little late–but it was very entertianing to read everyone’scomments–Kenny, it has definitely been too long since I have got to sit down and have a nice convensation with you :-)

  16. KENNY-
    Are the THREE most important things in your life a “direct or indirect result of the mail?” Um, no probably not. I think the THREE most important things in your life are a “DIRECT result” of the human body(ies).

    And, I’ve been to my LOCAL post offices many times, all run by humans…rather slow humans sometimes :)

  17. Kenny, in response to your response to me….. no the mail doesn’t get wrinkles like the human body, but have you ever got stuck in a machine, ripped to shreds, taped up and then delivered with a not written on you that said “SORRY :)” NO? I didn’t think so… take that check off for mail. :)

  18. Erin and Kenny- Wow, I read this argument and laughed so hard because it sounds so very familiar. My Kenny likes to argue absurd things like that also. I laughed so much that I showed this to him and he also laughed, but of course, he LOVED that your Kenny was arguing this and holding his own. How do they do that? Must be a Kenny thing! :)

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