Trendy vs. Safe

Trendy vs. Safe.  That is the question!  One I have pondered more times than I can count this past year during our build.  It’s a question I think a lot of us debate when we are decorating our homes.  My motto has usually been to keep big, more expensive items neutral and then play around with things that are easy to change like paint and accessories.  But.  Lately I’m noticing (when gawk at my Pinterest decor boards) that my favorite spaces have bold/trendy decor and furniture.  So sometimes I think it’s good to just go for it!  Do what you love regardless of whether or not it will look trendy!  And then I chicken out and go neutral.  :) 
Today I’m trying to nail down a carpet runner for my stairs.  I love the look of all wood stairs, but I have three little ones who are up and down the stairs 100 times a day.  And I would prefer for those little ones to not fall flat on their faces 100 times a day.  So the posts and balusters will be white, the treads and handrail will be stained the color of my wood floor, and there will be a carpet runner in the middle.  Sounds simple enough, right?  
After eliminating piles of options (trying to find something that works with our wood floor color and the grey paint) these three are left.  And once again I’m torn. 
Go with the trendy pattern on the left?  
Or play it safe with something more neutral like this one?

Kenny loves the pattern.  He is always trying to push me outside of my comfort zone and stop me from playing it so safe.  I don’t know why.  I play safe so nicely!  He said “get it and if you’re sick of it in 5 years we’ll get a new stair runner.”  I said “can I have that in writing?”  He said “ha ha.”  I said “no seriously – get our your pen.”  It actually will be a fairly inexpensive, easy thing to change because it’s not connected to any other carpet and is a small amount.  Plus with wear and tear that stairs get we may be ready for something new before too long anyway.  But still….  ???  Too trendy for the stairs???

Here’s more beautiful trellis I’m considering.  Wallpaper!  So fun!  I’m putting wallpaper in my powder bathroom (I don’t have the pattern to share but will soon!) and I’m debating the blue wallpaper above for  somewhere else.  Maybe the pantry?  I get so excited about it and then something holds me back.  Will I be sick of it in a year?  Will it look too crazy bold?  Will I regret the decision?  
 I kind of doubt that I’ll regret the blue since I have been in love with aquas for years…  
I’m going to try to not go as overboard with this color in the new house.  
No promises.  But I’ll try.  :)
So what is your opinion?  Do you like to play it safe?  Or is your motto go bold or go home?  Which stair runner do you prefer?  The Trendy Trellis or the Neutral Nelly?  
Note to self:  No more late nights with the Property Brothers.  
Here’s a peek of one space I didn’t chicken out on.  My upstairs laundry room cabinets are green!  Or blue!  Kind of both depending on the time of day.  I think I’m going to love it!  Especially when the room is finished and the floor isn’t covered with red paper.  :)  Since this space is upstairs by the kids’ rooms I figured I could have a little fun with it.  Next step is to teach the kids to do their own laundry. 
So they can have a little fun with it too.  

Quick Tip – helping kids unpack from a trip

Popping in with a quick tip today!  Really quick since I’ve already stayed up WAY too late watching the season finale of HGTV Star (had it recorded and have been dying to see who won!).  I need to get over my HGTV addiction.  And my Pinterest addiction.  And my Container Store addiction.  And my turkey sandwich addiction.  And maybe while I’m at it I’ll get over my planner addiction.  
But that’s a story for another day.  
For now I’m sharing a quick tip on how to help your little ones unpack their own suitcase after a trip.  In an organized way of course.  :)  If you say to kids (especially young kids) after returning home from a trip “go and unpack your bag” they usually don’t make much progress.  I know this because of the countless times I’ve told my girls to “go and unpack your bag” and have witnessed them do nothing more than dump their clothes on the ground and maybe move them around a bit.  The reason this often happens is because they are overwhelmed by the task (or because they just don’t want to work.  But for the sake of sounding like a great mom who’s kids LOVE hard work, I’ll give them {and me} the benefit of the doubt and say that they must be overwhelmed).  So I taught them a simple way to unpack.  This is actually how I pack and unpack my own clothes for a trip and how I sort laundry.  

I have my girls take their clothes out of their suitcase and put them into piles.  Time to categorize!  All dresses in a pile.  All skirts.  Then pajamas (here’s where I always wonder why we have a bigger pile of pj’s than we do clothes?).  Swimsuits go in their own pile… and so on and so forth.  It is much easier for my kids to categorize everything first.  It breaks the chore down into a more manageable task.  Then they can get to work putting away their piles.

Here’s a pic of Ad I snapped while she was unpacking from our Utah trip last week.  Once she has her clothes in piles she can grab some hangers and hang each group of clothes up together.  Our drawers and closets are organized the same way (like clothes are grouped together) so once the clothes are in piles, it’s a breeze to put everything away.  
 Skirt pile simply gets placed in the skirt drawer.  

 Shirts are hung in the shirt section of the closet.  
 Dresses with the dresses.  
You get the idea.  

 This way our closets and drawers stay organized and unpacking is a piece of cake!

