Happy Birthday Babe!

My cute Kenny turned 33 today. So this is for you babe. Thought I’d come up with 33 things I love about you. Not a difficult task. :)

1) I love that when you come home from work each night you take one sock off and leave one sock on. Have no clue why you do this, but I sure get a kick out of it.

2) I love your sarcasm…even though most of the time I pretend to ignore it.

3) I love that you have no problem changing diapers and if you’re home, you’re on diaper duty.

4) I love that you enjoy a good chick flick even more than I do.

5) I love that your eyes are two different colors.

6) I love your laugh. It’s simply infectious.

7) I love that you have all of the Fancy Nancy books memorized from reading them to the girls so much.

8) I love that you are such a hard worker.

9) I love all of your spreadsheets…especially the one that includes our “Fall line-up” – all of our shows we record in the fall. (Gotta have them mapped out to make sure we don’t miss anything!)

10) I love that after we fight about something you are always so quick to apologize for whatever you feel was your part in the disagreement.

11) I love that you are such a planner. That before we finish a vacation or outing you have the next one planned out.

12) I love that you are such a great people person and can strike up a conversation with anyone. You always make people feel at ease.

13) I love that you can fall asleep within seconds…anyplace…anytime…anywhere. I’m quite jealous of this little skill you’ve perfected.

14) I love how loyal you are to your friends.

15) I love that you work so hard to make me happy. That you’ve spent the last week researching shower heads because I complained about our lousy water pressure.

16) I love that you love having girls and have never once cared that we don’t have a boy.

17) I love that you always put others’ needs before your own.

18) I love the way you make me feel. That when you come home from work and I look like an exhausted mommy, you still tell me how hot I am.

19) I love that you are so incredible with directions and finding your way around anywhere we go. I was so impressed in Italy! This talent of yours comes in especially handy since it’s an area in which I lack any skill.

20) I love that you are an amazing swinger. (Of course referring to how high you swing the girls at the park). ;)

21) I love that you are such a researcher. We don’t buy or do anything without you doing your research.

22) I love that you’ve seen Armageddon over 1,000 times and you still get choked up when Bruce Willis sacrifices himself to save the world. Stupid movie.

23) I love that whenever you’re home we end up with 3-5 empty Coke Zero cans on the counter. It’s the first thing I miss when you’re out of town.

24) I love that you enjoy a walk with your girls. All three of us.

25) I love that you are so good at saving money and planning for our future. Another area I lack a little discipline.

26) I love that you are such a good son and son-in-law. You make our parents so proud.

27) I love that you are so smart when it comes to computers. You always know the answer.

28) I just love that you are so smart. Period.

29) I love that you get absolutely giddy like a kid on Christmas when football is about to start.

30) I love that you are so supportive of me in whatever I’m doing.

31) I love your calf muscles.

32) I love that I know you’d rather be with me than anyone else.

33) I love that I’m on number 33 and it would be so easy to keep going….

Love you the most babe. Happy Birthday!

Good Things

Ok…here are my good things for last week – in no particular order…

Seeing Shawn Johnson win the gold medal on the balance beam was amazing. I completely fell in love with this girl during the Olympics. The smile on her face after she finished that routine said it all. Then it shows her darling mom and dad hugging and crying in the stands and Bob Costas starts talking about how they had to mortgage their house several times to keep her in gymnastics….(you had to go there didn’t you Bob). I bawled like a baby. Go Shawn! Thanks for representing America so well. (Such a cute little bunny face…I just want to give her a carrot)

Lunch Ramblings – Ellie said to me during lunch “I’m full eating those mommy (pointing to her veggies), but I’m not full eating those (pointing to her fishy crackers).” Then when Addie refused to eat her turkey she tried to persuade her by saying “Come on Add…it’s really bubble gum turkey!” Addison then ate every bite.

A trip to Costco was a very good thing this week. First good thing: I made it through the store with BOTH girls staying in the cart the entire time (with the help of various snacks). That never happens. Second good thing: Fall stuff has arrived! So fun to cruise up and down the aisles looking at Fall paraphernalia and Halloween decor. It’s so boring in the summer with nothing to buy but diapers and toilet paper. I bought the most beautiful Fall wreath. Before you know it, all the toys will be in for Christmas! I know some people get annoyed that the stores start selling holiday stuff so early – just a ploy to get the average consumer to spend spend spend. Well this consumer LOVES IT! Costco just got really fun again.

