One of the dolls

This morning I fed Kole and propped him up on the couch while I fixed breakfast for the girls. I told Ellie to keep an eye on him. Five minutes later I went to pick him up and found this…

She told me she was getting the babies ready for a movie. I’ll have to save this one for Kole’s future wife. :)

At my mom’s again (wish Kenny could have come). I’m having a great time so far and and it goes without saying that so are my girls. Aside from dragging out all of my old Cabbage Patch Dolls they are spending lots of time with family and in the pool. Love being in Utah for the 4th. Love this picture.
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  1. says

    Am I really the FIRST to comment!! Its seems I am always the 98th person!!!!

    I don’t know what I LOVE more, Darling little Kole in the middle of the cute dolls, or the fact that you still have all of those CABBAGE PATCH dolls!!! I LOVE it!! Those are probably worth alot now!!!

    Yea that you are here!!! Let’s get together!! Mitch and Robyn are here, too! They will want to see Austin and Dayna’s baby, too. We should have a family BBQ and see all of the babies!

  2. says

    I love Cabbage Patch Dolls!!!

    And I love that Kole’s eyes are opened as wide as the dolls’.

    So glad you’re having fun, Erin!

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    OMG!! Darling picture. Love his leg over lapping the dollies. The boy really has no choice for the next few years. I must kidnap him and bring him into a manhome for a bit. It would do him some good. I can take a picture of him surrounded with GI Joes or something…A nerf gun propped in his hands. It’s his only hope, really.

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    So jealous that you are back in Utah with your family. There is no place like Santa Clara. Enjoy every minute with your mom.

    Kole is darling and getting so big.

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    It’s funny how Cabbage Patch kids back in the day were all really similar! I have the one with the red hair and the one with the brown hair! The brown-haired one actually had my name which my mom was very happy with!

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    Oh my so sweet and how fun that you have the moment captured! Enjoy Utah with your family – how nice. We will be cycling through there next week.

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    ha ha so cute :) We are heading to Cedar for the 4th so hopefully we get to see all of your family–especially both those adorable new babies!

  8. Anonymous says

    i have 3 boys and seeing this picture makes me wish i had a girl to do that to my baby. it is so adorable.

  9. says

    I just happened upon your blog while searching for Project Life information and I just love it! Your posts on organizing are so making me want to jump up and organize my own closets and drawers! Your children are adorable to boot!

  10. says

    oh, my goodness that made me laugh out loud..because it seriously took me a minute to find Kole in the picture….all those perfect dolls! love it Erin! and miss you! Have fun in Utah!

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    Nice! Just put some yarn on his head and he’ll fit right in. I’m down for the 4th as well. Don’t know how long you’re planning to stay. Perhaps we might run into each other.

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