Random thoughts on blogging and a question for you

I have been staring at my computer screen for two straight hours now.  Granted, I’ve been catching up on recorded shows at the same time which is part of the reason I’m still staring at a blank screen.  :)  But the other part of the problem – my problem – is that I have so many random thoughts that are all jumbled up in my head lately about blogging and I don’t really know how to share them.  So this post will be a bit scattered since at the moment, I am a bit scattered.

When I decided to start a blog four years ago I did it for two reasons.  1- I love to write and take pictures and record memories so I thought it looked like something I would enjoy.  2- I wanted to share pictures of my kids and my life with close friends and family who lived in other areas.  So I started a blog.  And my family and close friends read it.  And aside from sharing what my kids were up to, I also started sharing what I was up to.  Because that was fun for me.  And I never once thought that people I didn’t know would start to read my blog.

But people I didn’t know started reading my blog.

And those people I didn’t know commented once in a while.  And that was exciting too.  It was exciting and it was a little scary.  I knew I’d never know who was reading and it made me feel a bit vulnerable.  For a while I seriously thought about making my blog private because I was sharing so much about my family and kids and life.

For a while I also thought about writing two blogs.  One about my family that would be private and one about my projects for anyone who was interested.

But I never separated the two topics.  And the reason I didn’t is because I couldn’t.  My family is everything to me and everything I do is about them or for them or because I need an escape from them.  :)  But regardless, it’s all about them.

(picture from a post on toy organization… supposedly)  

So I didn’t change anything about my blog and I kept sharing pictures and projects and the funny things the girls would say and the slightly annoying things that Kenny would say and how much I loved it all – even when it was slightly annoying.  And during the process I was “meeting” and connecting with all sorts of wonderful people.  And it made me love blogging even more.  Blogging has been a lot of things to me.  A creative outlet, a way to record the little things that I know I’ll soon forget and never want to, motivation to complete projects, an escape from difficult days being a stay at home mom to three wonderful but incredibly active children who leave me feeling a mix of blessed and exhausted at the end of each day, a way to make new friends – most of whom I’ve never met but who I still feel incredibly close to.  Blogging has been a huge blessing in my life.

Right now, I need a little direction when it comes to blogging.  I am completely scattered.  (Did I mention that yet?  That I’m feeling a bit scattered lately?)  I think my problem is that I have a lot more on my plate than usual with the new house and Kole’s therapy (which we recently bumped up to six days a week because he is showing a lot of progress).  I have very little time to do the things I love.  When I do find a 15 minute break to work on something for my blog I am completely torn!  I have so much I’d love to do and I don’t know which direction to go in.  Should I organize something on my list?  Decorate the front porch for Halloween?  Complete a page in Kole’s scrapbook?  Take a picture of what I’m wearing?  Share more new house updates?

I will always post about my family and what my kids are up to.  Those posts are the heart of my blog and the ones that are the most precious to me.  But because I am feeling so scattered lately when it comes to the other hobbies I write about, I would love some direction from you!

So here is a question that I hope you will take a minute to answer:  What kind of posts do you enjoy the most?  

I’m not planning to change anything about my blog, and like I said, the family stuff will remain the same.  It would just help me to hear if your favorite posts are about the new house, organizing, scrapbooking, decorating, fashion, etc. because I love to post about them all and right now I need some direction!

So direct me!  :)

I would love to hear from as many of you as possible!  I want to get an idea of what the majority of you come here for.  Plus it would just make for a really fun weekend.  :)

Thank you thank you thank you.  Thank you for sticking with me through this post.  I know how completely random it was.  Thank you in advance for taking a minute to answer my question.  And thank you mostly for checking in with me and making Sunny Side Up a part of your routine.  I am truly touched each day by the wonderful people who read this blog.  Your kindness and support mean so much and like I said, I consider you all friends.

A new look!

Hi everyone!  So sorry about the lack of posting this week!  Forget the face lift.  We went for the full body makeover!  :)  Which ended up being a bit time consuming.  You all know that I love to make my own blog headers.  And I love to switch them out with the seasons.  (You can see past headers and how I make them here.)  You also know that things are so busy for me right now that I don’t have much time for making my blog headers and switching them out with the seasons.  But I was getting tired of the Easter Eggs.  They just seemed so… Easter.  :)  So I called my darling friend Haylee who is an amazing graphic designer and enlisted some help.

This picture was taken this last 4th of July with Haylee and her cute sisters (and kids).  These girls feel like my sisters too.  Our families have been close friends forever and I love them!  They are all so beautiful and talented and FUN.  One of my favorite things about visiting my hometown is getting together with these girls.  I told Haylee my plan for the blog – yellow and blue and sunny and happy.  :)  Then I sent her the pictures and she went to work.  She did an amazing job putting it all together.  Then we spent the past few nights staying up way too late getting everything uploaded and working just right and now YEA!  A new look for Sunny Side Up!   

