A sad day

Hi everyone!  I was planning on posting something quite different than what I’m sharing tonight.  My mom called me this afternoon to tell me she had been evacuated from her home.  It has been raining steadily since Sunday in my hometown and the rain caused a huge dike to break.  My mom’s home wasn’t hit, but many close friends’ and neighbors’ homes were destroyed.  It has been so sad today hearing the news about the flood and seeing how many of our friends were affected.  My dad, along with others, spent the day shoveling mud out of a close friends home.  Luckily no one was hurt, but so many homes/belongings have been ruined.  My mom said they were told to evacuate so quickly they didn’t have time to grab much.  She grabbed a quilt my grandma made and a diet coke.  That made me smile.  Way to prioritize mom.  :)  The dike is located right next to where I went to High School (I’ve walked over it hundreds of times) and when I saw the news clip today I couldn’t believe it!  So much water.  It was heartbreaking seeing my beautiful home town in such a sad state.  I feel like I need to be there helping in some way.

Click here to watch a news clip of the dike that broke and some of the homes that were flooded if you are interested.

I don’t really know why I’m blogging about this except that this blog is always a reflection of what’s on my mind and right now, this is all I can think about.  I woke up feeling sad this morning remembering September 11th.  Then this happened and officially made it a very sad day for me.  Hope your day went better than mine!  I am going to bed tonight grateful that my family and friends are safe.  And hoping that things will feel a bit more sunny tomorrow.

New Shoes

New shoes for my crew.  The girls were crazy about Sketchers Twinkle Toes.  They weren’t my first choice.  They girls begged and pleaded and I gave in.  Even though these shoes light up so much with each step they remind me of Times Square.  At least I’ll always see them coming!

I wasn’t the only one who wasn’t crazy about a pair of shoes.  When Addison saw the shoes Kenny bought she said “Dad!  You can’t wear those!  You’ll look like a teenager!  Like Troy on High School Musical!  People will think you’re my brother instead of my dad!”

Ha ha!  What she doesn’t know is that Kenny and I are teenagers.  Our kids keep getting older, but we haven’t aged a bit.

We’re still 15 and 17.  Same as the day we met.  We’re just playing house.  
Go ahead.  Call us Troy and Gabriela.  (Don’t we look the part?)  
And now we have kids who make fun of the things we wear.  
Which is terribly wrong.  
Since that is what I do to my parents.  
Because they are the ones who are aging.  
But not us.  
Kenny – you keep those shoes!  And I’m getting a perm.  
We’ll live on forever.
 And celebrate with a big box of Froot Loops.  

Tidbits on Thursday

I was sorting through my pics tonight and this one made me smile.  I’m so happy it’s summer because once again I can control what my kids are (and aren’t) eating.  Too many times their lunch boxes would come home with all of the healthy stuff still neatly packaged and the fishy crackers?  Not a trace.  Even my napkin note reminders weren’t helping much.  Well those days are long gone!

Not only are the kids eating better under my 24/7 watch, but in true I’d rather be doing anything than cooking Erin fashion, I’ve also turned a lot of the food prep over to them.  It’s clear from the picture above that they enjoy it as much as I do.  

Daddy’s home!  This little guy gets so excited when his dad walks in the door.  
(The feelings mutual little buddy). 

He also gets pretty excited for his nap.  You can tell from this picture of him peeking out of his hiding spot right after I gave him his binkie the other day.  It’s always a fun game of chase we play, but once I catch him, he admits defeat, rubs his little arm, and puts his head on my shoulder while I carry him to his room.  And the latest?  He just started blowing me kisses from his crib.  I melt into a puddle as soon as I close the door.  Then shortly after melting, I book it to get as much as is humanly possible done during those precious two hours.  Funny how I’m always so excited to put him down for a nap and have a break, but after about two hours, I start to miss him and I’m ready for him to wake up.  Then 10 minutes after he wakes up I’m wishing there was a nap #2 in my future.  :)

Just before school let out I shared all of the fun teacher gift ideas I rounded up on-line.  For the girls’ teachers I decided to copy Jen’s “Creative Juices”gift idea.  I totally spaced putting the candy in the cups, but it was still a fun way to jazz up some Jamba Juice gift cards.  
I told the girls to get in the tub this evening and came upstairs 10 minutes later to find this:

American girl dolls are taking their baths too!  I smiled when I saw the sink drains pulled up even though there’s no water .  I also got a kick out of their “robes” sitting next to them for when they get out.  So clever since they know these dolls can’t get wet.  Stuff like this seriously makes my day.  
And while I’m on the subject of things that make my day, I am so in love with Williams Sonoma dish towels!  I bought these fun towels for a couple of friends’ birthdays last month and had to pick me up a set too.  They are so durable and just the right size for drying the counter or dishes.  Plus I love the colors for this time of year!
I also picked up some fun summer clothes for the girls.  These cute stripped tanks and solid skirts were $5 bucks each at Children’s Place!  Can’t beat that for comfy (Ellie approved) summer attire.  

