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Master Bedroom Decor

Sharing some pictures I took a while ago of my bedroom.  I have to say that my bedroom is the room I am MOST anxious to re-do after we move.  I am really tired of this look – not my furniture – but everything else.  :)

Notice the hideous black alarm clock on the left.  Can’t see it?

Here’s a close up.  This is Kenny’s “nite jammer” from the late 80’s.  I have tried to trash this thing more times than I can count.  It is the one thing he will NOT allow me to whisk away to goodwill.  When I decorated this bedroom I begged him to let me get him a new alarm clock.  He said that this clock was sentimental to him because it had woken him up for all the major milestones in his life starting with middle school graduation, then high school graduation, college graduation, and law school graduation, passing the California bar, and oh yeah…our wedding day (see…he’s smart to throw that in there).

Well crap.  How am I ever going to feel good about trashing it now?  So there it sits.  Looking hideous.  His goal is to have this wake him up for the rest of his life.

Think I can paint it?  Wonder how the “nite jammer” would look in a nice buttermilk?

Moving on…

See my hutch?  I went on this decorating kick about five years ago and decorated my whole house in about three months.  I got my room finished, but didn’t know what to put on the top of my hutch.  I decided I was tired of decorating so I just set a couple of things on top of it thinking I would eventually get around to fixing it…

and there it sits.  With an empty vase of sorts and a big red plate.  Kenny calls it my “number ten.”  
A few more accessories…

And just to prove how badly we are running out of space in this house…

here’s the lovely pile hiding in the corner of this room.   :)

xoxo, Erin
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19 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Decor

  1. oh my gosh, this post is cracking me up! that clock is hilarious!!! but i see where he’s coming from…errr…sorta. i was just thinking that you must love st. patrick’s day…all that GREEN!!! hope you guys are wearing cute matching green outfits today and enjoying all things green! :-)

  2. OMG!

    I have the girly version of the ‘Nite Jammer’!! Its white and pink and purple *blushes* and I have had it since the late 80’s too (I believe it was my first ever alarm clock!) – and I am now 35.

    I’ve kept one eye open for a new one for years and just can’t find one that look half way decent (I live in Sydney, Australia BTW!).

    Love the blog :)

  3. Ah, Kenny is scentimental! Uh, we have a clock like that in Steve’s office that he is wanting to replace. Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

  4. Hi Erin,
    Found your blog from Becky Higgin’s PL post! :) You have a beautiful family, and don’t feel bad about your master bedroom, we ALL have rooms that we decorate and then end up redoing in a few years! I really love the paint color on the walls in this room!

    As far as your hubby’s alarm clock…I guess I can see the sentimental value there. Maybe you could hide it behind a picture frame or something on the night table? Just an idea.

    Can’t wait to see how your room turns out! You inspire me to organize and scrapbook more!

  5. I just looked on Ebay and the Nite Jammer is going to $29.99. I am sure it’s on its way to being highly collectible :) I love your bedroom furniture.

  6. I almost died when I saw that alarm clock! I had the exact same one…don’t remember when I gave it up.
    I love your blog!!

  7. Erin, the clock is awesome. The sort of thing my husband would cling too. Moving through your post just a little too quickly, though, at first I thought it was a bomb :)

  8. Ha! I’m other one who had the girly version of that alarm clock. I finally gave it away when I got married. It was horrible looking! White (that had aged to a yellowed plastic color) with teal and pink accents. UGH!

    ~ Sarah

  9. About Kenny’s clock…I’m a big time sentimental person, so I can totally under why he wants to keep his clock. I say just keep it the way it is (um, buttermilk? not!) and place it behind a photo frame or a plant or something. Even a stuffed animal would hide it. Not that you want a stuffed animal sitting in your room decor, but I’m just say’n. You’re so creative, you’ll think of something!

  10. Your room is lovely and just the inspiration I need since I’m start the major “master bedroom clean out” tonight! I think it sounds like the clock will be staying forever…sorry. I saw a cute alarm clock from Ikea that I have to have. Love the pile in the corner…keepin it real :)

  11. Ah, Kenny. He always makes me laugh. Love that he has his night jammer. I gotta say, Kenny is practical. And what a good quality that is!

  12. i love how you hang your necklaces! mine are stashed in a drawer and half the time i forget about them…gonna go find me a cute lil hook thing now!

    and that clock is HILARIOUS!

  13. I’m another one who has the “girly version.” Yep. Still have it. It’s in the bathroom, though, so that’s a little better, right? The white, pink and purple combo was what every middle school girl wanted! (And I’m almost 34 now.) Those little clocks were made to last, that’s for sure! :)

  14. Your room is beautiful, but I’m too a girl for change. Isn’t it fun to dream of how your new master will look when you move?!

    I’m about ready to re-paint myself, and it’s only been 4 years.

    Great style, my friend.

  15. Wouldn’t have even noticed the clock if you hadn’t mentioned it. Do they even make nice looking alarm clocks, or does anyone even use them now days with phones with alarms? I say, Kenny, keep the clock!!! Now, aside from decorating and organization….put down, on your to-do list to get those beautiful picture hung. When I saw the size of that one that’s the corner stashed for another day, I couldn’t believe it. GET THEM HUNG….NOW!!!! Way too much money and way too cute to put off a day longer. Love you guys–

  16. OMG! I just had to let you know that I had that same alarm clock when I was a teen also. It was light pink and purple my parents kept it forever until they turned my bedroom into a den. I would try to sleep with the earbuds that came with it but it was too hard to sleep because I’d sing all nite :) Lovin’ your blog by the way.

  17. I too still have my Nite Jammer clock. My brother and I both got Nite Jammers for Christmas one year and they both still work. I have had mine basically my ENTIRE life. I’ve had it since I was about 5 and I’m almost 30 now. My fiance has tried to convince me to give it away too but I refuse. If it stands the test of time, my Nite Jammer will die with me :)

  18. I have this same alarm clock and I also can’t seem to part with it. It’s been with me since elementary school and that was close to 30 years ago now. Yours is in great shape. Treasure it forever Kenny!

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