Quotable Quotes

Addison’s Latest:  (Fall 2010 – Winter 2011, age 4)

“I thought yesterday was the day after tomorrow!?”

Me:  “Addie, be careful not to touch that curling iron.”
“I didn’t mom.  Look!  My fingers are still on!”

Addie talking to Kole while watching the wicked Queen first appear on Snow White –
“Cover your eyes buddy!”

Ellie:  “Mom, you should have another baby…I’m having six kids when I’m a mom.”
Addison:  “Not me!  Kids are too much work.  I’m having two babies and when they have dirty diapers I’m calling a babysitter to change them.”

Me: “Guess what Ad!  I have a new job in church.  I’m going to teach primary so I get to be in the same room with you and Ellie!”
Addison:  Are you teaching my class or Ellie’s?  If you’re teaching Ellie’s class and not mine I will be heart burned.”
Me: “Did you mean heartbroken?”
Ad:  “I will be heartbroken and heart burned.”

Ellie’s Latest:  (Fall 2010 – Winter 2011, age 6/7)

“Mom, can I bring two “friends” (toys) in the car instead of one?
“I said no Ellie.”
“But mom!  It’s groundhog day!”

“Mom, will I for sure have to get surgery some day?”
“But Bobby said I will.”
“Bobby must be confused.”
“Well he’s the tallest one in our class mom.”

“Mom, I didn’t get waffles AND I had to do homework.  This Saturday has been a flop!”

Me:  “What did you learn in school today?”
Ellie:  “We learned about frogs and toads!”
“What is something you learned about frogs and toads that you didn’t already know?”
“That you can’t cut them in two and share them with someone else.”

“Ad, did you know that if you don’t go to heaven you go to this really scary place where Satan lives and it’s full of garbage and… guess what else Ad?”
Addison:  “What?”  (eyes as big as saucers)  

Saying the prayer at dinner:  “Please bless that Kole isn’t so fussy tomorrow and please bless that I can have a play date next week and please bless that me and Addison can go to Legoland someday….”
Me:  “Ellie, you need to remember to bless the food.”
“Please bless this food that it will be yummy.  Amen.”

Quotable Quotes

(yes, Ellie is wearing my rain boots… ???)

Addison’s latest: (spring/summer 2010 – age 3/4)

(after she had tripped at my mom’s house for the second time in an hour) “I don’t like Utah. It’s too slippery.”

“I was screaming so loud that my mouth got dizzy.”

“Mommy – I ate a lot of breakfast and now my leg hurts. There’s too much food in it.”

“Mommy, can we go back to Utah? They have little marshmallows there.”

Ellie’s latest (spring/summer 2010 – age 6)

“Addison! You’re ruining my life!”

“Mom, how could we buy a new house? It wouldn’t fit in the car.”

“I’m such a forgetter.”

“Mom, I love you one thousand hundred and eighty plus eighty hundred plus three quarters.”

“Mom, can I have some more honey cream bunches? That’s a nickname for water.”

“Mom, I can’t wait for the tooth fairy to bring me a doll!”
“I don’t think that’s how it works sweetie. I think the tooth fairy just brings money.”
“Well dad said he would e-mail the tooth fairy and tell her what I want.”
(nice one Kenny)

“When I grow up I want to be a teacher, mom, princess, seaworld trainer, fashion girl and babysitter.”

“Kole, what you need is a catastrophe. Mom, what does catastrophe mean?”

“Mom, did that hurt when you got that sore on your tummy? (talking about the scar from my hysterectomy)
“No…the doctors gave me special medicine so I didn’t feel anything.”
“They put you under a spell?!!”

(El’s prayer at the dinner table) “Thank you for the food and I’m thankful mom’s not pregnant anymore and please bless I can have a play date with Evan tomorrow.”

