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Ellie and Addison

Everyday pics

The girls and their “friends” enjoying afternoon pasta and tea.  
More friends making themselves at home in my closet.  
And in the bathroom.  
And in the backyard.  
 Guess those trucks come in handy after all!   

What my trash looks like after a trip to the grocery store.  
Ditching the bulky boxes and tidying up my pantry always puts me in an instant good mood.   

Girls headbands were driving me nuts so I moved them to a new location.  
Temporary fix.  
The new house stuff is completely taking over my current house.  
Every where you look there are plans and brochures and sketches and samples.  
I need an office!  So I’m designing one.  Hence the mess that is making me feel the need for an office.
My boy is up to his usual tricks pulling everything out of my cupboards.  
Bowls are always a hit.  
Moving the pillows all on one couch never gets old.  
 And pausing only briefly for a favorite part of Toy Story 3.  

There is just something about a sleeping toddler.  PEACE.  :)  Kole cracks me up.  Every night I go in to check on him before I go to bed and every night he is in this same position – sideways in his crib with his feet on the wall and one arm over his forehead.  And yes I know he is getting too old for his binkie. It’s not a crutch for him.  It’s a crutch for me.  :)  With everything going on lately, I just don’t have the strength to deal with taking it away.  When Ellie was 2 1/2 we tossed all of her pacifiers and told her that the binkie fairy came and took them and left a toy instead because she was such a big girl.  Worked fabulously.  One tough night with a few tears and she was over it.  I have a feeling things might not go so smoothly with my little buddy so I’m admittedly procrastinating.  And yes, I know he is in Christmas pajamas in September.  I just couldn’t resist.  :)

 But I’m not completely overlooking Fall.  Picked these up at the grocery store yesterday.  
The mini white pumpkins are my favorite!  
 I’m going to use them for my hutch like I did last year.

Kenny bought me the new iphone 5.  I’ve never had an iphone before.  I got this phone and started a Facebook page for my blog all in the same week.  I feel so…  2012.  :)  
I’m sure it’s amazing but I haven’t had two seconds to play around with it.  
Kenny asked me how I like my new phone last night and I said “I love my new ringer!”  He said – “I buy you the iphone 5 and your favorite part is the ringer?”  
But it’s the song Call me Maybe! 
“Hey I just met you… and this is crazy, but here’s my number… so call me maybe….”  
 Perfect ringer, right!? 

Kole loves my ringer too.  Whenever the phone rings we both get so excited and start to dance.  
But then I answer the phone and the music stops and the party’s over and mom’s occupied and Kole is NOT happy.  So we turn the song on my ipod after my call and dance some more.  I’m tempted to give all of you my cell phone number so Kole and I can dance the day away.
But for some reason I don’t think Kenny would be as amused as Kole and I would be.

 The girls currently have secret “pass codes” on their bedroom doors.  You have to place one hand on the hand drawing and type the code in with your other hand to enter their rooms.  

Not just anyone can enter and I had to block out the code to post these pictures.  
It’s top secret.   
I’d share it with you but then I’d have to kill you.  
Love my girls.  They’re always good entertainment.  :)  

Kenny took these before church one Sunday.  He said “smile” and the girls both popped their knee up in an identical pose almost as if it had been rehearsed.  I swear they share a brain.  
Let’s hope it’s their daddy’s.
xoxo, Erin
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31 thoughts on “Everyday pics

  1. I just ordered my kids Christmans PJ’s yesterday. It’s my first year to order 3! Found some at Gymbo that will work for a 4 year old girl, 2 year old boy and our newborn who will be here in a month!
    I love Kole’s santa jammies! Did you find those this year? If so, where oh where?
    I have issues with cute pj’s, but sounds like you can relate ;)

  2. Your kids are so precious! That Kole is such a cutie but I’m partial to boys since I have one. We just got rid of our paci about a week or so ago and I seriously anticipated WW3 but it was not bad at all! Our little guy needed it at nap and bed time only but he had a bad cold and so he couldn’t breath with it in his mouth at night but he wanted it in his mouth. Ugh! So he would lose it and then cry out for it and wake me up… just was really time for it to go. We just told him the paci went bye-bye and he was a big boy like Daddy and he didn’t need them. We had 10 minutes of hysterical crying in the bed and then we just got him up and let him watch more TV and rocked him to sleep the first night. The nights after that were fine and he just replaced it with a stuffed puppy all by himself. Maybe Kole will surprise you too!

  3. Erin -I LOVE your sense of humor!! You always put a smile on my face!! What a great idea to take “every day” pics – I wish I had done that when my kids were small.

  4. Love Woody in a bathroom of Barbie :) my son gave up the binkie on his 4th birthday-only had it at night. The dentist wasn’t really concerned and there were no issues with his teeth as a result. The binkie fairy came to our house, too!!! So I think you’re fine with still using the binkie :) and we love call me maybe at our house, too! The boys sing it and then throw up their hands to their ears at the “call me” part! ~gina

  5. We have the same issue with “friends” all over the house too. I actually realm kinds love it, I know I will miss it, I already miss the star wars guys and lego creations that used to be all over. The pass codes on their doors is hilarious.

    I know about that binkey business, I have a hard time taking it because then I feel they are too grown up. I swear though that if you get rid of all but one then let just have it whenever they want and go to town on it so it wears out. Then they don’t want it. It always worked for me without much fight either. Once it has a hole it’s just not the same. It worked for all of mine.

