Organized Silverware

Silverware!  Talking silverware today.  I organize my silverware in a simple white organizer (sharp knives in the back far away from little fingers).  This has worked great.  But it’s not as fun as how my mom and SIL are organizing their silverware!  My plain white tray is a little ho hum compared to this…
How cute are these blue organizers!?  A steal at TJ Maxx ($7 bucks each!).

My SIL has them in orange.  And apparently TJ Maxx has LOTS of color options available.  I am so heading to my local TJ Maxx!  The other cool thing about these silverware organizers (aside from the fun punch of color) is that they have great rubber grips on the top and the bottom of them so NO sliding around in the drawer.

That is my biggest pet peeve with my make-up organizers.  I love them.  But they don’t have grips on the bottom and they slide around despite my multiple make-shift solutions to keep them in place.  Wondering if these colorful silverware organizers would work well for make-up too?  Hmmm…  what else could I use them for?  Pencils and crayons in the craft room?  Tools in the garage?  Hair accessories for the girls?  The options are endless!  I can’t stand it!  I need my house to be finished ASAP so I can organize again!  I’m having serious withdrawals.
My mom and SIL sent pics of their newly organized silverware drawers to each other via text and typed “won’t Erin be proud!”
SO proud.
So very proud indeed.
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  1. Anonymous says

    Love these wondering I can talk my kids into a trip to Tj Maxx. Lol . We are moving in a few weeks and I have been on piniterest looking at all kins of ideas. Also I love see more post on how your organizing for your move. Currently I been trying sort through the large amounts of toys,clothes and books my kids own. They aren’t willing to part with much. Any tips?

  2. says

    Thanks everyone!

    Anonymous – I deal with this issue all the time with my kids! My girls never want to part with anything. I hide stuff of theirs that I want to get rid of for a few weeks. If they don’t realize it’s gone or mention it I know I can get rid of it! Sometimes they ask where something is and if they do, I get it back out and we keep it. :)

    Great idea Evaly! I’ll check it out. Thank you!

    Kath – she did that before the baby during the “nesting” phase. :)

  3. says

    I totally went out and bought these the day you posted this. LOVE them! We moved into a brand new house this week and I’m having such a blast organizing everything, with the help of your and other great blogs on the WWW :)

  4. says

    Erin – you could always put a piece of rubberized shelf liner underneath the ones in your bathroom to help achieve the same thing. That way you’re using something you already have rather than needing to invest in something new :) – Jen

  5. says

    Stacie – Thanks! I bought mine at Target. :)

    Maria – Ha ha! Of course! Why else would I build a house!? ;)

    YEA Katie! Love hearing that!!

  6. says

    LOL . . . It’s too funny that you posted these pictures this week. I was just searching thru Pinterest looking for ideas for my cooking utensil drawer and for my makeup drawers. :) Great minds think alike I guess.

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