Old Gym and Quotes, New Kicks and Music

I’ve talked about my exercise routine a lot on this blog.  Mostly about how I try to prioritize one.  I’ve also mentioned how my “routine” is constantly changing depending on my current “kid” situation.  (I’m clearly in the mood to “quote” tonight.  Don’t know why but it’s “amusing” me.)  Well my “routine” has changed again.  (K – I’ll stop now.) 

Last time we discussed exercise I was walking/jogging with Kole in his jogger, but once summer hit and the girls were home that plan flew out the window!  So two weeks ago I re-joined my old gym!  And I’m so excited about it!  I know.  Gyms usually aren’t that exciting.  But this gym is a bit sentimental to me.  It’s the same gym that I spent 45 minutes in  each day for years when my girls were little.  It’s the same gym that saved me from having a mom meltdown each day while Kenny was working long new attorney hours and I was depressed living away from family.  It’s the same gym that helped me lose my baby weight after I had each of my girls which also helped me feel good about myself again.  It’s the same gym that I made a lot of new friends in (mostly with the people who work there).  It’s the same gym that gave me sanity!  And lots of good blogging material.  Here are a few times my gym came up in past posts: 

I had such a great “mom moment” this week. One thing I love about my gym is that I can see into the windows of the kids club (where my kiddos play while I workout) from the treadmills. Every once in a while while I’m exercising I see the top of their heads running around. Last week I saw them run by and for the first time, Addison looked up and saw me through the window. She got so excited and she ran to find Ellie and they both stood there waving and blowing kisses to me with the biggest smiles on their faces. I started frantically waving back and blowing kisses to them and everyone on the treadmills lining both sides of me were looking at me like I was a total idiot. I didn’t even care. For some reason it just hit me and I was so overwhelmed with love for my two girls. I got a little teary eyed and just thought about how much I love them and how much I really do love being a mom. It was the highlight of my week. (Now I just need to remember that moment the next time they paint all over my carpet)

So I love zoning out and letting my mind wander. Something about the random randomness of my thoughts always makes me happy. I tend to zone out at various times throughout the day. (Often happens whenever Kenny starts a discussion including words like taxes, finance, or bills) Some may call this being spacey, but I like to think my mind is extremely complex and always needs to be in motion. :) This happens whenever I’m on the treadmill, which is why I like treadmills so much. A few random thoughts during this morning’s jog…
Is today only Tuesday? ….I have GOT to call and find out what I need to do to get Ellie registered for Kindergarten ….wait – today is Koni’s b-day! Crap. Forgot to send a card. Why didn’t I write that on my to-do list? Oh yeah, I did. I just didn’t read my to-do list….I wish I looked like Natalie Portman….thank goodness for this song (So What by Pink) because it’s the only thing keeping my feet moving right now….I need new gym shoes….is American Idol on tonight?….I should wash sheets today….my new camera is probably too big to carry around with me everywhere….wish I knew how to wink….why am I thinking about winking?….love it when my mind wanders….I should put this as a good thing on my blog.

I’m fond of the scales at the gym. They’re like big, fun toys. I like to move the black thing back and forth trying to get it to balance. I’m not fond of the way my i pod always seems to add at least seven pounds when I weigh myself. (It’s a mini, not a shuffle)

Today I went to the gym for the first time since I had Kole.  With Ellie, I didn’t take her to the gym until she was over one year old. I didn’t trust anyone but me to take care of my baby. When I did finally leave her, I gave specific instructions on everything about her from what she liked to play with to how she liked to be held. Then I found a treadmill with a direct view into the Kids Klub so I could watch her the whole time I worked out. I took Addison to the gym around six months. I knew and trusted the ladies I was leaving her with by this time, but still gave them specific instructions each time I dropped her off and still tried to workout at least part of the time close by so I could peek in on her. With Kole I was counting down for him to turn three months – old enough to go to the Kids Klub. I dropped all three of my kids off today, handed the ladies a diaper bag, muttered “bless you all!” and headed for the exercise equipment as far away from the Kids Klub as possible.

