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Camping Trip

Just got back from a camping trip with my fam – so much fun! We camped around Brian Head and it felt so good to be in the mountains again. I grew up camping a lot and have so many fun memories from our trips to the mountains. I love that my girls will have some of the same memories. It rained a little on and off the first two days we were there and I loved it! Nothing like the smell of rain in the mountains. This trip was Ellie’s first time sleeping in a tent and she had so much fun. Kenny slept in the tent with Ellie while Addie and I had other sleeping arrangements. I wasn’t quite ready to do the tent thing with a two year old so my mom, Addison and I enjoyed sleeping in the Cedar Breaks Lodge and Spa each night that was about 20 minutes down the mountain. Nothin’ like enjoying camp when you’ve had a good nights sleep and a shower. :) Kenny’s excited for next year when we can all sleep in a tent. I’m thinking “crap…now I’ll have to have another baby so I have an excuse to sleep in the lodge!” j/k – kind of. Anyway – the trip was a blast. We had so much fun just hanging out together. My girls especially loved riding around on the four wheelers. They wanted to go again and again and again…

So I’ll be doing laundry for the next ten days…all I can say is well worth it!

xoxo, Erin
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10 thoughts on “Camping Trip

  1. Erin-
    I loved all of the camping pictures. When I saw them and read your statement about doing laundry for 10 days, I had to laugh. I can SO relate!! It reminded me of a great quote I heard recently. It was taken from a mom who was in the middle of packing for a camping trip (so much work!!) and as she was complaining and wondering if all the work was worth it… she came across this quote: “You have to remember’re not making messes, you’re making memories” I think of that quote whenever I’m packing up the kids to go somewhere!! Isn’t that great!
    I got your message today, my hands were full at the time.. I’ll call you soon
    Love ya

  2. Erin that looks like so much fun! I was laughing at one picture of you and Carlie. She is wearing shorts and a tshirt. You are wearing jeans and a sweatshirt. Yeah!!!! You are a true San Diego girl! ANYTHING below 75 degrees is freezing! And Carlie is a Utah girl. 60 degrees means “it’s time to lay out in Utah!” Such a fun trip!

  3. Erin, what a fun life you have. I love checking your blog and seeing everything you do. I love when you have pics of Carly too. I miss her so much. It looks like the perfect camping trip, I wouldn’t mind camping as much if I had those same camping arrangements. I’m taking so good notes here, so thanks!! Love it all!!

  4. Erin It look like you had so much fun. Bonnie in the wild not at the mall, you got to love it. You don’t know how close Lennie came to coming up to visit. We should all try to camp together sometime.

  5. Yay! Finally all our camping photos make their grand debut! What a fun trip… your friend Ann totally nailed our wardrobe choices! It felt like summer to us snowbirds and you ocean-dwellers acted like it was -10 below! I love our annual trip and hope we keep doing it until we’re all so old that “glamping” (glamorous camping) is the only option! Ha Ha! Love you!

  6. Dad and I just watched the slide show…we miss you all already! That was so fun! The weather was so perfect…and the food MOST excellent. Now, with all the laundry done and put away, we are ready to head back up again. Now we all have one more fun VanAusdal tradition to add to our list.

  7. Erin, great camping trip! I love camping, but I think I would love it more if I was doing it your way! I am glad you’re back, now hopefully I will actually see you!!!

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