Bran Chex. I so love my Bran Chex. I’ve never been a breakfast eater. I’m just never hungry in the mornings and I don’t like pancakes, eggs and the usual breakfast menu. But I know…breakfast is the most important part of the day…blah blah blah. So I try to eat breakfast. The only thing I like to eat in the mornings are Bran Chex. So imagine my panic when at one point our local grocery store stopped carrying them. I shopped around and couldn’t find them anywhere! Kenny came to the rescue and for part of my Valentines Day present last year gave me this Bran Chex pyramid. He had ordered them from Amazon.com! What a doll. We’ve been ordering them by the dozen from Amazon ever since and each day I eat a healthy breakfast. Plus we count it as our food storage. If there is any type of major disaster, Bran Chex will keep us alive. It’s a win win. Love my Bran Chex.

Mat. Mat sat. Sam. Sam sat. Mat sat. Sam sat. Mat sat on Sam. Sam sat on Mat. Mat sat. Sam sat. The end. These are the words from the first book Ellie read. My Ellie is starting to read! I’ve been working with her for a year on letters, sounds and handwriting and each night Kenny tucks Ellie in and reads to her. A few nights ago Kenny called me up to her room at bedtime and Ellie read her first little book that they had been practicing. It was so cool! I helped teach many children to read teaching school, but nothing feels as good as when you first hear your own child sounding out letters and reading. Unreal. The three of us did our happy dance around the room. This wasn’t just a good thing…it was a great thing. I love you Ellie – I’m so proud of you!!!

Random pics of the week

This has been a fun and busy week! Just a bit of what we’ve been up to…

Our friends Kim and Justin came to visit and we had so much fun swimming and catching up with them. Great to see you guys again!

Addison and Mia (Kim’s little one) had so much fun together! I love watching two year olds interact.

Another trip to the beach before the older kids start school! This is Ellie with some of her cute friends.

They love the ocean!

One afternoon this week I was desperate to keep my kids entertained and thinking just shoot me now if I have to go to the park one more time. Then I suddenly remembered me and Car “painting” the walls with water at my grandma’s house for hours when we were little. I got out some buckets and paint brushes and that did the trick! They were so entertained and I was able to get tons of stuff done around the house. So nice! So now I’m thinking hmm…what else did I do as a child that could entertain my kids? I mostly just remember fighting with Carly and running around the house with a jar of peanut butter – my only defense against my stronger sister since she had a peanut allergy. Ahhh – the good ol‘ days.

Speaking of my sister Carly, these next pics are of her little Claire. I’ve had no luck persuading Car to start a blog (even though I know hers would be more entertaining than Saturday Night Live) so until she gets sick of me bugging her enough to just start one, I feel it is my duty as a good aunt to show off Claire because she is just

Love you Claire Bear!

Good Things

The start of each year is a great time to set goals, to evaluate your life and think about how you can improve it. I love to set goals and enjoy doing it every year. The only difference is that I do it in September instead of January. I don’t really know why, but for me this time of year just seems like the right time to make a fresh start. Maybe it’s because summer is so crazy/busy that by the time September gets here it feels like time for a schedule and some order. Maybe it’s because I still have the school teacher in me that looks at the “year” as being from September to June instead of January to December. Or maybe it’s just because in January I’m coming off of a holiday high and am in no mood to set goals. I’m much more in the mood to hole up in my house in big comfy sweats eating like it’s still December. Whatever the reason, I like to set my goals in September. For the past four Septembers one goal has been the same – to start a gratitude journal. Write down five things each day I’m grateful for. (My mom is big on this – she has spoken to many groups about gratitude and being grateful for the little things that make life so great). I’ve started this so many times and for some reason I just never continue with it. I write my five things faithfully for about five days and then forget about it. It’s a goal that just isn’t sticking! So instead of setting myself up for failure again this year, I’m going to try to simplify. Instead of five things a day, I’ll write five (give or take) things each week. And instead of a gratitude journal, I’ll write them on my blog. Maybe this way I won’t set myself up for failure once again. I’m going to call them my “good things.” Little things during the week that made me happy.