  6. What a beautiful family….! I know what happens next when there are too many “friends” everywhere.

    :-) Kole looks so huggable and sqeezeable in those Christmas jammies!

  7. I still can’t get over what great friends your cute girls are. My girls are 3 and 1 at this point, and I am hoping and praying they will be close like that!

    I wouldn’t worry about the binky but I’m pretty liberal when it comes to that. :) A month before my daughter turned 3, we couldn’t find it one night. (Really, we couldn’t!) She just said “That’s okay, I’m big now…I don’t need it.” And that was the end of it. The next week she potty trained herself.
    I am a big believer in doing things when they are ready! :)

    I am a bit jealous of the Iphone. I think I want one…although I am afraid I’d turn into a internet addict and be checking facebook/blogs all the time! (Who am I kidding…that’s practically how it already is!:))

  8. Such a great post. I love the picture of your little guy sleeping! My daughter wears her Santa jammies sometimes too! We just did the paci fairy with my daughter about a month ago. It was harder than it was with my son, but we made it. I definitely held out taking hers away since she is my baby (okay, she is 2 1/2, but she is my last one). I love the secret passcode on the doors. That is super cute!

  9. Loved this post! We have the same couches. Ours is olive though. I think you should take the paci away when you feel YOU are ready. I don’t think it hurts anything. My daughter was seriously attached to hers. We did away with it when she was 21/2. Her teeth are perfect.
    I want one of those codes on my bedroom door. a real one…LOL.

  10. All I can say is you are so LUCKY Kole still sleeps in a crib! My monkey climbed out and refused so he is in a bed and driving me crazy! Naps are almost a thing of the past….sob!

  11. Thanks for the fun comments everyone!

    Michelle- yes! Just found those pjs at Target and couldn’t resist!

    April – you are giving me hope! Maybe it won’t be too bad but I’m expecting the worst!

    Cheryl! That’s the worst! I’m so sorry. Kole will sleep in a crib until he’s 3 if I have anything to do with it!

  12. My kids put all their binkies in a bag with a ribbon and gave them to a newborn baby. It´s easy to explain that they need the binkies more. Not even one night of sadness with either one. Of course there were preparations for a week or so, but that´s it.

  13. Anonymous – That is a great tip! I may have to try that one. :)

    Anonymous #2 :) – Thank you! I bought those shoes for my girls at Nordstroms. So cute, right!? They are the only pair they keep in their closets (all other shoes are in the garage) because I want to keep them nice.

  14. Erin-sorry haven’t commented in SO LONG. The new blog is darling! Love it. as always, cute pics of the kids. However—don’t be throwing away all those boxtops!! hahaha..We collect them like they’re gold around here! My kids love taking them to school so save them and mail them to me. I know I’m crazy. We sure miss you guys! Loves!

  15. I just adore your are making me look bad though now that you got rid of the Easter eggs in your header, because I still have my summer header up! I love your new header though!! Kendall loves Toy Story and has decided to be Jessie for Halloween this year! We are in the process of starting to build our dream home so I love reading your home plans and getting ideas…I just have started posting about our plans and ideas as well, but I just don’t have much patience…I want it to be done and moved in yesterday!! Have a great week!

  16. Love your posts – even though I’m at a totally different stage just brings joy to remember some of those sweet times years ago. Love your humor and way cool that you have an iphone – you’ll love it!

  17. Erin, I love your blog! Do you recycle the cardboard from the pantry boxes and also, do you clip and save the boxtops for your girls’ school?

  18. Amber – So fun to hear from you cutie! Thanks for your help with the header background. You and Haylee are the best! :) Let’s get together over Thanksgiving!
    p.s. I DO cut box tops… sometimes. I’ll try to be better now that I know how much it means to you. HA! :)

    Christy – YEA! So exciting that you are building too! Congrats! Get ready for quite a ride. :)

    Felicia – Thank you! Most of my white pitchers and vases are from Home Goods.

    Becky – Thank you so much! I love hearing from you. :)

    Anonymous – Thank you! Always and sometimes. :) We recycle EVERYTHING that is recyclable. We send in box tops sometimes. But you and Amber have reminded me that I need to be better about that! :)

  19. Erin, it’s Lori. I love all your posts and you seriously have such a good sense of humor. I feel like I need to blog again. Problem is, I don’t even remember the password! :(. It’s been over 2 years. In the next few days I’ll have to try to update it.
    Oh and congrats about the iPhone 5. I’m jealous! I have a 4, and love it but the 5’s are little more awesome! :). Your family is gorgeous, just like you!!! Thanks for sharing stuff and for the inspiration. :)

  20. I loved all of your DARLING pictures. My favorite part of your blog is when you post pictures and comments about your DARLING family. That is so funny that Amber and I were on the same page about the box tops. I was going to send a comment, and read through a few and saw that Amber commented on the same thing I was going to say….save your box tops. Yes, lets get together over Thanksgiving. WE NEED TO!!!

  21. I love how Kole sleeps! that is so funny. My 2 year old has a paci too. the dentist was not happy about it! but I’m not taking it away at night for awhile yet!
    I’m also getting an iphone 5! i can’t wait till it gets here. my first smart phone too!

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