Welcome to our new home!  We spent 2011-2013 designing and building our new house – although I spent years before that gathering pictures and ideas for it.  Feels like I’ve been planning this house for a lifetime.  :)  Now comes the really fun part – decorating and organizing it!  I took these pictures right before we moved in (October 2013) and I will be adding more rooms and updating them all as the spaces change and we make our new house a home.  Click on the link below each picture for detailed posts of each room.  Welcome and enjoy the tour!


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    Such a gorgeous home Erin, and obviously a longed-for dream! I love the continuity throughout, in your colours and patterns – so I think your new kitchen rugs are just perfect! xx

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    Absolutely love it! I will be in San Diego for a work conference in early April. I would love to stop by for a real tour…maybe, just maybe???

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    You did a great job – it’s beautiful! Can’t wait to see how you decorate it. Also, I love the Target rugs you purchased for your kitchen. ~ Darlene

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    I LOVE your new home. LOVE is an understatement. Do you like having the two islands in your kitchen? I’m trying to convince my husband to do something similar. We have two islands, but they aren’t parallel to each other like that. Would you set it up again the same way?

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    Hi Rosa!

    Thank you so much! LOVE the two islands. I would absolutely do it this way again. In a heartbeat. It’s so convenient to do all of the food prep on one and have my kids eating at the other. They can also spread out homework on one island and it is away from the food. Hope that helps!

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    Thanks Jess!

    Anonymous – do you mean the grey on the family room walls? I have a lot of different greys going on. :) That grey is Seattle by Frazee.

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    Hi Erin, Your home is so beautiful! We just did a kitchen remodel, but have yet to decide on hardware for cabinets. Can you tell me what you put on your cabinets? Brand/model/finish. They look like some we have looked at, but I really like how they look in your kitchen! And is that marble backsplash? Great taste! Thanks for sharing!–Valerie

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    Thanks everyone!

    Valerie – the cabinets are custom and unfortunately I don’t have the color! It was one I selected from a few samples. Sorry I’m not more help!

    Nilda – Thank you! I don’t! Ha! It’s a mess a lot of the time. :) I do have some help – cleaners that come to do the deep cleaning – and then I just pick up and clean myself every minute I have during the day. It’s never ending! Kids make it tricky to keep anything clean for long. :)

    Kerry – it’s the same grey we used in the main rooms. The lighting in the girls’ bathroom makes it look lighter. Seattle by Frazee. :)

  9. LindaSonia says

    Just found your blog recently and had to say – WoW – your home’s interior is G O R G E O U S. The woodworking details are just absolutely phenomenal!!!! I love everything about it and I don’t think you missed anything in your planning for this home.

    Happy Christmas to you and yours!

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