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February Decor

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Kitchen Styling (Sunny Side Up)

{heart door garland/heart tree garland/red plaid rug/heart home mat/cypress trees/baskets}

Valentine’s Day is a week away! Sending some love your way. ;) Our porch is feeling festive for February. I used the same decor as last year and while I’m always sad to say good-bye to my winter trees I’m excited for an early spring porch re-fresh at the end of this month!

Can I make a confession since we’re talking about the current state of my porch?

Kitchen Styling (Sunny Side Up)

I still have my reindeer up. My friends who have stopped by have been laughing and giving me a hard time about them. Ha. My reindeer are still up not because of laziness but because I’m just not ready to take them down. I said to Kole the other day pulling in from school..

“What do you think bud? Should we take the Christmas reindeer down now that it’s February?”

“I don’t know.. I kind of like them.”

“I like them too.. let’s leave them up a little longer.” 

We smiled watching their twinkling lights quite pleased with our decision and then pulled into the garage.

Every year after the holidays there is usually one thing I’m not ready to take down that I leave up until March. Sometimes it’s a Christmas tree. One year it was my kids’ Santa pictures on the wall. This year it’s the reindeer.

I’m tricky like that.

I know you’re all fascinated by this story and so sad that it’s time to move on..

Kitchen Styling (Sunny Side Up)

{set of two woven trays/sandy terracotta vase/olive branches/gold mirror vanity tray}

I’ve been focusing on getting my home organized lately so I haven’t done much decorating, but I did style my favorite olive branches with a few different vases for fun! I can’t decide which look I love best because all of these vases are so good. I got this set of two woven trays for Christmas and they are gorgeous! This is the smaller tray on my island and I have the larger tray on my kitchen table. I tried different heart bowls but like the way this gold mirror vanity tray looks best.

Kitchen Styling (Sunny Side Up)

{porcelain white bowl/large wooden heart bowl/medium wooden heart bowl/white wash heart bowl/heart shaped cutting board/gold mirror vanity tray/heart tray with gold lining}

I shared it earlier with these cute heart bowl options. Bring on the holiday candy! Cadbury eggs will be here before we know it. A dangerous thought for both me and my jeans.

Kitchen Styling (Sunny Side Up)

{minka textured pot/set of two woven trays/olive branches/gold mirror vanity tray/hanover kitchen pendants}

This is option #2! Same arrangement but with my beloved minka textured pot. Did you know this fun pot now comes in large sizes big enough for plants? It comes in black now too. Be still my heart.

Kitchen Styling (Sunny Side Up)

{hanover kitchen pendants}

Kitchen Styling (Sunny Side Up)

{set of two woven trays/tall terracotta vase/olive branches/gold mirror vanity tray/hanover kitchen pendants}

And option 3 with this beautiful tall terracotta vase. I shared this earlier in the collage below. It looks like a vase from PB for twice its price. GO Target. Do you have a favorite of the 3 vases styled this way?

1- gingham table runner   2- gold flatware   3- tall vase

4- white vase   5- dinner plates   6- olive leaf arrangement

7- natural plate charger   8- tall tumblers   9-jute runner

Heart Decor (Sunny Side Up)

{heart sweater}

In other news there are still a few sizes left in this beautiful heart sweater on sale!

weekend favorites and sales (Sunny Side Up)

    {puff sleeve sweater/ugg slippers}

Also I shared this top in my last post and got some questions about my lip color! I’ve been asked that before so thought I would just share it on the blog. It’s all Mac – a long time favorite combo I came up with and have loved for years. :)

Lip liner: Mac “Plum”

Lip stick: Mac “Hug Me”

Lip gloss: Mac Lipglass “Nymphette” – my all time favorite gloss! I also have and love “Oyster Girl” for a more neutral gloss. I guess that shade went viral on social media and has been a hit ever since! The colors look different on than they do when you look at the color on-line (Oyster Girl looks so pink on-line but is actually a neutral that blends with your lipstick and mostly adds shine).

If you were only going to buy one item I would go for the Mac Lipglass! It’s so pretty in every shade.. you really can’t go wrong.

Reindeer approved!

They are tricky like that.



xoxo, Erin
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12 thoughts on “February Decor

  1. I know what you mean about leaving a Christmas item out longer than usual. I just took down the greenery in my kitchen over the kitchen sink. I didn’t have the Christmas things on it, but it still looked kind of wintry and I just decide to leave it up for a while.
    There’s just a sadness in putting away Christmas- even in February, I guess.

    1. I agree Kathy! January can be a long month and sometimes it just feels better to leave a little something up from the holidays. Your greenery sounds like perfect winter decor. :)

  2. Erin,
    PLS don’t fall off your chair. This will be short! Just back from another “abduction”! Love the front porch and the reindeer! We should be on the same street b/c as you know, mine are still out there begging for The grand girls “glitter reindeer food”! HA! OK, on to business! The TALL vase I vote for. Your dramatic kitchen can take it, so will you send me one of the other ones for my smaller kitchen? ;-)

    1. Ha ha.. Sherri you crack me up! We are reindeer twins! Who regularly get abducted and are obsessed with vases. One just might be coming your way. ;) xo

  3. Your reindeer killed me 🤣. I love that they’re still up!!
    Thank you for this post. It has a little bit of everything….lip colors, which I love 💜. Vases…the Minka is really special and now black!!!
    Happy February 💗

  4. Fun post, Erin. I like how you “buck” the trends and kept your reindeer up! Whatever makes you happy in this crazy world is great in my book. Twinkle lights framing your windows might be fun, too! You do you, friend. I enjoy your simple and fun decorating style, too. The candy looks extra yummy in the heart bowls and your olive branches are lovely. Thanks for sharing your lip products. Glad you’ve found something that works wonderfully for you and stays in production! I hope you have a fantastic rest of your week. :)

  5. I love that you still have your reindeer up. I think you should decorate for St. Patrick’s Day too, with Shamrocks and green lights even. Reinvent the story of Saint Patrick, with the reindeer helping him on his mission. Kids would enjoy it. :-)

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