And how cute are these new Reefs for my little shadow?  He HATES them.  Can’t stand the feeling of something in between his toes.  It’s kind of hilarious when I put them on him.  He walks around funny for a minute and then sits down and starts trying to pry them off.  I’m sure he’ll get used to them at some point.  And he’s got time.  Flip flops work year round in our neck of the woods.

 So what have I been up to with my girls taking over kitchen duty and Kole spending all of his spare time hiding from me and figuring out how to take off his new shoes?

 I’ve been organizing of course.  :)

This was my kitchen at around 2:00 in the afternoon yesterday.  
And I’m almost done with my little project!
“Afters” to share next week, but here’s a peek at the labels I used…
Is everyone else as in love with Martha Stewart’s new office supplies at Staples as I am?  I was in Staples today and for a minute while I was looking at all of her labels and paper organizers I think my heart stopped beating.  It quickly started again when Kole almost tipped the cart over trying to escape and Addison tried to “help” by screaming at him at the top of her lungs.  But I didn’t mind.  I was long gone in my happy place and walked around with a spring in my step the rest of the day picturing all of the organizing that is going to take place once I move into my new house.  Oh the joy!  
Organizing, shopping, and time with my kiddos.   
So far, this summer is off to a great start.

Our weekend – true story

There was a void in our lives this weekend.  Something was missing.  Something we didn’t appreciate until it was gone…  Last Thursday afternoon Addison informed me that our garage rug was wet.  It took me about two seconds to realize that our hot water heater in the garage was leaking.  This lead to a series of phone calls and visits.  The husband, the plumber, the flood specialist, and the dry wall repair man.  Long story short we have been without hot water for FOUR DAYS people!  We’ve had a hole in our garage and fans blowing day and night to dry out the wall where the water heater once stood.  
After taking the coldest bath of my life Thursday before my little presentation (shower wasn’t working at all) I realized I couldn’t put my kids through that kind of torture (I think I screamed when I rinsed my hair – no – I know I screamed when I rinsed my hair).  Word around the hood had spread and multiple kind neighbors offered a warm shower, but I ended up boiling water instead.  Six pans and six trips up and down my stairs did the trick.  When mixed with the ice cold water that was still working just fine it made for a series of luke warm baths for the kiddos.  Luckily Kenny could shower at work and luckily my hair looks better on day four than it does right after I wash it.  True story.  If only my head didn’t itch, I’d never wash my hair again.  
The hardest part has been no dishwasher!!  What!?  Hand wash dishes!  For four days!  
Are you kidding me!?   

I swear that’s all I did this weekend.  Wash dishes.  I could have taken ten pictures of the stacks and stacks of dishes I washed.  And while I washed I thought about my sweet grandma who never had a dishwasher a day in her life.  How did she manage?  And then I thought about my kitchen plans for our new house which includes two dishwashers.  And I wanted to weep for joy.

lt actually was a wonderful weekend, despite our water situation.  

My new Project Life page protectors came in the mail.  I ordered them in an attempt to motivate myself to scrapbook this summer.  I don’t need new page protectors.  But I do need some motivation.  And some extra time would be a nice bonus.

My presentation went great last week – so much fun.  (Thanks for all of your encouraging words!)  It went so well in fact that I inspired myself to do a little organizing.  ;)

A quick tidying up of the Tupperware drawer was just the fix I needed.  

 I also made my favorite easy chicken fajitas.  And then I washed more dishes.  
And dried more dishes. 
And washed more dishes. 
And dried more dishes.     
What did my girls do while I organized and cooked and washed my life away?  

