Favorites and Fashion

A few random pics today.  I’m in a random sort of mood.  :)

K.  These are too cool.  First of all, if you have a baby are you tossing GoGo Squeez snacks in your purse?  These are all the rage around here and while I didn’t use them with any of my three (what rock was I living under?) I know I would have loved them.  Healthy snacks for baby on the go!  The only complaint is the not so baby friendly pouch cap.  Pouch pops to the rescue!  They simply attach to the top of the pouch cap.  Wa-la!  Now your baby can feed him/herself.  In the car!  On the go!  Perfect for that transition period from bottle to solid food.  I had to share them for all infant mom’s because my friends have raved about the pouch pops (babies love them) and I know I would have loved them too.  Almost makes me want to have another baby to try them out.  Almost.  :)

Another favorite.  Tried and true and I’ve shared this one before.  I just bought a new MAC eye lash curler (my original one has gone missing – no doubt Kole has it stashed in a couch cushion somewhere…).  One of my all time favorite beauty products!  Makes my eye lashes so long.  
This amazing necklace is from Banana Republic.  One of the things Kenny gave me for my birthday.  He picked it out himself.  Well.  With help from me that is.  :)  Isn’t it beautiful!?  

I love it so much and I haven’t even worn it yet!  Same with this other BP necklace my mom gave me a while ago.  I need to figure out what to wear with them and just haven’t yet.  So for now I just keep admiring them in this box on my dresser.  

Two different friends gave me this scarf and earrings (also b-day gifts) but don’t they go well together?  
I have loved wearing this combo.  

And a fun yellow skirt for Spring I bought at Down East in Utah months ago.  
I love the thick band at the top.  

I just paired it with a white tank and my navy sweater and some wedges.  Yellow and Navy is such a fun combo, don’t you think?

And one of my all time favorite accessories.  
Hanging with Miss Addie after a recent and remarkable 1st grade performance.  

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Fashion Friday

Fashion Friday!  By no means am I claiming to be all that fashionable, but clothes are fun and we need a little fun on Friday, right?  Right.  Spring is in the air!  I love Spring fashion.  The bright colors are so HAPPY.

This is a top I bought at the Banana Republic Outlet last Fall, but I pulled it out this week and decided it was perfect for Spring too!  This color of yellow works great for either time of year.  And I’m thinking great for Summer too since it’s so lightweight.  I love it when I find versatile clothes that work throughout the year. 

Another look at this blouse in a poorly lit iPhone pic taken at the Cheesecake Factory last October.  Oh my word.  The Cheesecake Factory.  Now I’m hungry.  And it’s past 11:00 at night.  I can’t eat something this late.  Or can I?  I might have to.  :)

 I have been loving my huge gold hoop earrings lately and have been wearing them a lot.   
They make me want to tell someone their fortune.  

 Plus they seem to work with everything.  

 This dress cinches above the waist and I’ve mentioned this great tip before:
 (get ready – great tip coming)

** it is always flattering to draw attention to the smallest part of your body.  For most women that is above the waist at the rib cage.  A little something I picked up from watching way too many episodes of TLC’s What Not to Wear.  Thank you Stacey and Clinton!  Now I just need to find a miracle outfit that also makes me look tanner.  :)

And since March weather is notorious for being so fickle, here is a Banana Republic sweater I am still wearing on cooler days.  My sister gave me this for Christmas because she knows how much I adore all things simple, grey, and with huge cowl necks.  She nailed it.  It’s a favorite!

Casual and warm.  LOVE the open cowl neck with silver buttons.  
And I love Fridays!  The anticipation of a weekend and time to relax is the best feeling.  
Even though the weekend comes and goes and relaxing doesn’t seem to happen around here.
That’s ok.  I’ll take it anyway.
Enjoy yours!

Fashion Friday – boots & stripes

Happy Friday everyone!  So glad the weekend is upon us!
 Sharing my favorite pair of boots this season!  Woot Woot!  :)  Nothing like a great pair of boots.  I bought these in the early Fall at Nordstroms (for a sweet deal!) and I have LIVED in them ever since.  I love them because they have a small flat heel  so they give me a little height (which I so need!) but they are still comfortable and perfect for every day running around (unlike most of my other boots that look good but are too high heeled for chasing my little monkey around).  I also love the Taupe color.  They go with everything!
Here are a few tops I’ve worn with these boots lately – all stripes!  Seems I’m going through a bit of a stripe phase lately.

