Opposites Day

It’s another miserable day in San Diego.

Kenny couldn’t wait to go to work this morning.

I’m counting down the hours until I get to cook dinner.

Addison doesn’t want to sleep with her blanket tonight.

Ellie doesn’t think she’ll play with any of her “friends” (stuffed animals) anymore.

Our local grocery store is always so nice and warm.

Matt Damon is such a tool.

The playroom is spotless right now.

Ellie is Addison, Addison is Ellie, Mommy is Daddy, and Daddy is Mommy.

I always remember to charge my cell phone.

Kenny always remembers to wear his seatbelt.

Addison doesn’t want yogurt for breakfast again- it’s too yucky.

I’m all caught up on my scrapbooking.

Ellie is not excited to go swimming today and especially hates the beach.

The girls are running around in their winter p.j’s right now because it’s just so cold.

I’m so over ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ and could care less who wins tonight.

Ellie hopes she never goes to Disneyland again.

Kenny won’t be watching much football this fall.

I’m in the mood for some good meatloaf.

The princesses are so ugly. Especially Snow White.

Bummer that school will be starting soon…I really hate schedules and structure.

Ever seen the cartoon Little Bear? Well we watch a lot of it at our house and a favorite episode is titled ‘Opposites Day.’ Little Bear, Duck, Owl, Cat and Hen all walk around saying and doing everything opposite from the norm.
So…we’ve been having ‘Opposites Day’ at our house too. It’s loads of fun. You really should try it. If you have a minute, leave me an ‘opposite’ comment (because every blogger hates comments). Hope you have a crappy Thursday! ;)

Opposites Attract

Kenny loves sushi – Erin hates all food from the sea.
Kenny lives for Fall – Erin lives for Spring.
Kenny likes things clean – Erin likes things cleaner than that.
Kenny is a saver – Erin is a spender.
Kenny loves country music – Erin not so much.
Erin wants another baby someday – Kenny not so much.
Erin is an optimist – Kenny is a realist.
Kenny snacks on cookies – Erin snacks on candy.
Kenny drives cautious – Erin goes for speed.
Kenny loves spreadsheets – Erin loves 1,000 thread count sheets.
Kenny is a night owl – Erin is a morning person.
Kenny on vacation is go go go – Erin on vacation is veg veg veg.
Erin is a peace maker – Kenny is a trouble maker.
Erin thinks Bleu Cheese salad dressing is killer –
Kenny thinks Bleu Cheese salad dressing will kill you.
Kenny loves to go to the movies – Erin loves movies on the couch.
Kenny loves change – Erin loves routine.
Kenny is still into Survivor – Erin is SO over it.
Kenny enjoys the cold – Erin enjoys the sun.
Kenny loves the Chargers – Erin loves the charge card.
Kenny hates surprises – Erin lives to be surprised.
Kenny loves to debate – Erin silently stews.
Kenny is analytical – Erin is ana-what?

{Anyone in the mood for Straight Up??? I got your back Paula.}