**The girls learned about Satan in church and have been fascinated with the concept of Satan ever since. A couple of my favorite Satan quotes:

(my mom took the girls to Entrada golf course right by her house to see where High School Musical 2 was filmed. The man at the gate wouldn’t let them in to see the pool) Ellie: “that man must follow Satan’s rules.” Addison: “yeah he must be Satan’s dad.”

(At the dinner table) Addison: “Does Satan like rice?”
Ellie: “No. Bad guys have crooked teeth and just like sugar.”

Quotable Quotes

Ever attempted a photo shoot with your kids that didn’t turn out quite as planned? These two were clearly NOT in the mood to sit still and smile…
Ready for my personal favorite?

Lookin’ good girls. :)

at least the shoes were cooperating. Now here’s the latest from my two little monkeys…

Ellie’s latest: (May-August 2009-age 5)

Addison was screaming: “Ad, remember…we like flowers more than screaming.”

On our way to Boulder Mountain…”mom…are those cows real?”

Me: “Ellie, what time is it?” “It’s 8 E L mom!” (looked at the digital alarm clock which read 8:37)

“Ad, if you want to be a spy girl you have to wear fancy shoes”

“Mom, after we go to the gym today, can we go to China?”

“Let’s pretend we’re a family of deer and Addison is the owner who takes care of us.”

To the lady at Costco handing out samples: “My daddy’s eating everything in here!”

“Grandma…will you paint our nails?”
“if it’s ok with your mom.”
“our mom let’s us do whatever we want.”

Watching ducks in a pond – “if I was a duck I wouldn’t eat that yucky green stuff.”
Me: “What would you eat?”

“Ad, we’re going to a different world. Let’s check the schedule.”

Me: “Time for bed Ellie.”
“Mom, after I go to bed are you going to stay up later?”
“No, I’m going to bed too.”
“C’mon mom. It’s important to tell the truth.”
“I am Ellie – I’m finishing this laundry and then going to bed.”
“It’s ok mom. Nobody’s perfect.”

Addison’s latest: (May-August 2009-age 3)

“Addison, I’m so proud of you going to pre-school and not crying…you’re such a big girl!”
“and I’m so proud of you mommy for taking care of Ellie while I was gone.”

“Do you want a pancake Addison?” “No, I don’t like the peelings.”

“mom, you’re a good mommy to take care of us and you’re polite in your manners.”

“mommy! you’re interrupting my talk!”

“You know what would be scary mommy?”

“Falling in the potty”

“Mommy, you’re the best mommy in the family.”

“My dress is inside out and I can’t get it outside in!”
“Mom let’s just stay home.”
“Addie – you’re my little homebody”
“No mom…I’m not a homebody, I’m a human.”

Quotable Quotes

Addie’s latest: (March/April 2009)

While doing her hair “mommy you’re ruining my curls!”

“Mommy…does Minnie Mouse go to time out?”

“Mom I’m hungry.” “Do you want some yogurt?” “No…I want some real food. I want a sucker.”

Looking at a picture of Kenny in front of the Coliseum in Rome… “there’s my daddy at his office.”

“I’m not being Ellie’s sister because her feathers are in a bunch.” (must be from their favorite show Little Bear?)

“Mommy I need another popsicle.” “You haven’t finished that one yet.” “I can’t … it’s too cold. I need a new one.”

“Mommy…I need to tell you something…don’t smile, don’t laugh, don’t get mad.” (I don’t even remember what she needed to tell me…I was too amused by the way she started the sentence to pay attention :)

Ellie’s latest: (March/April 2009)

“Mom, remember when I was little and we sat around all day eating Wheat Thins? Remember that mom?” (I don’t remember this, but I’m not denying it)

“Mom – I named this bear Shiver Anatillia China.” (say that three times fast)

“Mom…why do those tortilla shells taste different?” “They’re fat free.” “Fat free is so gross.”

When my mom was visiting for Easter Ellie smelled her arm and said, “mmm…you smell good grandma…like Utah. I smell like San Diego.” Then she smelled her again…”yup….Utah.”

