Jewelry Solutions

Wondering how to display and organize your jewelry? Here are a just few ideas – from our family to yours.

Hang your necklaces on hooks in your bedroom and it becomes part of the decor. I got this fun idea from my sister. (side note **sisters are cool about you copying them as long as you give them credit for the idea…at least that’s the way it rolls with my sister)

If you don’t love that idea, here are a few suggestions from Ellie and Addison…

Hang your bracelets on your mom’s dresser drawer knobs…

and hang your necklaces on your mom’s bedroom hutch.

If you’re in the mood to really show some creative flair, then opt for a more detailed approach by creating a jewelry ensemble on your stair case.

Then there’s always the obvious choice…use your necklaces to pull your “horsey” around the house. (side note **this may cause some wear and tear on your jewelry AND your horsey’s teeth. It is not recommended for long periods of time)

(side note **horsey’s perform much better after a kiss…and a carrot)

And last but not least…
You can always display your jewelry where it looks best… all over your father. (side note **not all dads are cool enough to take this kind of abuse. Proceed with caution)

It’s a good thing Kenny is such a good sport.

And incredibly secure in his manhood.

Sweet Claire

Just sharing some pictures of my sweet niece at 18 months. I can’t get enough of them! I’m going to visit Carly (my sister) in September and can’t wait to spend some time with this adorable baby girl. {It will be especially nice to have some one-on-one time with her without my two munchkins around. They are as fond of baby Claire as I am} :)

Highlight 5 & 6


So another major highlight of my trip (yes – I’m still posting highlights. Hang in there with me…this will be the end of it!) was a morning spent with one of my mom’s (and now my) favorite people. Rex is an amazing photographer and when my mom mentioned to him that I was attempting to learn more about photography he offered to take me out for a little 1 on 1 instruction time. {I know – these shoes do NOT go with my shorts, but pants weren’t an option since it was over 100 degrees and we were doing some serious hiking – so – all fashion was set aside} Despite the hiking, and the heat, and the not so cute shoes, I had the most amazing time with Rex! He was incredibly fun and cool to hang out with and he taught me more in four hours then I learned during a two month photography class. I have had so much fun playing around with all the tips and tricks he taught me. We’re planning another little photography lesson for October to get some pictures of the fall leaves. Can’t wait. Thanks again Rex!

This little guy cooperated and held so still for me. If only my girls would do the same!


Yes. Mowing my parents’ lawn was a highlight of my trip. My dad watched my girls for me during my photography lesson so I told him I’d mow his lawn to pay him back. What he and I both know is that doing this was more for me than for him. I have always loved mowing lawns! When I grew up it was my Saturday job (kept me dressed in the latest Girbaud jeans) and I grew to love it. I love being outside early in the morning. I love the smell of freshly cut grass. I love the sound of the mower. I love the perfectly cut straight lines. I love zoning out and letting my mind wander while I mow. I love that mowing lawns makes it really feel like summer.
My parents now have a big, beautiful back yard and I love mowing their lawn. Funny thing is that Kenny and I don’t even own a mower. Our backyard is a typical So. Cal. yard which means it’s non existent. We have a patch of lawn about the size of a table – not much fun to mow. So we do the typical So. Cal. solution – hire a landscaper. But in my next house. Someday. I will have a BIG lawn to mow. And I will mow perfect, long straight lines in my grass. And then I will pay a landscaper to do everything else. :)

(In a serious discussion about how to best avoid sprinkler heads. Lawn mowing sparks a lot of serious discussions.)

(my biggest helpers)

Highlight #4

{Kiddos had a ball}

Kenny and I weren’t the only ones partying every day during our Utah trip. The girls had so much fun. They played with friends, swam everyday, and spent a lot of quality time with their grandparents. (recipe for happy kids)


Life is good. (Especially when you’re on vacation) :)

Highlight #3


One of our favorite things about spending time in our home town is getting together with friends. Friends that have been our friends for – ev -er. Friends who know way too much about us and love us anyway. These three guys (Joe, Kenny, and Ryan) have been the best of friends since High School. And since I dated Kenny in High School, they quickly became two of my best friends as well.

(and here’s the proof) This was Kenny’s High School Graduation. Yes – that is me and Koni – two sophomores who were thinking we were pretty cool to be hanging with the graduates. Ryan is to the left of me and Joe is to the right of Koni.
p.s. Why didn’t I just rat my hair a little higher and Kenny and I could have been the same height?

We met up with Ryan and Joe and their significant others for dinner and it was so fun catching up with all of them.
And of course now the three of us are BFF’s as well. :)

(At Pizza Factory with mom, Jen and her girls) (I’m still recovering from too many trips to the good ol‘ Pizza Factory) I love this picture for three reasons. First, I just love these girls. Second, thanks to the gradual hill we were standing on and my new yellow heels I look so freakin‘ tall! (I’m actually the shortest of the bunch). And third, well…I just love these girls. Amber just had a baby and Heidi has one on the way. Lots of reasons to get together to celebrate, not that we ever need a reason.

Me, Mel, and Koni. (Melanie is the missing link from the picture above)

Another get together! We know how to party. An added bonus was meeting my new blog buddy Lainee. (Lainee, how did we not think to get a picture together…especially with that darling basket of fruit you brought by!) Thank goodness for blogging so I can keep up with all of my fabulous friends. I loved seeing you all!