Smart or Not Smart?

I’ve always believed that my husband was a pretty smart guy.

-He was a straight A student who graduated from two colleges (Dixie and SUU) as the Valedictorian. Smart.

– He then went on to do great things at a highly ranked law school and is now an attorney at a top law firm. Smart.

– Kenny is great with finances. He’s frugal, plans for the future, and has even found a way to successfully contain my spending. With him in charge I know we’ll never stress about money and our family will always be taken care of. Smart.

– He always knows the right things to say. When I asked him to proof read one of my posts the other night I added, “It’s a lame one” and he answered “None of your posts are lame.” Smart. When I asked him last week if he was excited for me to be thinner again he answered “You’ve looked great pregnant.” Once again – Smart.

– He gave me two pregnancy massages (one of which I’m using this weekend and can’t wait!) and a pedicure for Valentines Day. Smart.

– He comes home from work and immediately engages with the kids. Smart.

– Then he reads them stories and puts them to bed. Smart.

See. Smart guy.
Or so I thought.
I had a doctor appointment today and my doctor, based on the size of the baby and her schedule, suggested inducing me on March 30. MARCH 30th!!! I was ecstatic. March sounds much better than April. I’m all for having this baby as soon as possible. So I’m sitting there just beaming and Kenny says “I don’t know…I’m closing an IPO at work around that time…wouldn’t it be better to wait until closer to her actual due date?”

WHAT!!?? Not smart.

I shot him a look with eyes that could kill, sweetly smiled and said “You know babe, you don’t really need to be here for the birth of this baby.”

Then he sweetly smiled at me and said, “You know babe, the April birthstone is a diamond.”


Now THAT was smart.

Slow week…

Slow week for me. I can’t believe tomorrow is only Thursday. It’s felt like it should be Friday for at least three days now. Probably because Addison has pneumonia and I’ve been home bound a lot. Or because I’m heading into my last month of pregnancy and I’m really feeling it. Or because I’ve stopped drinking root beer. Yup. I bet that’s what it is. I’m missing my root beer.

I’ve been drinking Lemonade instead. Remember this post and how I was going to squeeze my home grown lemons to make lemonade? Right. Must have been feeling really good when I had that little notion. Instead I gave my lemons to a friend who will actually follow through and make homemade lemonade. For us, I bought some pre-made, ready to drink lemonade. Erin style. I’m sure its actual juice content is about 2% and the rest is sugar, but I can’t be sure because I didn’t look at the label. I don’t look at labels when I’m pregnant. But I did feel like the root beer obsession was getting out of control, so instead I’ll drink my 2% juice pre-made lemonade for one more month. And then it’s back to water.

Poor Addie – she’s been so sick for the last few days. She’s been pretty much just sleeping or resting on the couch (we’ve watched Cinderella four times now). So I’ve had some time to work on a few projects. I’ve started the nursery, found my crib bedding (thanks to my mom and one of my blog commenters!) and the room is starting to look a little more boyish. Here’a a peak…

and I’ll post a picture of it when it’s done.

This is my “Project Life station” which will soon be transformed back into a “diaper changing station.” Now why is that not sounding quite as appealing? I am excited though about all I’m getting accomplished on the girls’ books. Ellie’s is up to date and I’m starting Addison’s tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who has been so sweet and encouraging about Ellie’s album! You have all totally motivated me to keep working on these books and it will feel so good to have them both up to date before the baby gets here.

I’ve also started dragging out all of the baby girl clothes I saved in case #3 was another girl (still shocked it’s not!). I’ve been getting rid of baby clothes and already too small pregnancy clothes like nobody’s business. It feels so good! I’m excited to go through each stage ONE MORE TIME with this baby and then I’m excited to get rid of all of my baby stuff. It takes up so much space! The high chair is one thing I’m especially excited to be done with. I might have a ceremony and burn it. I really hate the high chair. Maybe I’ll feel differently when it’s actually time to part with everything, but right now, in my last month of pregnancy, being done with all this is sounding pretty appealing. I’m so ready to get my little boy here!

I’m not the only one who is getting ready for the baby. I walked into the playroom tonight to find Ellie busy taking care of her babies. They all had their own little blankets. And their own little toys.
And their own little bowls and spoons.

