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Ellie and Addison

Daddy’s girls…

…and mommy’s too. Happy Mother’s Day weekend to all the moms out there! Go ahead and splurge…go to the bathroom by yourself for a change. You deserve it! ;)
xoxo, Erin
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10 thoughts on “Daddy’s girls…

  1. V. Cute! I am sending you an email, Erin. I saw a dress yesterday that had your name all over it. You must purchase:)

  2. Ha!! That’s so funny! It’s true….why shut the door? They just open it or sit and bang on the door!!
    Happy Mother’s Day Erin!

  3. Good idea! A little privacy would be nice! Love the joys of Motherhood!

    I just have to say – Kenny you are one LUCKY man! Beautiful Girls and Gorgeous wife!

    Happy Mothers Day Erin! You are such a great Mom, (so fun, creative, and fashionable!) your girls are so lucky to have you. And you are a great example to me! Love ya!

  4. You guys are looking sharp. I think Elle is looking a bit more like you now. I keep going back and forth. I also think that Kenny is looking younger. I’m not needing suck up points from him, so you don’t have to tell him I said that. I don’t need any law work done any time soon, I promise. Maybe you both have some fountain of youth thing goin’ on that we don’t know about.

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