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So lately I’ve been in a bit of a rut. By “lately” I mean the last four years! Since I started having kids I’ve fallen into a bad habit of PLANNING and not DOING. I make constant “to-do” lists for these four areas….
Scrapbooking: I read my scrapbook magazines every month, cut out and dog ear pages with design or color ideas, take endless pictures of my family, write lists of layout ideas, save every ticket stub and hair lock and of course…spend TONS of money on scrapbook supplies. I just don’t scrapbook.

Cooking: Anyone who knows me well knows that I DESPISE cooking. I don’t enjoy it and I’ve never been good at it. I think it’s ridiculous to spend time and money and create a big mess in my kitchen on a meal that is over and done with in minutes. Most nights Kenny gets home well past dinner time and my girls only eat about three things anyway. Still…I feel guilty that I don’t make healthy dinners for my family so…I cut out recipes, plan menus and even at times buy the necessary groceries. I just don’t cook.

Reading: I used to love to read books and go to book club. Lately though, I only make lists of books I’d like to read and buy and borrow books. I just don’t read. (No Car, I haven’t started Twilight yet).

Blogging: I love to stalk blogs and check out what is going on with all of my friends. I think it is a great way to keep in touch with people. I also love that it is a family journal and record of all of the day to day stuff. So…I continue to read other people’s blogs, write down fun ideas for posts and think about how I’d decorate my blog. I just don’t blog.

Until now! I’m starting this blog hoping it will inspire me to stop just planning all of the things I want to do and take a little advice from Nike and JUST DO IT!

xoxo, Erin
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8 thoughts on “JUST DO IT!!!

  1. May I just say that I am honored to enter the first comment on your cute new family BLOG! I’m proud of you – welcome to the Blogosphere! Glad you finally took the leap and just did it. I love your Blog page and I look forward to stalking your blog every day while I am at work. Love you!

  2. YEA! :-) I have to say I have not read twilight yet either-despite all of those who keep trying to persuade me. However Lacie just finished it and forced me to take it home. Cute site!

  3. Hey, you DID IT!! Your blog looks great, and I loved your just do it list. It made me smile. I love you guys and am excited to keep up on the day to day happenings of your family.

  4. Hi Erin! Cute blog! I haven’t started one yet. Maybe soon I’ll get some extra time. You did good, and I’m excited to see your cute family on the blog. Keep up the good work! Loves!

  5. Hey Erin,

    great job on this cute blog and an even more adorable family. It sounds like everyone is doing well. Hopefully we’ll get to visit you soon!

    Marci, Jason and Gwen

  6. Yeah! Erin I am excited that you started a blog! I will add you to my list so we can stay up to date with each other! Our blog is So check us out!

    Way cute pictures!! I love what Ellie said about marriage…too cute!

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