Last Weekend Randomness

I’m tired. My chubby little boyfriend is wearing me out. He just turned 8 weeks old today and is starting to wear 3-6 month clothes. He’s also starting to smile. Mostly at trees and lights and the fan, but still – he’s smiling.

I love this little guy so much. Love his sweet little feet, love his fat rolls, love his head that’s always smothered in baby lotion but FOR THE LOVE I’ve got to get some sleep. Kole is usually up only a couple of times in the night, but it seems like each time we’re up, we’re up for awhile. You know how it goes – feed the baby, burp the baby, change the baby’s diaper, finish feeding the baby, baby spits up all over sleeper, change the sleeper, baby is now alert and awake, walk/bounce/rock the baby back to sleep, crash in bed, baby is up and ready to start over again all too soon. Gotta love a newborn. Good thing he’s so adorable – with those sweet little feet, fat rolls, and head that’s always smothered in baby lotion.

On another note…

my brother and his wife blessed their sweet newborn in church last weekend because both families were in town. Love this picture of the three of them. Dayna doesn’t look like she was ever pregnant only ten days later. Her full term belly looked like me at three months. I thought it would be so fun being pregnant at the same time. Yeah…not so much. I told her I really wanted to like her, but she was making it awfully hard.

We took our first family picture with Kole just before heading to the blessing. What a morning that was getting all five of us dressed and hair done and ready to go! It’s always funny to me how completely crazy Sunday morning is trying to get ready for church. I’m usually shouting out orders from my bathroom – “Ellie! get your shoes on…Addie! why are you changing your dress AGAIN!? Kenny! Round up some snacks and coloring books.” All while curling my hair, putting on my earrings, and brushing my teeth at the same time. Adding a newborn to the mix makes things even more interesting. Then you get to church and quietly sit down and everyone looks so calm and put together. And the hymns are so peaceful and soothing. And I spend the rest of the meeting trying to unwind from the hectic morning. I do have to say though, that there is nothing like holding a sleeping baby in church. Watching Kole’s little newborn faces while he slept made it much easier for me to unwind from the hectic morning on this particular Sunday. And my brother gave his son a beautiful blessing. And I cried (not that crying is anything new for me these days).
Addison and her real smile… a little better than the one she pulled in the family picture.

Aside from my mom’s surprise party and the blessing Sunday, we spent most of the weekend in the pool (or lounging nearby the pool).

It was such a great weekend that I decided to stay in Utah with the kids for the rest of the week. We have been enjoying family, friends, and the pool every day. Kenny had to head back to San Diego to work. Somebody’s got to support our lifestyle. ;)

60 and loving it!

Last Friday on May 22, my mom turned 60 years old. She thought she was just going out for a nice dinner with my dad for her birthday and then maybe getting together later with friends. What she didn’t know was that my sister and I were traveling the entire day so that the whole family could be together and surprise her. Our trip from San Diego to my home town in Southern Utah usually takes 6 1/2 hours, but with two little girls – and a newborn – and 5 potty/feeding stops, it took over 8 hours. We all looked a little disheveled when we arrived, but we made it just in time to throw some decorations up and surprise my mom.

Anxious party guests

My sister-in-law just had her baby 10 days ago. It was so fun to see my nephew, Drew, for the first time! He felt like such a light weight compared to Kole (who is getting chubbier by the hour).

When we heard the car pull up we all lined up with balloons and noise makers…

SURPRISE!!! And this was what my mom looked like when she realized her whole family was in town. :) This face was totally worth the 8 hour drive. With two little girls – and a newborn – and 5 potty/feeding stops.

So happy to all be together.

Proud grandma and grandpa with their first two grandsons.

The whole crew (minus Shawn, Carly’s husband, who couldn’t be there and was missed).

My cute mom makes turning 60 look pretty good.

In my kitchen (post 2)

A few more things I’m loving in my kitchen right now…

The grocery sacks I keep for garbage liners were completely taking over the space under my kitchen sink. This ten dollar sack holder I bought from Target is perfect! I love having something that keeps them all together and makes them accessible without taking up so much room.