“Mom, what if something was wrong with our house – like if it was backwards and you couldn’t get in?”

“I have a tummy ache and it hurts when I wash my hands.”

“Try this mom. It’s hot noodle coconut soup with root beer.”

After getting her haircut: “Mom – Am I still 5 now that my hair is short?”

Talking to Addison: “Say it Add…you love ice cream more than me.”

Quotable Quotes

One of the things I love most about living with a 2 & 5 year old is the free entertainment. Kids really do say the funniest things sometimes. I update these quotes on my sidebar but I think I’ll throw them up on my blog every once in awhile so that when I make this blog into a book I’ve got them recorded. Don’t want to forget the things they said that made me smile.

A couple of days ago we were heading to get some food somewhere and Ellie asked if she needed her shoes. I said “no…we’ll just pull -up at the window.” Addison exclaims “Pull-up! Are you kidding me!?? I don’t wear a pull-up. I’m a big girl now!” This was especially funny for our little family because I ALWAYS say “are you kidding me?” and Kenny HATES it! I usually say it when we are arguing over something and he thinks it is so demeaning. (He’ll try to make a point and I shoot him down with a sarcastic “are you kidding me?”) Addie said it just like I do and Kenny was not impressed. (Sorry babe. She spends all day with me. You should have married someone else if you didn’t want mini Erin’s running around. :)

Addison’s latest: (Jan/Feb 2009)

“Daddy, what do you want for Valentines Day?
Kenny: “a Porsche Carrera
Addison: “What about a hat?”

“Mom…please can I call you Frosty the Snowman?”

Me: Addison, how’s your owie doing? Addison: “I can’t feel it anymore because it still hurts.”

Addison’s first attempt at going potty: “It’s not working mommy!”

After a lot of walking around Disneyland: “Hold you mommy! (which means hold me) …my legs are getting dizzy!”

Addison says “to later” all the time which just means later. She gets this from TOday and TOmorrow. “Are we going to the park to later mommy?”

Ellie’s latest: (Jan/Feb 2009)

Me: “Thanks for helping Addison with that Ellie.”
Ellie: “Your welcome, your majesty.”

“Mom, when Addison is in a bad mood my throat hurts.”

“Mom, I just LOVE the smell of air!”

“Mom…ya know how Thanksgiving and Christmas and Halloween and Pumpkin Patches are over? That’s called a bummer….right?”

Me: “Ellie, Ellie…Ellie! Honey you need to answer me. It’s not nice to ignore people.” Ellie: “But mom, you tell me to ignore Addison all the time!”

“Mom…I love you and daddy a hundred and more than that!”

Then just this last weekend we decided to take the kids to Disneyland again so the night before we left I said “Girls…where would you want to go tomorrow if you could go ANYWHERE!?” (totally expecting them to yell Disneyland!)
Ellie with a huge grin on her face: “TARGET!!!”
Kenny and I cracked up! El…you make your mom and grandma proud!

While seeing the wicked queen at Disneyland…
Queen (mean and serious voice): “Do you know who I am?”
Ellie (scared and quiet voice): “yes”
Queen: “Do you think I’m beautiful?”
Ellie (apprehensive): “yes”
Queen: “Do you think Snow White is beautiful?”
Ellie barely squeaks out: “yes”
Ellie moves in closer to me and Addison’s legs grip me tighter. Then we pose for a picture. They were scared to death! Could NOT get a smile out of Addison. I have to admit that this queen even scared me a little!

We all decided we much prefer this character…

While I’m on the subject of quotes…
A favorite from Kenny:
“Babe, I’m just livin‘ in the real world so that you can float above it.”

And a favorite from MY childhood:
My mom talking to me and my sister Carly: “come on girls…let’s go run some errands.”
Carly: “why do we always have to run ERIN’S and we never get to run any CARLY’S!?”

(Carly & Erin 1983ish)