They collected snails in the backyard of course.  A whole family of them.  They all have names.  Brittney, Jeanette, Emily, Claire, Emma…the list goes on.  The crazy (or should I say scary?) thing is that my girls can actually tell them apart.  
True story.   
 Ellie decided that since I won’t let her get a pet, she’d take matters into her own hands and come up with a pet or two (or ten) on her own. 
 I am not a fan of snails.  
Last night when Addison said her prayers she said “and please bless mommy that she will stop freaking out over our snails…” 
HA!  Keep praying Addie!  
 Aside from tending to their new “pets,” my girls also drew paper plate lions,

and had a picnic with their princess dolls.  On a Charger blanket of course.  
(It’s really the only way to dine…)
The Jasmine vines in our yard smell SO good right now.  
Totally signals summertime in San Diego to me.  
We were outside a lot this weekend.  At the park, at our lot, on a walk, in our backyard.  
 The weather was so warm and sunny and beautiful that the girls tromped around in their rain boots just for the occasion.  

 And what was my little man up to?  
Well, he was in absolute heaven being outside so much.  Tending snails with his sisters, 

pushing around his favorite Thomas choo choo train,
 looking like he was straight out of the 1950’s wearing nothing but a white shirt and jeans, 

 stirring up dirt and all sorts of other mischief, 

and completely getting away with it because all it takes is one flash of this smile and his mother is so smitten that all is immediately forgiven.

True story.  
New water heater is coming tomorrow.  Oh happy day!
I’m never hand washing another dish again.   
At least for a week until I’ve recovered.  

Random Monday

Thank you so much to everyone who commented or e-mailed me after Kole’s birthday post.  I was so touched.  Some of you mentioned the post made you cry…well some of your sweet words made me tear up so now we’re even!  :)  I really appreciated your thoughtful words and the way so many of you openly shared your experiences with your own children.  Hopefully Kole is just a late talker and will speak when he is ready and everything will be fine.  He is the third and he is totally spoiled and he does have two older sisters who do everything for him.  Fingers crossed that is the reason for the speech delay.  However, we do know that if it is something more, early intervention is key which is why we have started some therapy with him.  He is too little for a formal assessment – we will know more next year when he turns three – so until then we are just going to work as hard as we can with him.  There have been several nights that I have stayed up way too late researching possible causes for the delay and it has done nothing but make me emotional and stressed.  So my current plan is to ignore the Internet (aside from blogging of course!), focus on working with Kole, and take it one day at a time.  :)   Again, thank you for your support.  It really does mean so much to me.  I read your comments and e-mails several times over the weekend.  They always bring a smile to my face!  I am continually grateful that I have so many wonderful and kind people reading this blog. 
Kole wants to thank you all too.  He was sick on his birthday (spent the morning at the doctors because of an ear infection and cough) and your comments seemed to cheer him up as well.  :)  He was a little bummed we had to cancel his birthday get together at the park with his buddies, but perked up in the afternoon for some cake.  Even though he didn’t eat a bite he sure enjoyed destroying it.  And clapping because all of us were standing around cheering him on.  :)  
In other random news I spent Saturday afternoon at one of my favorite malls because Ellie had a birthday party there.  Kenny had our other two kiddos and it felt so nice to have a little down time wandering around my favorite stores.  I saw so many fun things that I almost bought!  Things that I may still go back and buy because I’m still thinking about them.  And if I’m still thinking about them it’s probably because they were meant to be mine!

How fun are these spice jars from Anthro!?  LOVE the colors and the chalk labels.  So fun for Spring!  I didn’t buy them because I really don’t need them.  I’d love to use them to decorate with but I have NO place to put them.  See why I need a new house?  I’m ready to start over!  :)

I’m really loving these pillows from Z Gallerie and I have been looking for new pillows for my red couches (they would go so well with my yellow hutch!).  But they are over $60 bucks each and I keep thinking do I really want to spend that much on pillows that I’ll most likely replace as soon as we move and I have different couches?  I am going to be in this house over a year still though…hmm…I may need them after all.

Fun lanterns are popping up everywhere this Spring and I LOVE them!  These are from Z Gallerie and like the Anthro spice jars, if I had a spot for them they would be home with me right now.  Aren’t they fun!?  Pottery Barn has some black ones I have my eye on also. 
I’m still debating purchasing these items, but in case I talk myself out of them (for the second time) I am sharing them in hopes that some of you will buy them!  They are all too cute to just sit in the store!!  
Wanna see what I did buy?
Board shorts for Kole.  Yea!  Beach days will be here before we know it!  
I wanted to buy him this set too but his size isn’t available anymore.  
Bummer because we are big turtle fans around here. 
Wanna know who else we are fans of?  
Is this guy not the coolest!?  Kenny and I are loving him on American Idol this year.  
Who do you wan to win?
Well that was a random post.  Random Monday.  Hope yours is a good one!