So…Kenny and I seem to have the same reoccurring disagreement discussion. It involves “the stack.” We don’t have a home office in our ‘right now’ house (big plans for the home office in my ‘someday house’) so there is no place for Kenny’s miscellaneous papers – receipts, mail, bills, etc. He tends to just leave these papers all over the kitchen/living room area and expects me to leave them all over the kitchen/living room area so he’ll be able to find them when he needs them. It drives me crazy! So I stack. When I’m cleaning during the day I gather all of these miscellaneous papers and put them in a big stack. Then I usually put the stack in my hutch or in a cupboard or drawer – somewhere out of sight because I hate to see clutter. Kenny comes home from work and can’t find something he needs and gets mad at me for stacking and moving all of his stuff around. It’s seriously something we’ve argued about every few nights for the thirteen years we’ve been married.

“The stack” on a good day.

I have this cute red holder for mail, but it’s clearly too small for all of Kenny’s papers.

So the other day I bought this green file folder.

Then I labeled each folder. One for receipts, one for coupons, one for miscellaneous papers, and one “to-do” folder for things that need to be taken care of soon. Kenny is happy that the moving “stack” is gone and I’m happy that there is finally a place for all of his crap important papers.

So simple. Why didn’t I do this years ago? Could have avoided all those disagreements discussions!

On to pantry organization! One of my favorites.

I have a really small pantry in my ‘right now’ house (big plans for the huge pantry in my ‘someday’ house) so I have to make the most of the space I have and the best way to do this is to keep things organized. I basically just try to keep everything compartmentalized. Cans together, pasta together, cracker and cereal boxes together, etc.

Another thing I do is keep all things messy and sticky – honey, olive oil, syrup, etc. together on a small baking sheet. This avoids a sticky mess on the pantry shelf. It also keeps everything together and looking nice. :)

I also always keep a few sandwich bags full of crackers together so I have snacks that are easy to grab when we’re heading out the door. I’ve learned with little ones to never go far without snacks!

I’ve found for me that the key to keeping a pantry organized is to spend five minutes or so each day re-organizing things where you want them. Of course, I’m pretty much the only one in my pantry all day so I’m sure when the girls are old enough to make their own snacks things might not look quite so put together.

p.s. Please don’t judge me by the content of my pantry. I’ve never claimed to be healthy…just organized. ;)

In my kitchen (post 1)

Just a little something I’m loving in my kitchen right now. I bought this cutting board from Crate & Barrel and it has come in so handy! It has a colander built in it and non-slip handles that fit great over the sink (or on your counter if you have a smaller sink like I do). Plus it’s green. Perfect for washing and cutting my strawberries.

Sliced, diced and ready to eat. Preferably with waffles or whip cream. This cutting board is great for chopping all kinds of fruits and veggies. Plus it’s green.

The colander collapses to store flat and you can remove it to wash it in the dishwasher. Did I mention that it’s green?

Love my green cutting board.

Typical Weekend

I’m excited for this weekend. Not because we have any big plans – quite the opposite. We have nothing planned. I love weekends with no agenda. We’ll probably end up….

eating waffles for breakfast and then lounging around in our pajamas for a good part of Saturday morning.

Then the girls will need an outing so we’ll most likely head to the park to ride bikes.

Until something much more exciting distracts us from the bike riding.

Maybe we’ll throw in the jeep and take it out for a spin.

Probably make a Target or Costco run and then pick up some dinner. Home to get the kids in bed and then if Kole cooperates, watch a recorded show like The Good Wife, Lost, Parenthood or Modern Family – to name a handful of my right now favorites.

Then Sunday morning Kenny will get up and take the girls to church and Kole and I will both take a nap while they’re gone. (there have been certain advantages to still being in “recovery mode.” :)

After church the girls will run upstairs, pull their hair un-done, and put back on their pajamas because when they’re home they like to be comfortable. Wonder where they get that from?

Then they’ll pull out their toys and play play play.

While they play I’ll most likely be doing laundry or cleaning the kitchen.

And Kenny will catch up on some work or read his book with his new little reading buddy.

Then maybe that evening we’ll take a drive or a walk along the beach and enjoy the sunset.

Our typical weekend when there’s no agenda. My favorite kind.