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Lots of good things this week! First of all – a new blog makeover! Change is always a good thing. I finally figured out how to design the header (are you impressed Heidi?) – Kenny still had to help with the technical HTML codes (putting said header on blog). Thanks babe – I know how you just LOVE to spend your evenings helping me with my blog. :)

I had such a great “mom moment” this week. One thing I love about my gym is that I can see into the windows of the kids club (where my kiddos play while I workout) from the treadmills. Every once in a while while I’m exercising I see the top of their heads running around. Last week I saw them run by and for the first time, Addison looked up and saw me through the window. She got so excited and she ran to find Ellie and they both stood there waving and blowing kisses to me with the biggest smiles on their faces. I started frantically waving back and blowing kisses to them and everyone on the treadmills lining both sides of me were looking at me like I was a total idiot. I didn’t even care. For some reason it just hit me and I was so overwhelmed with love for my two girls. I got a little teary eyed and just thought about how much I love them and how much I really do love being a mom. It was the highlight of my week. (Now I just need to remember that moment the next time they paint all over my carpet)

Another VERY good thing is the Waldorf Chicken Salad at California Pizza Kitchen. I love this salad! It has chicken, grapes, apples, walnuts, and my favorite – Gorgonzola cheese – covered in the best vinaigrette. SO GOOD! Of course dinner with friends is also the best. Happy Birthday Angie!!!

I’m a list maker. I LOVE to make lists. I make to-do lists every night (sometimes twice a day). I make lists for things I need to get done, projects, goals, recipes, scrapbook/blog stuff, ideas/ activities for my kids, etc. I hardly ever do half of the stuff on my list and sometimes I make them and don’t even look at them, but there is just something wonderful and therapeutic about making a list.
Last Wednesday (my one free morning w/o the girls) I headed to the UTC mall in La Jolla and had some fabulous alone time. I love San Diego malls! They are all outdoor and full of beautiful vines, flowers, and palm trees. It’s so fun walking around surrounded by so many enticing stores all in one place, feeling the sunshine and the ocean breeze…just makes you in the mood to shop! UTC is also fun to take kids to because they have a kid area with a jumpy, train, and little toys to play on. But I do have to say…malls are always more fun without the little ones! Speaking of lists and malls…is it too early to give Kenny my Christmas list? He just loves that every year I give him a list of things I want and then say “and don’t forget to surprise me too!”
Lastly, a good thing for my girls. They had such a great time this afternoon helping daddy pick lemons off of our lemon tree. The tree gets so covered in lemons that we have to keep picking them before they are even ripe. Kenny throws them off the hill and the girls love to pick them up and play with them and put them in bags to throw away. We don’t even eat lemons. We call the tree my mom’s “diet coke tree” because when she comes to visit she’ll pick a lemon for her diet coke and that’s the only time they get eaten! The girls also had fun playing with a snail they found among the tree trimmings – kept them entertained for an hour. That was a good thing for the whole family!

xoxo, Erin
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17 thoughts on “Good Things

  1. Darling new header and blog design Erin. I love it…especially all the yellow! Way to go!
    Made me tear up picturing Ellie and Addie seeing you in the gym. They are so precious. I know just how you felt…a “mommy moment”. I still have them too.
    I also have three lists going on right now.
    1- Plants for yard 2- Things I need at Target 3- Things from Costco. How do we even do it without lists?
    You make me so proud!

  2. p.s. Don’t get rid of the lemon tree. I love just looking at them out your kitchen window.
    I have a goal to go 3 months without a Diet Coke, so I have one month left to reach that goal. Then I will allow myself just one a day….except when on vacation in San Diego..with my own lemon tree!

  3. Erin! That is the cutest background! You are so creative and talented. I also love your “list” on your blog! You are going to have to share how you did that!

    Totally not related, but McDonalds has the Wizard of Oz Madame Alexander dolls again. Jake is playing with one right now! Love Happy Meals!

    Sounds like you had a great week!

  4. Erin, Thanks for making plans for Angie’s was a fun time!! Your lists make me tired, your blog looks like an adorable scrap book page, you have a darling family, and great friends, but Darci…i think it’s a wig;)

  5. Hey! I just ate an entire chicken burrito from Cafe Rio during Claire’s nap (because how else should I pass the time – laundry?) and who’s hip and colorful new blog cover page do I stumble upon? I love the design, the color, the good things, the mommy moment. Love it! Keep up the good work. Good times. Good things. It’s all good!

  6. Darling!!!! We SHOULD get together and scrapbook and accomplish nothing! I doubt that you wouldn’t accomplish anything though! I am still loving your good things! Keep it up!

  7. I agree with your mom, 1st I agree don’t get rid of the lemon tree.
    2nd I even teared up at the gym story, I love mom moments too, I just love being a mom and 3rd I love the new blog page.

  8. Love the new blog make-over! Very cute! Oh- I love lists too! I’m to the point now where I can’t go to the store with out my list, if I do I am SURE to forget something! I am the same way, I have a lot of things on lists that have never been done, good ideas though!

  9. Ok, I’m really confused…..your mom loves lists too??? I thought me and Bon were true “Yellows” and this yellow, does NOT do lists!! Because if I do a list, then I can’t just “party on” whenever I want to!! Ha! I love the new blog design! And I LOVE the Beauty and the Beast pictures! Classic!!

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