When I do laundry, I have my girls do the same thing.  I give them a pile of their clean clothes and they take the pile to their rooms and separate them into categories before they put them away.  Such a simple thing to teach your kids to do, but by breaking the task down into manageable pieces (or should I say piles?) it doesn’t feel so overwhelming and the task actually gets done.

In an organized manner no less.  
Most of the time.  

Organized Silverware

Silverware!  Talking silverware today.  I organize my silverware in a simple white organizer (sharp knives in the back far away from little fingers).  This has worked great.  But it’s not as fun as how my mom and SIL are organizing their silverware!  My plain white tray is a little ho hum compared to this…
How cute are these blue organizers!?  A steal at TJ Maxx ($7 bucks each!).

My SIL has them in orange.  And apparently TJ Maxx has LOTS of color options available.  I am so heading to my local TJ Maxx!  The other cool thing about these silverware organizers (aside from the fun punch of color) is that they have great rubber grips on the top and the bottom of them so NO sliding around in the drawer.

That is my biggest pet peeve with my make-up organizers.  I love them.  But they don’t have grips on the bottom and they slide around despite my multiple make-shift solutions to keep them in place.  Wondering if these colorful silverware organizers would work well for make-up too?  Hmmm…  what else could I use them for?  Pencils and crayons in the craft room?  Tools in the garage?  Hair accessories for the girls?  The options are endless!  I can’t stand it!  I need my house to be finished ASAP so I can organize again!  I’m having serious withdrawals.
My mom and SIL sent pics of their newly organized silverware drawers to each other via text and typed “won’t Erin be proud!”
SO proud.
So very proud indeed.

Decorating on a budget (fun ideas)

While I was hanging out with my brother and SIL last week (I’m really missing their sweet new baby right about now!) I asked Dayna if I could take a camera tour around their darling home.  She has decorated everything so cute without spending much money at all and I love so many of her ideas!  So of course I had to share them with all of you.  :)

My brother made these planter boxes with just some wood and wood screws.  Then he and Dayna painted them black and added some pretty flowers.  Such a small project that makes a huge difference on the exterior of their house.  Yea for planter boxes!  I love them.

Another fun exterior project – Dayna spray painted a simple, inexpensive twig wreath from a craft store yellow (used to be brown).  I love the pop of color it adds to her black front door.

Her entry way is so welcoming.  She painted an old desk turquoise.  Then she bought a sunburst mirror at Target for above the table and it wasn’t quite big enough so she attached it to a simple, inexpensive mirror.  Perfect!  She also just bought that cute lamp with the yellow shade at Target.  Add a simple white bird (you know I’m a fan of using a bird or two when decorating), a few magazines and wa-la!  A super stylish entry way.

This is a fun photo gallery hanging over her couch.  I love the way she used two frames with large black borders and two frames with large white borders.  It keeps things interesting but cohesive.

And here is a corner of sweet little Finn’s new nursery.  Isn’t it adorable!?  The crib was a Craigslist find ($30!).  My brother worked his magic to fix it up a bit and make sure it was safe and then Dayna spray painted it white.  What a difference a little spray paint can make.  She didn’t know if she was having a boy or a girl when she decorated this space and I think she did a great job keeping it gender neutral but still full of color and personality.

 The fun Alphabet and You Are My Happy wall hangings were Target finds.
 The butterfly mobile was her one splurge ($50 ordered on Etsy).  I do this a lot when I decorate.  Splurge a bit on one thing that you really love or that creates a focal point or stands out in your space.  Then everything else around it can be inexpensive and you still have an upscale look.
Moving on to her 3 year old’s “big boy room.”  This was a bookcase Dayna had that she painted black. Then she simply added fun patterned wrapping paper to the back of it.  Such an easy, inexpensive way to add color and pattern to a room.  The best part is how easy it will be to switch things up.  She can change the wrapping paper and re-paint the bookcase to create a whole new look.  Re-using items you already have in a different way is a great way to save some money while adding character and charm to a room.
Drew loves owls.  This chair was a TJ Maxx find.  I love decor that personalizes a space.  The owl was a gift from grandma from Pottery Barn Kids.  I know this because Kole has one too.  :)

And here is Drew’s new big boy bed.  LOVE this!  The sunglasses and colors in this bedding are so fun.  Especially with the blue table and bright yellow lamp (bedding and furniture found at… where else… Target!).

Then she simply hung a baby picture of Drew and added some paper lanterns from the dollar store to complete the room!
Ok.  How fun is this headboard!?  SO easy.  A large piece of particle board from Home Depot, some quilt batting, and fabric.  That’s all you need!  Oh – and a staple gun.  Along with someone who’s not afraid to use it.

Just like the bookshelf lined with wrapping paper, you can easily change this when you’re in the mood for a different look.  I love the way it gives her room a dramatic focal point.

And I had to snap a quick picture of what was laying on the end of Dayna’s bed.  Only because it reminded me so much of my own.  :)
Dayna’s house is proof that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a beautifully decorated home.  By just tweaking and re-using some things she already had along with a few simple DIY projects she has created a welcoming space that totally matches her personality.  I LOVE it all!  Thanks for letting us take a peek into your darling home Dayna!  Call me the next time you head to Target.  :)