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Spring Pillows – my favorites!

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Favorite Pillows (Sunny Side Up)

Happy Saturday!  I hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day!  We are spending some time in the snow and are so excited to finally bust out our new coats and boots!  I’ll share more about our trip later but wanted to pop in and talk pillows.  Because I LOVE them!  And I’m assuming if you read and enjoy this blog there is a decent chance you feel the same. :)

Favorite Pillows (Sunny Side Up)

{Roll Arm Couch/Similar Pom Throw here and here}

Last month I ordered these gorgeous Laurel Textured Pillow Covers on-line and I’m so happy with them!  I didn’t realize how huge they would be!  They are 24″ square and just perfect for couch corners.  Great pattern and texture.  I can’t believe the quality for such a good price (on sale this weekend!).  I also picked up these Faye Textured Linen Pillow Covers and am loving the pink for Spring.

Favorite Pillows (Sunny Side Up)

{Similar Tassel Lumbar Pillow/Laurel Textured Pillow Cover/Addie Stripe Tassel Pillow}

This is the same textured pillow in blush with two other favorites I’ve had for a while now.

Favorite Pillows (Sunny Side Up)

Favorite Pillows (Sunny Side Up)

{Navy Fringe Textured Pillow/Laura Textured Pillow/Topanga Linen Throw}

Favorite Pillows (Sunny Side Up)

{Chunky Wool & Jute Rug}

Like a breathe of fresh air in this room!  It’s so fun to play around with different pillow combos and colors isn’t it?  This couch is ready for Spring!

And so am I. :)

Favorite Pillows (Sunny Side Up)

I’ve rounded up some beautiful pillows I love below if you are looking for a fun and easy way to spruce up your home for Spring!  I didn’t think I had a set “style” of pillow I gravitate to because I like so many different colors, patterns and looks, but after I saved all of these pillows to a favorites folder I realized they do have a common vibe!  I’m kind of obsessed with every pillow I’m sharing and no doubt a few more of them will end up in my home.  I’m doing such a good job de-cluttering this year and only keeping what I use and love, but when it comes to throw pillows I can’t help that I use and love them all!

Every.  Single.  One.


{FAVORITE PILLOWS I’M LOVING THIS SPRING}  *Click on the picture for the source!

xoxo, Erin
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12 thoughts on “Spring Pillows – my favorites!

  1. Ohhh, they are so pretty and I love the texture on them. They look like they’d be fun to scrunch when watching a scary movie or a ghost hunting show. ;) I love how you are ready for spring, but purposefully spending time in the snow. haha! Have fun!! And thanks for sharing. OOOOOh, these would be super fun for a pillow fight, too! hee hee Happy weekend!

    1. Jeanne! You crack me up! Come over for a scary movie and a pillow fight.. both are sounding equally appealing right about now. Ha! ;) Thank you sweet friend! xo

  2. It is beautiful, Erin! So nice to freshen a room up so easily and affordably with pillows! May I ask where you found the navy blue lamp?

    Thank you!

  3. Erin,
    What do you do with all the pillow inserts(forms) many pillows come with? I think for storage it is best to just keep the nicest pillow, insert forms of the pillows that came with them, and reuse with new covers or buy new(nice quality) forms for pillow covers that do not already come with forms(Ex:Pottery Barn) Do you just discard the not so nice insert forms that just happen to come with some throw pillows, in order to fold, roll, or store flat, the growing selection of seasonal covers, or do you just put the pillows away, cover and insert form and all, in a big plastic bag, and put in storage?
    BTW-Just LOVING Your spring colors and ESPECIALLY Blush tones!!!!
    I was going to keep the leftover snowflakes from Christmas, turned Valentines Day, red candle sticks, red hearts pottery items, etc. up till the end of Feb. but just tore it all down after seeing all the nice, light, Spring colors in your pictures!
    Like you, before you put up your valentines day, I JUST WAS NOT FEELING IT(Valentines) ANYWAY!!!!!!! I think A LOT of it going around THIS YEAR! ;-D

    Sharon- AKA: “Hanging on to a thread of Hope for Spring in New England”

    1. Hi Sharon! Such a good question! For most of my pillows I just buy a new insert and store the full pillow. But that works in this home because I have room. In my previous house I always just bought pillow covers and rotated them because we were so short on storage space! I keep seasonal pillows in plastic bags in my attic and am moving other pillows I use more often to one of my closets. (A little organization project I’m working on right now!) I have a few Christmas pillows that don’t have inserts that I switch out but that’s it. :) I’m SO happy you like my Spring decor so far! Thank you! I’m kind of on a navy and pink kick lately. And I know.. still so cold on the East coast! Hang in there. Spring will come! While we’re waiting we’ll just bring it inside. Basically what I have to do with every season around here. :) So fun hearing from you! xo

    1. Hi Dede! The one on my couch in this post is called “Smoke”! It’s a soft blue/grey. I also have the white/navy pillows in my formal living room in the 12×21. :)

  4. Erin,
    I love your couch and pillows and am always slightly jealous of your neutral couch. I have a darn brown couch and would love to spruce it up with pillows but I’m always worried it would look silly with different colors. Any suggestions?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Jessica! I think colors would work great on a brown couch! My mom has a dark brown leather couch and is always putting bright colored pillows on it. Really anything light and bright for spring would work fine. Pinks, blues, yellows. The advantage of a brown couch is that all of the creams and whites really pop and look good too. I don’t think you can go wrong! xo

  5. I absolutely adore all of these pillows but if I’m being honest they are ridiculously priced and most cannot be washed! With four kids (one of them having severe eczema) I must be able to toss things in the wash often…so I guess I will continue admiring beautiful styled couches like yours until I win the lottery and my kids are grown, ha!

    1. Hi Taylor! Oh my word.. I totally feel where you are coming from! We were in the same situation 10 years ago with little kids (one with major allergies who threw up all over everything!) and not much money for home decor. I never bought anything that nice until we moved in our new home and my kids were older! Hang in there. In so many ways I miss those days! xo

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