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Saturday 6/Weekend Sales

Saturday 6/Weekend Sale (Sunny Side Up)

{Porch Sources/Simiar White Shirt here & here/Cropped Pants/Raffia Sandals/Purse}

Happy Saturday! I hope your weekend is off to a good start! My sister and her family are visiting this weekend so I am one happy camper. I love having them here! We have big plans to eat out and enjoy the beach and hike and hot tub and watch movies and basically all just relax together after such a crazy month. So excited for a little down time with family. We are all due to enjoy a day or two of no scheduled activities and events! You too? We have almost made it through May everyone! Huge pat on the back to us all. :)

Saturday 6/Weekend Sale (Sunny Side Up)

Also love having my sweet niece and nephew here (missing the rest of them!). My sister snapped this after we were laughing and hugging and when she sent it to me I got a huge lump in my throat. They are all growing up. And getting so tall! Happy they still love their Aunt Erin. If that ever changes I will promptly spoil them even more than I already do to immediately win them back. There is no shame in my game.. they get whatever they want when they are here as long as the hugs keep coming. ;)

For today’s Saturday 6 I’m mixing things up and sharing favorites that are on sale! This is such a GOOD sale weekend and after ordering a few things I was waiting for a sale to buy I found tons of things throughout my house that are marked down (along with a few I’m adding to my wish list!). Sharing them all below!


Saturday 6/Weekend Sales (Sunny Side Up)

{Faux Olive Leaf Bundle, Tufted Organic Bath Mat, Scallop Towels,Concrete Fluted Outdoor Planters,

Concrete Round Outdoor Side Table}

I ordered this cute rug and hand towel for my powder bath! So cute with both a green and blue border. Bet you can’t guess which color I chose. :)

Saturday 6/Weekend Sale (Sunny Side Up)

{Caleb Outdoor Lanterns/Fall Porch Sources}

My beloved black lanterns are also on sale!

Saturday 6/Weekend Sale (Sunny Side Up)

I especially love using them in the fall! So fun with Halloween decor.

Saturday 6/Weekend Sale (Sunny Side Up)

{Block Woven Square Pillow/Reed Striped Lumbar Pillow}

My reed striped pillow is also marked down. It’s so beautiful! Lots of texture and one of my favorites I use year round.

Saturday 6/Weekend Sale (Sunny Side Up)

{Faux Olive Tree/Amazon Planters}

My cute faux olive tree and planters are also still on sale! This tree is the 7’H for those who were asking.


Saturday 6/Weekend Sale (Sunny Side Up)

{Short Pajama Set, Light Essential Barefoot Dream Throw Blanket, Ankle Strap Sandal, Tory Burch Shoulder Bag, Oversize T-Shirt}

So many great deals for Nordstrom’s Half Yearly Sale! I ordered these cute heels and top and the blanket and purse are both favorites.


Saturday 6/Weekend Sale (Sunny Side Up)

{NutriBullet Combo Blender, 28 Pair Shoe Storage Cabinet, Fridge/Freezer Bins, Entertaining Glass and Pitcher Set,

16 Piece Stone Dinnerware Set}

Love this cabinet for shoe storage! Check out how cute it is closed. So stylish! A great option if you are short on shoe space and it would be perfect in an entry. The stone dinnerware is so beautiful.. all items in my cart!


Saturday 6/Weekend Sale (Sunny Side Up)

{Nonstick Cookware Set, Tower Fan, Dyson V8 Cordless Vacuum, BISSELL Multi-Purpose Portable Carpet Cleaner, Clean Skin Club Clean Towels}

Amazon favorites on sale! Really debating that gorgeous cookware set (I’ve heard such good things about it plus it’s beautiful!). Kole’s ceiling fan broke a couple of weeks ago so I ordered him this tower fan to get by with until I can replace his bedroom fan and he loves it so much he just wants to keep using it! I have it near his bed in his room and it’s so cold and quiet. It also has a great setting we put it on at night where it blows at full speed for an hour and then slows down to the lowest speed. Reviews didn’t lie on this one.. it’s gold. :) So are these face towels! Game changer in my skin care routine.

Saturday 6/Weekend Sale (Sunny Side Up)

{Planter Pots/Faux White Shrubs}

My shrubs are also still on sale!

Hat Organization (Sunny Side Up)

Shoe Organizer (Sunny Side Up)

{Closet Organization Favorites}

My hat organizer and shoe stackers are also marked down. Both would make fun Father’s Day gifts too! Pair them with a hat and/or pair of shoes. :)

Saturday 6/Weekend Sale (Sunny Side Up)

{trashcan/stripe accent rug}

This favorite trash can is on sale too! I’ll be adding Amazon sale finds in this folder over the weekend if you want to check back! Also let me know if something you love is marked down and I’ll add it too. You can find all of my Amazon favorites HERE.. so many are on sale!


Saturday 6/Weekend Sale (Sunny Side Up)

{Ruched Flutter-Sleeve Top, Parachute Pants, Maxi Shirt Dress, Pommed Jute Pillow, Luxe Linen Striped Blend Pillow}

Antho always has good sale finds and I have and love these pillows. (In my theatre room!)

Saturday 6/Weekend Sale (Sunny Side Up)

{Minka Textured Pot}

The beloved minka pot is also on sale! I have it in 3 different sizes so clearly I’m a fan. I know I’ve converted many of you on this one too. Such a statement piece!


Saturday 6/Weekend Sale (Sunny Side Up)

{Cotton Boxy-Crop Tee, Relaxed Striped V-Neck Tee, Leather Crossbody Sling Bag, Ankle Strap Sandal, Square-Neck Mini Dress}

Cute staples marked down at Madewell! Especially love the bag!


{Eloise woven counter stool/Hanover pendants}

I mentioned last week that the counter stools I have in my kitchen and office are on sale! Mcgee & Co just marked prices down even lower (up to 35% off!) so I’m adding my sale favorites here to keep everything in one place! ALL items I have in my home or sitting in my on-line cart.

It’s a dangerous weekend friends. Enjoy some down time and proceed with caution. ;)

xoxo, Erin
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