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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day always sneaks up on me because it hits right when we are just finishing the school year around here!  I had a mild panic attack this Monday morning with all the things I needed to wrap up and get done this week.  (I’m sure many of you moms have felt the same!)  It has been busy, but Friday is near and I can feel the load lifting as each to-do and end of the year activity gets crossed off the list.  I always get a little nostalgic and emotional this time of year too.  So crazy to have another school year behind us.. they are flying by way too quickly!  I’m so excited to have time with my kids this summer.  I’m also excited for some down time with their dad!  I don’t want to forget my sweet husband during all of this craziness so it’s probably a good thing that Father’s Day shopping happens in the middle of it all. :)  I hope this gift guide is helpful for you!  It’s full of all the things that my husband already has and loves along with things I’m getting for him this year.  He knows not to read this post. :)  Dads do so much.. it’s a treat to spoil them on their special day!

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Father's Day Gift Guide (Sunny Side Up)

1 –  Endurance/Into Thin Air – Books are always a safe bet for dads and these are two best sellers that look so good!  Excited to give them to Kenny this year.

2 – Zella Zip Front Hoodie – A perfect hoodie for weekends or workouts!  My husband has one that is similar and wears it all the time.  Zella is always a win!  This is my second favorite if you want to spend less (60% off!).

3 – Hayward Air Backpack – Ahhh!  This awesome backpack is half off for just over $30!  I just ordered it. :)  My husband always uses his backpacks for hikes and travel.

4 – Nonstick Steel Grill Cookware Set – Ordering this for my husband because I want it for me!  Such good reviews.. these look amazing for summer cooking!

5 – Gskyer Telescope – I’m always looking for fun activities that my husband will enjoy doing with my kids and this telescope looks amazing.  Kole is so into space right now and I know the two of them would love exploring the stars and moon together!

6 – Volcom Board Shorts and Rainbow Flip Flops – Perfect gifts for dad to welcome summer!  My husband likes both of these brands for suits and flip flops.

7 – Dad Bod T-Shirt – For the dad who loves a laugh!  A fun tee to wear at the park or pool with the kids. :)

8 – Bose Wireless Sport Headphones – These are all the rage!  If your husband is a runner he will love these.  Sweat resistant and perfect for exercise!

9 – Stud Finder – Every handy dad needs a handy stud finder. :)  One of my gifts for Kenny last year!

10 – Self-Leveling Green Cross Line Laser – This Laser Level Tool is a must have for home decor lovers!  Or for those married to home decor lovers.  Makes hanging ALL the things a breeze!

11 – Adidas Sneakers – I LIVE in my black Adidas sneakers (similar to these) so Kenny is getting this pair for father’s day so we can twin.  I know twinning with me is a priority for him and I live to serve.  Ha.

12 – Ecco Soft Lace-Up Sneakers – I’ve shared these before because they are such great shoes.  Kenny has three pairs (the black, brown and blue) and I gave a pair to my bother for Christmas (he loves them too!).  They look great with jeans and are so comfortable.  Worth the price, but if you love them and want to spend less, this blue pair is half off!

13 – Slim-Fit Luxe Poplin Shirt – These slim-fit shirts from BR are my husband’s favorite!  I love this color on him in the summer. :)

14 – GoSports Cornhole Bean Bag Toss Game – Another fun activity for dad and the kids!  Our foosball table I mentioned in my playroom progress post is also a hit and a fun gift idea for dads.

15 – Smartcare Flat Front Shorts – I love all things “smart care” from Nordstrom because it means NO wrinkles!  These shorts come in lots of colors and have high reviews.  Perfect summer wear for dads!

16 – 4-Piece BBQ Tool Set and Storage Case – You can’t have a Father’s Day Gift Guide without a BBQ tool set so here is mine. ;)  Really though.. always a fun gift.  I gave Kenny a very similar set from WS a few years ago and he uses it all the time.  Can’t wait for summer grilling!

17 – Men’s Shop Polo – Another go-to gift for Father’s Day.  You can’t go wrong with a great polo!  A staple for men and this particular polo is a great fit and comes in lots of colors.

18 – Weight Set – A fun gift option if your husband/dad wants to get in shape but doesn’t have time for the gym.  There are so many fun sets to choose from!  Kenny pulls his arm weights like these out in front of the TV at night often and lifts while we watch TV and I blog.  We eat popcorn at the same time and are master multi-taskers.  Ha.

19 – Flat Weight Bench (this bench also looks like another good option!) – Great for dad to get a full body workout from home!

20 – Modular Garage Tool Organizer – You all know how much I love a good organizer and this is perfect to keep tools organized and handy in the garage.   I also have a hardware cabinet like this one that I love for all of the loose hardware!  I’m sure my husband loves them as much as I do.  Well.. almost as much. ;)

xoxo, Erin
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6 thoughts on “Father’s Day Gift Guide

  1. What a great list, Erin! I always love your gift guides for any occasion. My husband is like yours and likes the wireless speakers/headphones too! This year I got him the wireless Ion speaker from Costco. I’m with you on this time of year, today is both my kids Last day of school and I’m giddy!! You’ll make it and it will be so sweet to have finished:) Happy (almost) Friday!

    1. So happy you like my gift guides Lacey.. thank you! That Ion speaker sounds like something Kenny would love to. Smart! And yea for the last day of school! It’s the best feeling to wrap up the year and be done isn’t it!? Enjoy your summer! :)

  2. Great Ideas! Thank you. So hard to buy for the hubby. I was going through some of your old posts as we are redoing our kitchen and I have been searching for appliance pulls and can’t seem to find any good ones. Where did you get yours for your fridge? love them…

    1. Hi Lisa! Thank you! Oh my word.. I wish I could remember! I went into a local store that sold fridge hardware and picked ours out. I can’t even remember the name of the store! Maybe Fergusons? So sorry. All of our other kitchen hardware was from Restoration Hardware but I can’t remember where I got the fridge handles! xo

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this guide. I’m always wondering what to get the men in my life, I want to get him some power tools and a speaker to do some fun projects together this summer. Thanks again!

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