New duds

Had to have this for my little boyfriend.  Dr. Love indeed.  :)
And because my mini stud loves Dinosaurs this top had to leave Gap and come home with me too.  
He requests his dinosaur shirt every day now.  

 This is us doing our mini dinosaur roar.  
And our not so mini dinosaur ROAR!
We entertain ourselves quite easily around here.  
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  1. says

    That was perfect. Short, sweet, and to the point. So glad you have this new plan so we can still hear from you.
    Love the dino shirt! It looks so cute on that cute boy.

  2. says

    so cute! love that dr. shirt! And I’m so glad you decided on the blog plan that you did. It makes my morning to read a post from you, even if it’s little :)

  3. says

    I agree with Courtney. This post was perfect! I hope it didn’t take you long, but it was good to hear from you. :) Thanks for posting!

  4. says

    Perfect solution. Love the progress pictures on your beautiful home. I can’t wait to come see it when it’s done. And the darling pictures of your kids are the BEST!! Kole is a cutie.

  5. says

    Love the Dr. Love shirt! Oh how I miss the toddler years. Although it’s hard parenting a toddler, the simple days of doing dinosaur roars were the best! Enjoy!

  6. says

    He’s so cute! LOVE the shirts!! I think a visit to Gap is in my future.

    Question…Do you have any cute and comfy ballet flats that you like that you could share with us? They all give me blisters so I thought I’d ask.

  7. says

    Love the dinosaur! My boys both went through the dinosaur phase. We always had to listen to “Dinosaur Roar” by Justine Clarke.

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