**Side note:  (I don’t recommend you click on that last post “Life with Three” if you get queasy easily.  It’s a very real look into what life can be like with little ones!  But one of my favorite posts just the same.)  :)

Anyway!  You can see how my gym used to be a big part of my life and why I’m so excited to be back in the routine of visiting again.  Kole is finally old enough to run and play with the other kids and doesn’t cry when I leave like he used to (which was why I took such a long break).  It has been two years since I stopped going and it was like a family reunion when I re-joined.  So fun to see so many of the same people working there!  They couldn’t believe how big the girls are now.  They were also so happy to see that Addison’s hair is still super curly.  :)

Now that I’ve gabbed all about my old gym with old blog posts, it’s time to share something new!  
In honor of my new gym membership (and in hopes to motivate me to exercise) I bought some new running shoes and downloaded some new workout music.  
I mentioned attempting to hit the Nordstroms sale with Kole a couple of weeks ago.  The trip only lasted about 45 minutes but it was just long enough to find these fun Nikes on sale for 50 bucks!  SCORE.  Such a great deal. Have you all seen the fun Nikes this season?  Mine aren’t nearly as bright and colorful as most of this collection.  These shoes are so popular around here.  I was in desperate need of some new running shoes and these are so comfortable.  Perfect for treadmill running at my new-old gym!  

I also thought I’d share the new tunes I added to my workout play list on my ipod.  I mixed all of these songs in with my old running mix which you can see here.  Great music to get your feet moving!

Raise Your Glass – Pink
Rolling in the Deep – Adele
Rumor Has It – Adele
Party Rock Anthem – LMFAO
Pump It – Black Eyed Peas
Dum Diddly – Black Eyed Peas
Boom Boom Pow – Black Eyed Peas
Bad Romance – Lady Ga Ga
On the Floor – Jennifer Lopez
Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen
Girlfriend – Avril Lavigne
Battlefield – Jordin Sparks
Party in the USA – Miley Cyrus (in honor of this post)  :)
Run the World (Girls) – Beyonce
Hello – Martin Solveig

Any fun, fast paced songs I’ve missed?  Do tell!  

Happy Friday everyone! 

New Buttons and a Carpool Party

Hi everyone!  Popping in quickly to share two new buttons I added to my sidebar…

I finally got around to adding some links so you can follow me on Pinterest or see what people are pinning from my blog.  (Click on these buttons on my sidebar if you’re interested.)  It’s so fun to see what people are pinning from my blog.  It’s never what I expect.  Some of my most popular pins have been recipes.  HA!!  Who would have thought…   
Gotta run.  My day to carpool.  Gearing up to listen to Party in the USA over and over.  That’s right.  It’s a party when you enter my van.  And you better believe that I’m rocking even harder than all the girls.  (I added that song for the 2nd graders but truth be told, I like it as much as they do!)  My kids aren’t old enough to be embarrassed by me yet so I’m living it up while I still can.  I added my tunes to the sidebar.  Click on Party in the USA.  Go ahead.  You know you want to.  That’s right.  Hands over your head.
(nodding my head like yeah… moving my hips like yeah…)  
Happy Tuesday everyone!

Spring Mix – 2011

Hi friends!  Sorry for the lack of posting last week!  I was going to post again Thursday night but Blogger was down for maintenance which was CLEARLY a sign that I was meant to instead veg on my couch and catch up on American Idol.  I have to say that I have been team Haley all the way but I was NOT impressed with her attitude last week when the judges didn’t love her first song.  Maybe Randy was a bit harsh, but still.  You’ve got to be able to take criticism to get better even if you don’t agree with it.  I still love her style though and she is definitely the singer whose CD I’d buy.  I think Lauren and Scotty are great too.  I’m just not a big fan of country.  Should make for a great season finale though and then on to the REALLY great competition — SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE BABY!!!  Can’t wait!