OLYMPICS! – It has been so fun watching the Olympics this week! Are these athletes not just simply amazing! They are so talented and so dang physically fit. Michael Phelps is built like a swimming machine. I so hope he breaks the record for the most gold medals in a single Olympics. And what about our American gymnasts? Thighs like rocks. When I’m on the treadmill at the gym I picture the gymnasts‘ thighs as a motivator. Move that incline up just one more…go just a little faster…….and I’m out. Time to go sit on the bike and read my book.

GLAMPING So I discovered “glamping” (glamorous camping) on our little family trip and I’m so excited about it. According to “Ranch and Coast” – an annoying magazine I get in the mail about all the fancy people who live around here – “glamping” is all the rage. It’s when you get to enjoy the pleasures of camping by day and then enjoy a nice shower and bed each night. Let me tell you – I’m definitely a glamper and once you’ve done it, there is no going back! Sorry Kenny. Don’t know when I’ll be joining you in the tent again. Car – it’s too late for you (since you enjoy being dirty so much) but there is still hope for Dayna. She will be glamping with my mom and me before she knows it!

FOOTBALL SEASON it is upon us. If you know me well, you’re probably wondering why this is on my good things list. By November it will definitely be a bad thing, but for now the idea of the upcoming season is making my husband happy which is in turn making me happy. He’s busy checking his season ticket seats, arranging for our new DirecTV service that will bring every game possible to us in HD, and the smack talk with my little bro (Chargers vs. Broncos) has begun in full force. What can I say. How can I hate something that makes him so dang happy? I’m actually getting excited for a little football to start. Bring on Fall.

BREAKFAST RAMBLINGS – Addison’s vocabulary has improved so much lately and it has made for some pretty funny conversations between her and Ellie. The other morning at breakfast Addie told Kenny she wanted to go to work with him. Ellie answered “no you don’t Add – at work daddy has to spend money and he doesn’t have any colors there. Besides you’re just a toddler.” Translation – I once tried to explain daddy earning money at work and she confused that with spending money. “Colors” are what Addison calls her crayons – she loves to draw. And toddler??? Ellie has been referring to Addie as a toddler a lot lately (must have heard me say it) and for some reason it comes out so funny. Kenny and I crack up every time…
OBSESSIONS – for the week have been 24 and Breaking Dawn. We’re mid season two of 24 and it’s better than ever. A nuclear bomb is about to end life for everyone in L.A. and Kenny and I are glued to the tube. As my cousin Jason calls it “Jack Bauer Power Hour!” Bring it!

I’m also half way through Breaking Dawn and am loving every minute of this book! The only problem is that I have too many things calling my name each night at around 8:00 when the girls are asleep. Who needs me more? Michael Phelps, Jack Bauer, or my forever favorite vampire Edward??? Life’s full of very good things.

Camping Trip

Just got back from a camping trip with my fam – so much fun! We camped around Brian Head and it felt so good to be in the mountains again. I grew up camping a lot and have so many fun memories from our trips to the mountains. I love that my girls will have some of the same memories. It rained a little on and off the first two days we were there and I loved it! Nothing like the smell of rain in the mountains. This trip was Ellie’s first time sleeping in a tent and she had so much fun. Kenny slept in the tent with Ellie while Addie and I had other sleeping arrangements. I wasn’t quite ready to do the tent thing with a two year old so my mom, Addison and I enjoyed sleeping in the Cedar Breaks Lodge and Spa each night that was about 20 minutes down the mountain. Nothin’ like enjoying camp when you’ve had a good nights sleep and a shower. :) Kenny’s excited for next year when we can all sleep in a tent. I’m thinking “crap…now I’ll have to have another baby so I have an excuse to sleep in the lodge!” j/k – kind of. Anyway – the trip was a blast. We had so much fun just hanging out together. My girls especially loved riding around on the four wheelers. They wanted to go again and again and again…

So I’ll be doing laundry for the next ten days…all I can say is well worth it!