Sunday, May 5, 2013

Weekends like this one

I want to remember weekends like this one.
Rainy weather.
Slow mornings in pajamas.
Toys all over the place.
Kenny's phone fairly silent (rare).
Kole marching around the house singing "hi ho hi ho.. it's off to work we go..."  
(we're a little obsessed with the seven dwarfs at the moment)
Sunday drive through pretty neighborhoods with tree lined streets.
Naps for the boys.
All caught up on laundry (also rare).
Waffles for breakfast.  And dinner.
Lots of cuddling on the couch.
Stories at bedtime.  

I want to remember how happy we are right now.
Especially during weekends like this one.


Anonymous said...

love,love,LOVE weekends like that! We are ready for our winter weekends, I have to admit when my son said he didn't want to play soccer or football this winter I had to hide my smile of delight, no getting anyone ready to go and stand in the cold, bring it on! Hope a great week follows your great weekend :)Emma in Aus

gayla said...

This is one of the best post ever! I believe there is nothing better than a rainy day once in a while!! I so remember when our three children were 6 and under and life was busy we just somehow welcomed the rain as a downtime day inside!! Whether we baked or had tea parties with american girl dolls , or made a construction sight out of our dining room, we have so many great memories!!! Thanks for sharing!!

Simply LKJ said...

Love this post. Yes, those are the ones you will remember most. Love that picture!!

Anonymous said...

This post brought tears! I love days like that with my girls! I am soon going to frame "These are the good ol' days". Question: can you post about your schedule on normal days again... I can't find it and need some 'get up and movin' inspiration. i can't seem to find workout time with 3 kids, and I know you can help:) Thanks so much!!!

Becky said...

Indeed - that is what its all about isn't it! Those moments with our precious family!

Sheila said...

Oh I totally agree! My kids are getting too big--my oldest will leave on his mission on two years & his sister will be right behind him off to college. Luckily I have two younger also, but we have a close-knit fun family and I treasure our together times because they are fleeting!

Amy said...

We're in San Diego as well. The rainy days are so rare! And while it stinks that we cant do our normal dog walk / park play time, I love the time with my girls! They're 3 and 1 and we "camped out" in the living room last night and they had a blast! My dog looks at me like " MOM MAKE THE RAIN STOP" but, hey- my grass sure is appreciating it!

Jane Carden said...

I love this!! The "Good Old Days" are right now! This is such a cute picture!

Erin said...

Thanks Emma! I would feel the same way about less activities! :)

Gayla - we feel the same way! I love rain on the weekends. Makes us slow down and spend the day inside together.

Anonymous - yes! I will post sometime soon about my schedule although it is hardly "normal" right now. I'm up at the new house on and off all day so it's a bit crazy. But I will let you know how I fit in exercise! So hard with three little ones!

Thanks for the sweet comments everyone! I know we all cherish down time with our families. It's the best. :)

Jennifer said...

Such a sweet, tender post...really enjoyed this. Precious memories I'm sure you'll always cherish.

Mommarazzi said...

Love this

Aaron Hoekstra said...

Sounds like a dreamy weekend! I have been dreaming about a rainy weekend's been a while for us.