The striped top under this vest I bought at The Limited.  It’s fitted and comfortable and the perfect thing to wear underneath vests or jackets or cardigans.

I bought this simple top last Spring at Forever 21 for $12.  I kid you not!  And I have decided it is the perfect sleeve length for San Diego weather.  Not too hot, not too cold.  I hope I can pick up a few more similar tops this Spring because it has become “that top.”
You know the one.
The one you just want to wear every. single. day.
 I wear it with a with tank and boots in the Fall/Winter – sandals in the Spring/Summer.
 You can’t tell in this picture, but my boots match this striped sweater perfectly.
 (Banana Republic Outlet)

And a quick pic I snapped a few nights ago on my way to dinner with friends.  My big camera usually hides my face so I didn’t quite know what to do with my face showing in this picture.  Do I smile at myself in the mirror like a dork?  Or try to look serious like I know what I’m doing?  After a few pics attempting to be serious I started laughing at myself so a smile won in the end.  :)

A lot of rain is coming our way tomorrow (I can hear it picking up outside right now!) so my plan is to hole up in my house in comfy sweats and organize something.  And drink hot chocolate.  And then organize something else.
Can’t wait.  :)
Enjoy your weekend friends!

New duds

Had to have this for my little boyfriend.  Dr. Love indeed.  :)
And because my mini stud loves Dinosaurs this top had to leave Gap and come home with me too.  
He requests his dinosaur shirt every day now.  

 This is us doing our mini dinosaur roar.  
And our not so mini dinosaur ROAR!
We entertain ourselves quite easily around here.  

Fashion Friday! (re-run)

Happy Friday friends!  Posting a Fashion Friday re-run for fun!  This post was written in October 2011 so the clothes I’m wearing aren’t exactly current.  :)  But I still wear a lot of them and since it’s Friday I figured it would be fun to pull out a Fashion Friday post from the good old archives.  Many of you have mentioned that you miss Fashion Friday posts and I do too!  I actually have so many pics of my current clothes sitting in a “Fashion Friday” folder on my computer.  I just never have time to sort through and post them.  Plus I started feeling a little silly posting so many pics of me in front of my boring bathroom mirror.  :)  But sometime soon I may get over it and find an extra hour and shock you all with a current Fashion Friday.  Until then, here is a blast from the past.  Enjoy your weekend everyone!


What a week!  And it’s only going to get crazier!  Is everyone ready for the Halloween madness that is about to ensue?  We have several parties on the weekend’s agenda.  YEA.  One I have to bake something for.  BOO.  I’m quite sure a good time will be had by all.  Despite the baking.  But before it’s time to costume up, here are a few things I’ve been wearing lately.

First I’m sharing some of the purses I’ve been using this Fall.  I never spend a crazy amount of money on purses because I like to mix it up and use a different one about every other week.  A lot of times I’ll use the same one for a few weeks during the day, but switch purses when we go out at night on the weekend.  Here are a few of my recent favorites…

My go to when I’m wearing grey.  

This brown hobo purse is a fall favorite (sorry you can’t see it great, this was the only picture I had of it.  But how perfect that it is sitting next to some Christmas scrapbook supplies!)  I love this purse because it’s big and aside from holding my regular wallet, sunglasses, keys, it also holds the sippy cup, the binkie, and the fishy crackers.  
Love this purse I bought last Fall at The Limited.  
Mostly because of all of the organizers inside of the purse.  When I was a little girl one of my favorite things to do was to organize purses.  My mom would buy herself a new one and then just hand it over to me.  I remember sitting on the carpet beyond giddy organizing all of her credit cards, lipsticks, and loose change.  Yes.  I had one happy childhood.  :)  (Oprah “ah ha” moment… beginning to realize why it’s so fun for me to switch out my purses so often….)

This purse used to belong to my sister.  But then I saw it and fell in LOVE with it.  Isn’t it fabulous with that orange lining and green zipper and stitching!?  My sister agreed it was way more of an Erin purse than a Carly purse.  So after she used it for a few months, she mailed it to me.  That was several years ago and I’ve used it every Fall ever since!  It’s too small for every day, but I use it a lot when I go out.