And a button!  Can you believe that I’ve been blogging for almost four years and have never had a button?  I’m dedicating this button to my blog friend Katrina who kept asking me over and over if I was going to make one and then finally gave up and made one herself to put on her blog.  HA!  Now that’s a loyal reader.  :)  Katrina – this button is for you!  And for anyone else who wants it.  :)  (code is on the sidebar)

I’ve also decided to join the party (albeit a bit late) and get a Facebook page for my blog.  I’ve told you all before that I don’t tweet and I’m never on my personal Facebook page.  I’m rarely on my computer during the day (aside from monitor/answering emails) and the blog takes up most of my computer time at night.  But I’ve had many requests for additional ways to follow this blog so I set up a Facebook page to make it easier for those of you who prefer to follow blogs this way.  I don’t know how often I’ll be posting on Facebook.  My plan isn’t to pop in every 20 minutes and bore you with what I’m eating for lunch.  Because if you’ve read this blog for 5 minutes you already know that I’m eating a turkey sandwich.  But I do promise to always update my Facebook page when I publish a new post.  And I may include an occasional picture of what I’m up to – kids, projects, shopping, new house stuff.  The everyday.  Ok.  Maybe I’ll be boring you with pics of my turkey sandwich after all.  :)

Didn’t Haylee do a great job with the Facebook header too!?  Love it.  And I would love for you to “like me.”  But only if you want to.  I asked Kenny if he would “like me” last night when the page was up and running and he said he’d have to think about it.  So you can think about it too.  But in the end I hope you do.  :)  You can find my new Facebook page here

Haylee – I can’t thank you enough for giving my blog a new look!  And we finished just in time for you to start working on my Christmas cards for this year!  ;)  (Haylee has designed my cards for the past two years.  Once Kole came along I was done making them myself.  No explanation needed.)  

2011 Christmas Card:

Kole was such a pill last year!  Cried the whole photoshoot.  Remember this post?  :)  
2010 Christmas Card:

Haylee is amazing and does such a beautiful job.  You can check out her fun website Hey Hay Designs if you are interested in having her make your holiday cards this year.   As soon as she is finished making mine.  :)

{Thanks again Haylee!}

SO happy to have a new permanent look for my blog!  Now I can focus on the posts.  And new house stuff.  I made lots of decisions this week!   Kenny called Tuesday afternoon to see how my morning had been and I informed him that we were upgrading our toilet seats.  Who thinks about toilet seats?? Someone who is purchasing multiple toilets, that’s who.  Always a good time around here.  :)  
Enjoy your weekend everyone!  

Under Construction

My blog is getting a facelift.  California style.  A nip here, a tuck there, a little botox on the side.  ;)

Things are TOTALLY under construction right now so please excuse the mess!  It will take a day or two before I get everything up and running the right way since I can’t put life on hold for my blog design.

But oh how I wish I could.  
Enjoy your day!  

Clean brushes and blog headers

How often do you clean your hair and make-up brushes?  I was flipping through a magazine last week and came across this little article…

It says you should wash your brushes out every two months.  Oops.  I think I may have gone a bit longer than two months in between washings.  (Maybe two years?)

So I immediately cleaned the hair out of my brushes and let them soak for 10 minutes in warm water with a little shampoo.  

Then I figured while I was at it I’d clean my make-up brushes too.  Those I actually DO clean every couple of months.  Just rub a little shampoo into the brush and they clean up beautifully.  Nothing like starting the day with clean brushes!  Thought I’d share in case there is anyone else out there who (like me) needs a nudge to clean out their brushes.  :)

Oh!  By the way… I’ve had a lot of questions lately on how I make my blog headers and buttons for the sidebar of my blog.  I explained it a while back in this post:  BLOG HEADERS.  Aside from explaining how I create headers you can also take a look back at all of my headers I’ve created since I started blogging (I just updated this post).  Except for my Winter 2011 header.  It’s lost somewhere on my computer and it’s driving me nuts that I can’t find it!  I’m off to continue hunting it down.  I don’t handle things being out of order very well.  :)  Anyway – clean your brushes and make a blog header.  Or don’t.  Either way – have a great Thursday!

New Buttons and a Carpool Party

Hi everyone!  Popping in quickly to share two new buttons I added to my sidebar…

I finally got around to adding some links so you can follow me on Pinterest or see what people are pinning from my blog.  (Click on these buttons on my sidebar if you’re interested.)  It’s so fun to see what people are pinning from my blog.  It’s never what I expect.  Some of my most popular pins have been recipes.  HA!!  Who would have thought…   
Gotta run.  My day to carpool.  Gearing up to listen to Party in the USA over and over.  That’s right.  It’s a party when you enter my van.  And you better believe that I’m rocking even harder than all the girls.  (I added that song for the 2nd graders but truth be told, I like it as much as they do!)  My kids aren’t old enough to be embarrassed by me yet so I’m living it up while I still can.  I added my tunes to the sidebar.  Click on Party in the USA.  Go ahead.  You know you want to.  That’s right.  Hands over your head.
(nodding my head like yeah… moving my hips like yeah…)  
Happy Tuesday everyone!