Last year during my favorite month (that would be March) I started this blog. Since March has come and gone again and I have now had this blog for one year I wanted to take a minute to reflect on all of the things that I LOVE about blogging…

Top Ten List:
1) Since my blog is our new family album I am always caught up with at least one scrapbook. (by the way… “slurping” your blog to make a blurb book is the coolest thing since Seven jeans).
2) My blog book includes a lot of the little day to day things. It gives a much better picture of what my family and our personalities are like than my other scrapbooks. It is full of the stuff I believe my 70 year old self is going to want to read and remember.
3) With just the click of a button I can feel close to my friends all over the map (those who are cool enough to blog that is ;) I’ve also made new friends and grown closer to old friends who left my life for a short spell. I love knowing what my friends are up to. I love seeing pictures of my friends and their families. I love getting to know my friends’ kids. I love peanut butter but that’s beside the point.

4) Blogging is something that I can do in front of the TV. I’ll admit it. Kenny and I love our TV. Each Fall we make a spreadsheet of all of our must see shows and set the DVR to make it all happen. I love sitting on my comfy couch at the end of the day with my laptop on my lap, my husband to the right of me, and something entertaining on the tube. Oh…and don’t forget the popcorn. It’s multi-tasking at its best.

5) My mom hasn’t given me nearly as much crap about moving back to Utah now that she can always see what my girls are up to. (Seriously, we’ve gone from her asking a few times every day, to only asking once every few days…major improvement!) Love you mom.
6) It is now perfectly acceptable to spy on other people. I prefer to use the word ‘spy’ instead of ‘stalk’. I’ve never liked the word stalk. I do, however, like the words calamity, optionality, and frigid.
7) Because of blogging I’ve become much more computer savvy. Now I only bother Kenny with computer questions every 20 minutes each night instead of every 5. Like my mom…major improvement! Life is all about improvement, isn’t it?

8) Blogging hands down beats doing laundry, vacuuming, cooking, or dishes. Plus research shows that writing about personal experiences improves memory and sleep and boosts immune cell activity. (whatever that means…it’s straight from Wikipedia and I plan to recite it every time Kenny catches me blogging instead of doing the above daily chores)
9) Blogging is such a great way to be inspired! You can learn new recipes to try (or in my case to just write down), new activities to do with your family, new ways to decorate or organize your house, new crafts for the kids. After reading blogs you often feel completely crappy about your life and everything you’re NOT doing inspired to try new things.

10) Comments. Comments comments comments. I have to be honest and throw this one out there. What blogger doesn’t love comments? Who doesn’t love constant, daily, positive feedback. Someone always telling you how great you are, how cute your kids are, how amazing everything about your life is. You cleaned the house today….WONDERFUL! Your kids are making cookies…..DARLING! You and your husband went on a fun date…..PERFECT COUPLE! It can be incredibly addicting. For my photography class I had to upload pictures each week (our assignment) to have them reviewed by my teacher. After my first assignment, he too left me a comment. It was basically a really nice way of saying that my pictures looked like crap. Something about “determination and never giving up….just the way they should look for your first class”…blah blah blah. I panicked. I didn’t know how to act! What!? I’m used to only receiving over the top nice comments. All of my pictures are wonderful! Just ask my blogging friends! I told Kenny I didn’t like my photography class or my teacher. I was going back to blogging….because in the blogging world….you are perfect. Just read the comments.
So thanks. Thanks to the person who invented blogging. Thanks to everyone who cares about me and my family and takes the time to read this silly blog. Thanks to those of you who drop a comment once in awhile – they really do make my day. And thanks to Bobbi Brown for creating a foundation that is a sunscreen and a moisturizer all in one. But that’s beside the point.


Lately my Saturday morning cardio kickboxing class has a new teacher and he is ruthless. He also makes various noises while doing roundhouse kicks that I’m not quite sure about. I’m am sure that my roundhouse kicks have improved and I am now ready to take out anybody who gets in the way of my cardio kickboxing class.

Lately after heading to the gym Saturday mornings we come home and Kenny makes waffles with the girls. It’s a fun thing the three of them do together and Ellie looks forward to it all week… “is tomorrow Saturday yet?…how many more days until we make waffles with daddy?”

Lately I too have been working on making my girls a nice, warm breakfast every morning…it’s called toast.

Lately I’ve been learning more about photography. Mainly all I’ve learned is that I have a lot more to learn.

Lately we’ve been really into rainbow toe nails at our house.

Lately Pat and Oscars’ (a pizza place we frequent too often) BBQ chicken and Lemon chicken is tasting the exact same. Slightly alarming.

Lately the economy seems to be doing a little better. Shopping efforts have paid off! Everyone should do their part… if you really love your country.

Lately there seems to be a lot of multi-tasking going on while I’m driving …turn on music, hand back pretzels, put on lipstick, turn up music, hand back sippys, turn music to Ellie’s favorite song because it’s her turn, answer cell phone, turn down music so I can hear cell phone, tell caller on cell phone I can’t talk because the kids are complaining too loud that the music is turned down, turn off music, chew out kids… oh yeah – drive the car.

Lately Ellie performed in her pre-school’s rendition of “Peter and the Wolf” and she played the part of the duck. The duck is an important part to play because aside from the duck-sounding instrument she had to learn, she was also eaten by the wolf. She was a very cute, very clever, very tasty, very amusing little duck. Take a bow baby – your parents thought you were fabulous.

Lately Tostido Crispy Round chips have been my drug of choice. My thighs are not impressed.

Lately we’ve been staying away from Disneyland. All you Utahans come for Spring Break and make the place crazy! ;)

Lately I’ve been running into the San Diego firemen all over the place. They’re at the grocery store, at the gym… very nice guys. They could make a calendar. Or go fight fires. Or hang out with stay-at-home moms at the grocery store and the gym which seems to be their preference.

