Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lazy Morning

We are still in our pajamas.  No therapy.  No new house meetings.  No camps or scheduled summer activities.  Just the whole morning to be lazy and do what we want to do.  My favorite.  I made the kids waffles.  El reminded me that they don't taste as good as when daddy makes them, but I'm showing some improvement.  

Then Addison became a spooky ghost and scared us all.  

Now we are off to tackle the girls' rooms.  
 This pile was all on Ellie's bunk bed.  Seriously.  Have a toy El.  

And this is the contents of Addison's pajama drawer.  
Only one of the ten clothes drawers we are sorting through today.     
Most of their stuff is too little.  :(

Also found in Addison's pajama drawer.  Hmmm.  
Seems Ellie isn't the only toy hoarder.  

 Luckily the dolls are ready to pitch in and help.  

Now I just need to get off this computer and get started.
I'm totally stalling, can you tell?  

Maybe the mess can wait a bit.
I'm thinking we should head to the gym instead.
I need to work off the waffles I just ate.
Plus the shrieks coming from upstairs are telling me that Kole needs an outing.  
It's so cloudy on the coast right now.
But any minute that sun is going to pop right out.  
It always does.


Enjoy your day!


Jacquelyn Grandy said...

Ok, you made me feel a bit better. I was going through my son's room the other day and everything was stuffed into drawers and legos were hidden in every nook and cranny. Just wait till Kole gets into legos. They are great because they really keep the boys busy, but they get everywhere!

I love lazy summer mornings as well, and I’m so not ready for my kids to go back to school. It’s so fun having them around.

Have a great day organizing.

The Stratton Family said...

This sounds EXACTLY like my morning... except replace the waffles with smoothies. :) But cloudy skies, piles of things ready to be organized... I've got all of that!

Jen said...

the girls' rooms look like Paige's! We have a lot of those projects going...

Dina said...

OMG Dev does this all the time. He misplaces his toys all the time. Thank god he is not the only one!

Laura @ Twenty5seven said...

We get dozens of books hidden in the bed and random nature treasures (shells, stones, leaves, sticks) hidden in drawers.

It always makes me smile when I find them =o)

Anonymous said...

Love your organizing ideas! What do you use to write on your black chalk labels (bisquik label)? Mine always look messy because chalk doesn't write well!! Drives me crazy.

Cathy's World said...

Love those mornings!

Shari said...

Yay for lazy mornings! And double Yay for waffles!

holly w said...

Quick question - Where do you donate old toys?

Erin said...

Thanks everyone! Love hearing so many of you have kids' rooms with the same issues! :)

Lyn - the chalk I used isn't chalk! It's a "chalk" marker! Coolest thing ever because there is no mess and it's easy to erase. I explained where to buy the marker and the labels in my pantry post:


Hi Holly! I give our old toys to family, friends, or take them to the Goodwill drop off by my house. I know you can donate a lot of toys to preschools and daycares too!

ReenieK Designs said...

I love lazy mornings!