Since we’re on the subject of music again I thought I’d share another play list I created that I’m loving right now.  Every Spring I make a new mix of music called – you’ll never guess – my “Spring Mix.”  I know.  My creativity is killing you.  :)  These are the songs that I play in the car, while I scrapbook, and while the girls and I do our cleaning routine every afternoon/evening.  You can listen to them by turning on the play list I created on the side of my blog.  For some reason I couldn’t find all of my songs for the playlist (including Paris, one of my favorites!) but they are all on i tunes.  I’ll leave my playlist up this week.  LOVE these songs!

This year I’ve been kind of into Lilly Allen, Kate Nash, and Jem.  

Paris — Kate Nash (This song is so fun! – I always play it first thing when we get in the car and the girls and I sing and dance to it while we drive.  Even Kole moves his head from side to side to the beat.  He’s a big fan of Kate Nash too.)
They — Jem
Merry Happy — Kate Nash (Another song that always puts me in a good mood.  I love the way it says “I can be alone yeah I can watch a sunset on my own” over and over and over.  I also love it when it says “eating cheese on toast…”  I don’t know why I love the words so much.  They just make me smile.)
Not Fair — Lily Allen (Ellie and her carpool friends love this one.  It says something about a boy being “dumb” and they laugh hysterically every time.  I love driving around with a group of first grade girls.  It’s always a party in my car!)
Pony — It’s OK
Fidelity — Regina Spektor
On the Radio — Regina Spektor
Smile — Lily Allen (love this song but can’t have it on my play list because of a swear word in the beginning.  My girls listen to my music as much as I do so I have to be careful!)
He Wasn’t There — Lily Allen
It’s Amazing — Jem
I Could Say — Lily Allen
Mushaboom — Feist
The Way I Am — Ingrid Michalson
Hey, Soul Sister — Train – (I had to include this song because it’s one of Addison’s favorites.  The first time she heard it she thought for sure it was a sister song all about her and Ellie.)  :)

AND here are a few of our “Spring mix” favorites from past years…

Don’t Let Me Fall — Lenka
I Don’t know a Thing — Lucy Schwartz
OK — Holly Conlan
Ordinary Day — Emillie Mover
Trouble is a Friend — Lenka
Bring Me Down — Lenka
Colors — Kira Willey
Bruises — Chairlift
Butterfly Nets — Bishop Allen
Dangerous and Sweet — Lenka

And of course, The Show by Lenka. An all time favorite in our house because of little Addison.  We still sing her 2 year old version of the song – “I want my mommy back” instead of “I want my money back.”  :)

Hope a few of you now have some new songs to listen to this season!  Nothing like a fun song to put you in a good mood.

Happy Monday!

Workout music

A while back I shared my exercise routine with you.  It’s important for me to squeeze in a little treadmill/aerobic time each day to keep my thighs AND my sanity in check!  I’ve received a few requests to also share my workout music so below are some of my favorite treadmill tunes.  I have to first warn you — my music choice in the workout category is a bit nerdy.  A lot of these songs are older but I love exercising to them because they bring back such great memories for me.  I haven’t had time since Kole came along to update this mix, but in the past when I have had time to add a new song or two, I would always test them on the elliptical at the gym.  If the RPM’s are going up up up while I’m listening to the new song, it’s a keeper.  If the RPM’s start to drop, I toss the song.  It’s a fun little game I like to play in a desperate attempt to entertain myself because I find the elliptical rather boring.  :)

So without further delay, here are some of my favorite workout songs – memories included!

Dynamite — Taio Cruz  (first up on the play list on the side of my blog)  The only song I’ve added to my workout play list this year and I just LOVE it!  It reminds me of doing Zumba with my sister-in-law Dayna when I visit my home town.  We always have such a blast!  The Zumba class is in a big warehouse and it’s a dark club like setting.  The music is pounding and you can just let loose!