Lately I’m really missing my sweet niece, Claire.

Lately Kenny and I have been staying up way too late. And then I’ve been getting up really early with the girls and hooking them up with a great babysitter (Peter Pan) and then going back to sleep for half an hour. This really just makes me more tired than I was when I first woke up with the girls.

Lately all of the ankle socks I’ve bought keep sliding off my heels and it’s really bugging me.

Lately Addison has been up to her usual tricks. You know when your child is playing upstairs and it’s too quiet…sometimes it’s better to not check to see what she’s up to. I’m just glad she amuses herself.

Lately I’ve decided the main reason I need to have another baby someday is because Addison was meant to be a middle child. She already acts like one. Having another baby just hasn’t been a high enough priority on my to-do list.

Lately anyway…

Have you ever?

realized just in the nick of time that you were about to brush your teeth with Desitin (diaper rash cream) instead of toothpaste?

had a toilet clog and (after multiple plumbers check it out) discovered that you have a tree root growing in your pipes? And the pipe is right below your kitchen which means your whole kitchen floor has to be torn up? And this is all taking place when you have a newborn and are trying to potty train a 2 year old?

gone to pick up your child’s birthday cake at the grocery store and after putting the cake in the cart your kids tip the cart over on top of themselves ruining the cake and causing a huge mess along with a multitude of tears?

driven your child to preschool only to discover once you get there that she doesn’t have shoes on?

spent hours making a pasta dish to eat later that night for dinner (and several nights after for leftovers) and while sliding the glass bowl it’s in into the fridge dropped it, shattering glass and pasta all over your kitchen? (and then after bawling about it on the phone to your husband he saves the day and rushes home with pizza in hand?)

taken your 2 year old into a public restroom and helped her go potty and gone on and on really loud about “what a big girl she is” only to walk out of the stall and see men standing at urinals and realized a little late that you are in the men’s restroom?

taken the groceries out of the back of your SUV and then closed your garage door BEFORE closing the back door of the SUV? (SCRAPE!)

Have you ever?

Or is it just me.

La Jolla Cove

We spent Saturday afternoon in La Jolla…watching the seals lounge, taking in the beautiful scenery, and playing lots and lots of tag. :)

{Thanks for sharing the news about the baby seals Ann!}

Good Things

Yea for Spring! Best time of the year in my opinion. Color color color. Sun is shining, flowers are blooming, and it just seems to make everyone so happy. Added bonus is the anticipation of summer right around the corner and all of the fun trips and activities that come along with that. So glad it’s March!

Park days! If only I had a dollar for every time I’ve been to the park… It’s especially fun on the weekends when the whole family goes. Ellie is way too big for these swings but when there aren’t many people around I love to throw her in one so my girls are both contained in the same spot. Love that they always have a “friend” along for the ride and I love the scrunch nose face Ellie has been pulling quite a bit lately. :)

Tea parties!

A few new Spring finds for the girls! Spring shopping is another reason I love this time of year. Everything is so bright and colorful. Can’t wait to see my girls in these sun hats at the beach. Also can’t seem to get enough of seeing Addie’s cute little tush in brightly colored panties!

And a few Spring finds for me! I’m in a bit of a Guess phase right now and since their clothes are a bit too promiscuous, I’m all about their accessories. I’ve loved this cream purse and the green bag is perfect for coloring books, crayons, and snacks. I grab it on my way to church, the doctor, and anywhere else I might need some quick entertainment for the girls.

How fabulous are these shoes!? I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I call them my “2 hour shoes” because that is definitely the limit for how long I can wear these babies. I wore them to church last Sunday and sat by a sweet lady named Marge (90 or so years old) and this was our conversation:
Marge: “Oh honey! Those shoes are amazing!”
Me: “Thanks! I know right? I just got them.”
Marge: “Can you dance in them?”
Me: “Hardly! I’m still working on walking in them!”
Marge: “Back in the day I had shoes just like that and I wore them to do the jitterbug. Mmmm…love those shoes!”
Marge is my new best friend. :)

Strawberry shortcake band-aids. They seem to be the perfect thing for halting tears these days.

Driving on the coast with Ellie’s new favorite song blaring (Trouble by Lenka…playing on my play list right now).

Comments from Kenny on my blog. My husband doesn’t comment very often (has twice) but I sure love it when he does. Gives a few people a peek into the sarcasm I deal with on a daily basis. As much as his constant sarcasm drives me crazy (it can be especially frustrating when I’m really trying to have a serious conversation with him) I do love it. He makes me laugh every day. (Kenny’s comments are here and here)

Evidence of my girls all over the place. Little “friends” seem to magically pop up around the house…in front of my shower, behind the end table, around my shoes in the closet…

Evenings at the beach.

A clean, organized bathroom drawer. When asking Kenny for the millionth time this morning to put his crap back in the cupboard when he’s finished with it he said, “you know what we need…two houses. One that you can keep perfectly organized and one that we can actually live in!”

Hmm…that’s actually not a bad idea.

Waking up to this cute face and morning hair. The lighting in this picture really shows how red her hair has been looking lately. I love it! She is Irish ya know. ;)

I got these display boards at Pottery Barn last year for the play room and they have been a perfect place to display the fun art the girls are creating in pre-school. They get so excited to hang up their art when they get home and I love that their creativity isn’t taking over my kitchen!

Cuties! These mini oranges are just perfect for a quick snack. I love how easy they are to peel and eat on the go. Plus they are just like their name – too cute!

My girls laughing. It’s not just a good thing – it’s the best thing. :)