I may just turn this next baby right over to her!

{*side note – just watched Joannie Rochette ice skate – the darling Canadian who lost her mom. (It was recorded. I know we’re a bit behind.) Now I’m BAWLING. Just great. Tomorrow I’ll wake up to puffy eyes. Guess they’ll coordinate with my already pregnant puffy cheeks which are seriously starting to resemble a squirrels cheeks. One who’s storing nuts for winter. Oh well. I’m so proud of Joannie!}

Meet Snakey

We have a little friend.
He lives in our bathroom.
He comes out to visit most mornings.
His name is “Snakey.”
And he is a curling iron.

“Snakey” came to life one morning when Ellie was old enough to get her hair curled and styled, but decided she was a bit scared of the curling iron. On a whim I upped my voice a few octaves, gave it a bit of a screech and introduced myself as “Snakey the Curling Iron” who was a beloved and trusted friend. He was hungry and wanted nothing more than to munch on Ellie’s hair for breakfast. Within seconds her tears were gone and she was asking Snakey all kinds of questions like where he slept, who he was friends with, if he liked getting so hot, and why he loved to eat HER hair so much. Over a year later, Snakey is still a major hit each morning. Ellie shares things with Snakey that she doesn’t tell anyone else. Their conversations are simply classic. Other friends (friends of Snakey) have made their presence known -like Straighty the straight iron and Lotialina the lotion (Snakey’s long time girlfriend). But no one will ever take the place of Snakey. He will always be the favorite. Even Addison is close buddies with him, despite the fact that he has no desire to munch on her hair (too many curls give him indigestion).

Kenny also enjoys himself immensely when Snakey comes out to play. He teases Snakey about the way he talks and likes to ask questions that catch him a bit off guard. Luckily though, Snakey is as smart as they come. Much too smart for Kenny’s sarcasm.

Snakey puts a smile on our faces each morning. He is a close and trusted friend of Ellie’s. One I hope she never forgets. And one I hope she doesn’t outgrow for a long long time.

Honest Scrap

My good friend Jessica gave me an “Honest Scrap” award on her blog which basically means you are asked to share 10 honest things about yourself. Well, if you’ve followed my blog for a while, you probably know me as well as I know myself! So for those of you who are in this category, feel free to skip this post and carry on with that Monday to-do list you’re avoiding by blog stalking. I know how it goes. If you’re new to my blog and are incredibly bored interested at all, here are 10 past posts that tell a little about me…

1) Here’s 25 Random Things about me. Doesn’t get any more straight forward than that.

2) Currently I’m 33 weeks pregnant. Here’s the latest update and here’s how we announced the news.

3) I love to decorate. Especially for the holidays. Here is my home decor getting ready for Fall and Christmas.

4) I hate to cook, but here are two things I do make often because they are so yummy and simple: Tri-Color Pasta and my Summer Salad. Try them – you won’t be sorry. (I’m actually just really proud of these posts because posting recipes made me feel incredibly chef-like. Until evening rolled around and I threw together another batch of Kraft mac-n-cheese for dinner.)

5) Here are some things I’m fond and not so fond of. (Or check it out if you just want to see a pic of Edward Cullen and picture him with his shirt off which, compared to Jacob with his shirt off, leaves a lot to be desired.)

6) Kenny, my husband, and I are completely opposite. See here how opposites attract. (Or check it out if you just want to see a terrible pic of us acting like idiots in High School.)

7) I think I’m Irish. At least Irish at Heart.

8) Here are some really dumb things I’ve done. Have you ever?

9) I love being a mom. Here are some things I suppose someday I’ll miss. (A favorite post of mine because of the way I captured exactly what my girls were like during that moment in time.)

10) I love Spring. It’s my favorite time of year. Here is a fun craft I put together last year when I was Inspired by the Weather.

There you go. You now have enough reading material to avoid that to-do list for quite a while. :)

Have a great Monday!

Project Life

Hi everyone! I was featured on The Mom Creative blog today for Ellie’s Project Life album. So fun! Thanks Jessica! Check it out here and you can also see some other fun ways to do your album. (I’m almost caught up on Ellie’s and will hopefully have some more pages to post soon)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!