Another forever favorite.  My one other splurge from our trip to Italy four years ago.   

Had to get a purse to go with the boots.  
Nothing like a fun purse to complete your outfit.    
Now on to the outfits! 
When we went to New York I wore a black dress to see The Lion King.  I had actually just bought it the day before!  While shopping on 5th Avenue I stopped by Ann Taylor Loft and they had so many things on sale.  This was a 90 dollar dress on sale for 40 dollars and they only had two left.  One of them was my size!  Oh happy day!  Love it when that happens.  

I loved the scoop neck and knew that my black belt would be a perfect accessory!  
You can’t go wrong with a simple black dress and while I already own a few, they are all short sleeved.  Not only is this long sleeved and warm, but it is so comfortable!  Soft, cozy material.  I feel like I’m in lounge clothes in this dress.  I wore it last week to church with black boots.  Not because it was cold, but because my legs were too scary white to wear my heels.  True story.  

Wanna hear the best part about this dress?  When I got up to the counter to pay for it, it rang up for 24 dollars!!  The sales lady said it was marked down again!  I seriously could not believe my luck.  I loved my simple black dress so much, I would have paid 90 for it!  The heavens opened at that moment and I knew.  I knew it was going to be a good shopping day.  

Speaking of scoop necks, I wore this simple grey scoop neck top this week.  Bought it last year at Express?  Maybe Limited.  One of the two.

Wore it with dark skinny jeans and my grey boots.  I’m starting to get so bored with pictures of myself in this mirror that I find myself trying to mix things up.  A different pose, maybe twist the camera the opposite way.  I know.  I’m wild and crazy like that.  
But wait.  Something is missing from my usual bathroom mirror shots…

There’s my little fashion buddy.  Now this post is complete.  :)
A few of you asked about my cowl neck sweater from my “bad weekend turned good post.”  Bought it from The Limited last year.  Love the color of that sweater.  I also loved all of your comments on that post!  You were all so sweet and funny.  It was fun hearing from so many of you!  
{Ariel says thanks too :)}

Another simple sweater.  I like the button on the neck.  This one is from Banana Republic.  Funny.  When Car and I were in New York we walked in a Banana Republic and both said at the same time “ahh…feels like home!”  We love that store.

Wore it with my Citizens and wedges.  
This is a top I’ve had for a couple of years from Forever 21.  
Fun sleeves and a belt.  Do you feel like my Fashion Friday posts are Groundhog Day all over again?  Just call me Bill Murray.  

For part of one day last week I wore it like this.  

In the morning and evening when it was cooler, I added this blazer over the top.  Another New York find.  This is so NOT something I would normally buy.  But.  On What Not to Wear, I’ve noticed that Stacey and Clinton are always talking about layering and how this type of thing is a must for every woman’s wardrobe.  Plus my sister made me buy it.  She wears a lot of stuff like this because she is a working mom who spends time in an office.  I’m a working mom who spends time at the park and I was worried I would feel too dressed up/stuffy in this for my day to day activities.  

But I did love the color and I did love the lining so I bought it in an attempt to branch out from my clothes comfort zone!  And because my sister can be extremely persuasive when she wants to be.  

And I actually really liked the way it looked.  It took the place of a jacket and was warm in the morning before the sun peeked through the clouds.  I didn’t love these boots with it though.  I’m hunting for some dark brown flat boots that are good for every day.  Hopefully Santa will find just the pair!  With a little guidance of course.  

The whole time I wore this I was feeling a little too dressy and wishing I had on different boots and thinking “I bet this is the last time I ever wear this.”  Then I went to Costco and the man standing in line behind me said “I wish my girlfriend would wear boots like those.”  I thanked him and we started chatting.  Kole was being his charming self so the man was entertaining him and asked if I had other kids.  When I told him I had three he said “you don’t look like you could have had three kids!”  I kindly thanked him again, paid for my groceries with a big smile on my face and walked out of the store thinking “hmmm… maybe I actually will wear this again.”
Like tomorrow. 
And the day after that.  
And maybe the day after that too.