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Christmas card displays

I love Christmas cards.  Who doesn’t!?  They make the happiest mail.  Seeing so many pictures of people I love always puts a smile on my face.  So much so that I never take my cards down right after Christmas.  They usually linger until at least February or March.
I used to tape all of our cards on and around the pantry door in our kitchen.
 Then last year I painted an old frame aqua and used it to display some of my cards.


I started taping the rest of my cards to the wall next to the frame, but I was having a hard time getting them to stick on the wall so I never got all of them hung and I had to take them down early.  I was so bummed!

So this year I was prepared!  I bought painters tape (a suggestion from a few sweet readers!) and went to work.  I hung some of my cards on the wall and woke up the next morning to this —

 SO disappointing!  Kole and I just shook our heads.
I guess painters tape wasn’t the solution.  At least not for my crazy wall.
I didn’t have many options left.
So I taped my cards to the front door.  And good old scotch tape did the trick!  Not one card has fallen.  When I ran out of room on the door I started taping them to the wall next to the door and those are staying put too.  I’m not sure why.  But I’m not going to question it.  Kole and I just smile and call it a Christmas miracle.


The last two years I have hung our past Christmas cards on our stair banister, but this year when I started hanging the garland, my two year old sidekick had other plans.  Pulling everything down was just too much fun for my little buddy so once again I was forced to mix things up.  Flexibility has become my middle name ever since a certain someone arrived on the scene.  :)
 So our past holiday cards found a new home in my beloved aqua frame.


And they were reindeer approved.


 I’m thinking my door of cards will stay put for a while.
I’m kind of loving it!
At least until February or March.
Or maybe as long as the tape holds.
Or until a certain two year old sidekick (and his creative partners in crime) decide on something different.
What would I do without their help?
xoxo, Erin
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17 thoughts on “Christmas card displays

  1. Oh yes – I’ve never used any fancy card holders or do a thing more than taping them to our coat closet door near the entrance of our home. Just use regular ‘ol scotch tape and aren’t limited by the space of a card holder. And the scotch tape doesn’t seem to damage the cards either when I take them down. And when I’m done with them, I stack them, punch two or three holes on one side, and bind them by year with binder/book rings (and use a little cover page from the eighteen-twenty-five blog) to make a quick little book!

  2. such a battle isn’t it to get them to stay??? lol I am now using pretty ribbon and I staple them to the ribbon and then hang the ribbon down my pantry door. You can see all the cards and it works really well!!!

  3. Wow,you get so many cards!I send out over a hundred every year,and this year I got back 5…yep you read that right-5!I guess nobody likes to send them anymore :( To me the Christmas card is a little bit of love coming from my house to someone else’s during the festive season!

  4. There is a GREAT tape that doesn’t damage walls and holds things on the wall as long as you want it to. It’s called Mavelus tape and is available on Amazon (of course!)

    I can’t wait to see some recent pictures of your new house. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen the progress.

  5. I think you know that this year the, “picture Christmas card,” is a sore subject with me!! But, I love looking at all of yours. Loved your card this year.

    I also use the poster putty. Tape drove me crazy.

    Love your scrape book of Christmas cards. I am going to do that soon. After I check off everything from my January list of things to do!


  6. Love it! I did that last year, but didn’t get around to putting our cards up this year. They are in a little basket that we go through every few days to see all of our friends’ and family’s smiling faces! And yes! I so hope this is the year that we finally get to meet face to face and maybe our little guys can wear each other out :) ~gina

  7. Love it!! I usually buy an extra Christmas tree small and real just to hang cards up!! love the red ribbon idea might steal.. Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Wow! You have so many cards!!!! such a lot of love there!! I am finding here in Australia, the sending card tradition is fading out, people are replacing it with emails & Facebook. So sad! I’d leave them there til feb too :)

  9. We have always scotch taped our cards to the back of the door…that way my husband may actually look at/see some of them! : )
    The worst offenders of not sending out Christmas cards is family! I’m one of 5! My mom is one of 11! No cards from Aunts/Uncles. No cards from my siblings – The best responses I have received have been from old neighbors.

  10. In Australia we use Blu tack (
    I don’t know if you have it in the States? It will stick anything up forever and makes no marks or damages the paint when it is removed. Seriously, I don’t know what I’d do without it! :)
    (If you like, I could possibly send you some? :)

  11. i always just use scotch tape on my wall and have never had a problem. No paint has ever come off. I like to leave mine up through January too. Especially since I have a large wall by my dining table with nothing on it, the cards make me feel like I don’t need to worry about what to put there. Come February though, I am back to the drawing board. I wish I could just leave up the Christmas cards forever and call it a day:)

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