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Happy 5th B-day Ellie!

My sweet Ellie turned 5 years old today. I can’t believe it. She is growing up WAY too quickly. I told her she could have a big party with all of her friends OR do something smaller with one friend and then go to Disneyland with the family. She chose Disneyland (YEA!) so today we went to Chuck E Cheese with her friend Madison (and Madison’s family) and then came to our house for pizza, presents, and cake. It was a fun, low key day and she loved it! (Disneyland trip is in the works!)

I love my Ellie so much. She is such a happy, sweet girl and her smile is contagious. She came home from pre-school the other day and told me “mom, I was trying to be mad today like this (attempt to frown), but I just couldn’t!” (huge grin spreads across her face) We laughed and I thought – that just sums up my Ellie…unable to be anything but happy! She is outgoing, considerate of others’ feelings (she can’t stand it if she thinks someone is mad or sad), and the best big sister. She is so cute with Addison – always helping her out and showing her the ropes. She makes me smile every single day and I can’t imagine my life without her. Ellie – I love you more than you’ll ever know. (until you have your own daughter someday…then maybe you’ll know :) Happy 5th birthday!

xoxo, Erin
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15 thoughts on “Happy 5th B-day Ellie!

  1. Okay who’s the collage expert now!? :) So cute Erin! And look how grown-up Ellie looks. She is such a doll! Happy Birthday Ellie! (I’m jealous you’re going to Disneyland). :)

  2. Happy Birthday Sweet Ellie! I can’t believe she’s 5 – holy cow we’re getting old. I’ve watched that slideshow three times and I remember every single phase she’s been through. I still have a few of those photos framed in my house, and now she looks so grown up with that straight hair! Can’t wait to celebrate with her one day at Disneyland!

  3. I remember when she was borm like it happened minutes ago. She was so sweet the very moment she was born…and still is!
    Dad and I still repeat her favorite little words…Like:
    “Are you so happy Grandma”? (She knew I was, because I was hugging her when she would say this).
    “It’s getting dark”..Dad or I will repeat this exact phrase almost every night, and remember Ellie saying it so cute!
    And last, but not least…”I love you grandma….this MUCH”! With her arms so wide!
    I love you so much Ellie. You are my precious gift. I can’t wait to hug you now you are 5!

  4. Happy Birthday Ellie! Please tell her happy birhday from Pierce and Madi! Looks like a fun day! Can’t wait to see pics of Disneyland. She IS such a beautiful girl, just like her mom!!!

  5. Happy b-day Ellie!! Such a cute little girl. You can join me next year after we drop off to kindergarden for a good cry! Love the darling pictures of her!!!

  6. darling slide show Erin. I LOVE the picture of Ellie in her red dress. I think it was picture 19- so adorable.
    I wish I could take her place and go to Disneyland with ya! I’m jelous.
    Will you take me for my 32nd birthday this February? Man, that sounds old.

  7. Happy Birthday Ellie!! Wow…where does the time go. It really seems like just yesterday that we came down to San Diego and came to your house. She was just a baby then. So Crazy! How fun that you are going to Disneyland. That is seriously one of my favorite places ever!

    As for the camera question….I am LOVING it, and I don’t really even know how to work it yet. I just keep it on the same setting all the time, I need to read about it and play a little with it. It is a Cannon Rebel. Dave got it at Costco. It is a great camera and does everything and much more than I will ever need! You would love it!

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