(me and Dayna — at Point Loma in the fog — not doing Zumba)

Love Game — Lady GaGa
Just Dance — Lady GaGa
Pocket full of Sunshine — Natasha Bedingfield
Harder to Breathe — Maroon 5
Holiday — Green Day
I Don’t Wanna Be — Gavin DeGraw  
Livin’ on a Prayer — Bon Jovi — K – I know this song is ancient, but here’s my memory with this one.  When Kenny and I were leaving Virginia (where we spent three years for Law School) I was so sad.  I had made so many friends and loved our time there and I was nervous about moving to San Diego and starting all over.  Bags packed, we pulled out of our neighborhood to start our cross country road trip and I started to cry.  To cheer me up Kenny turned on Livin’ on a Prayer, cranked it up way too loud, and sang it to me at the top of his lungs while we drove.  All tears ceased and soon we were both jamming like idiots to this song with the windows rolled down ready for our new adventure.  I can’t hear this song without thinking of what a sweet dork my husband can be and our fun times living on the East Coast.  Plus this song is just a great one to practice my boxing moves to!  (WOAH OH!  Livin’ on a Prayer……) 

Rich Girl, The Sweet Escape, Hollaback Girl, Hey Baby, Sunday Morning and TONS of Gwen Stephani music (you know how I feel about Gwen Stephani)
Lose My Breath — Destiny’s Child
Survivor — Destiny’s Child — Reminds me of teaching my 4th graders how to dance for a PE segment in Virginia.  I helped five of my girls make up a dance to Survivor which was huge at the time and they were so stinkin’ cute performing it for parents.
Unwritten — Natasha Bedingfield
Hey Ya — Outkast
All the Small Things — Blink 182
Don’t Go There — Soundtrack of Dangerous Minds  This song is just plain annoying!  I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone!  But in college I was on the dance team and we did a fun dance to this song.  Every time I hear it I remember that dance and all of my friends from college and the fun times we had together.

Go Rebelettes!!!!  
(and yes, those are overalls I’m wearing in the bottom right – now you know how dated these pictures are – I’m suddenly feeling REALLY old)

Come Together — Michael Jackson (reminds me of another Rebelette dance)
Disturbia — Rihanna
Family Affair — Mary J. Blige
Pon de Replay — Rihanna
Black Horse and the Cherry Tree — KT Tunstall
Salvation — The Cranberries – Fun memories of driving around in my white Honda Civic I had in High School with my little brother jamming to this song.  Love my little brother and I LOVED that white Honda Civic!

So What — Pink
Don’t Lie — Black Eyed Peas
Don’t Phunk with my Heart — Black Eyed Peas
Let’s Get it Started — Black Eyed Peas
Hit him up style — Blue Cantrell
Two Princes — Spin Doctors – I can smell summer in southern Utah when I hear this song!  And taste cherry glaciers from the Frostop.
Mona Lisa — Fugees Takes me right back to late nights with my sister.  She would always listen to her music way into the night and I hated it all.  Except this song.  I would ask her to play this song over and over.  Remember Car?  :)
Geek in the Pink — Jason Mraz (what time is it?  It’s Laundry….)
Jai Ho– Soundtrack of Slum dog Millionaire — in honor of my Addison’s debut in the dance world.
Unbelievable — EMF
Mercy — Duffy  fun memories of So You Think You Can Dance concerts…

So there you have it!  Doesn’t my music just make you want to get up and move!!??

Not so much?

Well it works for me.  :)

No Doubt

Just got back from Cancun! Swine flu free. :) It was a great vacation. But before I attempt to sort through the mass of pictures I took on our trip, I first need to unpack, do laundry, buy groceries post about the concert we went to the night before we left. I finally redeemed my birthday coupons and Kenny and I spent the night with No Doubt (my all time favorite group).

Because of some perks through Kenny’s work we were given VIP stickers to wear and ushered past thousands of people to the front of the line to get in. We then entered the VIP lounge where we had a Mexican feast before the concert.

Then it was No Doubt time.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Gwen Stefani.
So I wore my most Gwen Stefani-ish shirt…
And my most Gwen Stefani-ish shoes. Which proves I don’t have much in my closet that is Gwen Stefani-ish. (Something I hope to modify in the future)

The concert was AWESOME! Our seats were on the second row behind the mosh pit and we were rockin’ all night long. By the end of the night my feet, because of my Gwen Stefani-ish shoes, were killing me.

No Doubt about it – this concert was Hella Good.