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Ellie’s Spring Preschool Performance

Addie had to join in the fun too!
xoxo, Erin
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6 thoughts on “Ellie’s Spring Preschool Performance

  1. Oh my gosh….Ellie is so beautiful! She has the prettiest eyes and gorgeous hair! (The dress is darling too!)

    Also loved the pictures of her on her bike!

    You and Kenny make cute kids!

  2. I agree with Ann – you and Kenny DO make cute kids! Have more, more, more! Just kidding…. I know too much about sweet little Addie to push you into baby #3 before you are both good and ready! Ellie is adorable though and you dress her so preschool hip. It’s like looking at photos of you when you were small… only you had less stylish hair thanks to the frizzy boy-cuts mom made us get. I used to look like freaking Lionel Richie!!!!!!!

  3. Oh Please Girls!
    You two looked darling in your short,frizzy boy cuts! It was the style back then to look like Lionel Richie!! :)
    Both the girls look taller to me. Have they grown that much since I saw them last month?
    Ellie sure looks cute in her darling blue dress…and Addie, what can I say? she is a pill, but she is adorable!

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