Lazy Morning

We are still in our pajamas.  No therapy.  No new house meetings.  No camps or scheduled summer activities.  Just the whole morning to be lazy and do what we want to do.  My favorite.  I made the kids waffles.  El reminded me that they don’t taste as good as when daddy makes them, but I’m showing some improvement.  
Then Addison became a spooky ghost and scared us all.  
Now we are off to tackle the girls’ rooms.  
 This pile was all on Ellie’s bunk bed.  Seriously.  Have a toy El.  

And this is the contents of Addison’s pajama drawer.  
Only one of the ten clothes drawers we are sorting through today.     
Most of their stuff is too little.  :(
Also found in Addison’s pajama drawer.  Hmmm.  
Seems Ellie isn’t the only toy hoarder.  
 Luckily the dolls are ready to pitch in and help.  
Now I just need to get off this computer and get started.
I’m totally stalling, can you tell?  
Maybe the mess can wait a bit.
I’m thinking we should head to the gym instead.
I need to work off the waffles I just ate.
Plus the shrieks coming from upstairs are telling me that Kole needs an outing.  
It’s so cloudy on the coast right now.
But any minute that sun is going to pop right out.  
It always does.
Enjoy your day!

Fun weekend and fruit dip

FUN weekend.  Lots of play and little work.  I’ll pay for it tomorrow (the laundry alone!), but it was worth it.  I got to spend Friday afternoon at the park with a friend I danced with in college and haven’t seen since.  She was in town visiting and called and I’m SO glad she did!  I loved catching up with her and meeting her cute kids.  Two girls close in age and a two year old little boy.  We are living parallel lives.  :)  It was SO fun to see her again.  I didn’t take a picture (I have been awful at taking pictures this summer!) but we had a great afternoon.  
The rest of the weekend included get togethers with two other families we love to hang out with.  First a little pool time!  I finally learned the secret to getting Kole to stay put in the pool instead of just running around it.  
Good old Thomas to the rescue.  This boy of mine loves his trains.  
I love his trains too.  They allow me at least five minutes of down time.  
I’ll take it!
Best friends and their dads.  
Our other fun get-together was a BBQ at a friends house.  They made the most delicious meal I think I’ve ever had!  Seriously!  Great food.  Great company.  We didn’t want to leave.  So we didn’t!  We all hung out so late.  I think it was the latest my kids have ever stayed up!
My contribution to the amazing meal?  Not much.  My cute friend insisted on making everything aside from a fruit salad.  So I made my fruit salad and I also made some fruit dip.  I thought I’d share this SIMPLE fruit dip because it is seriously so good.  And so simple.  Did I mention that already?  That it’s simple and good?  Because it is.  
Whip together:

8 oz cream cheese (softened)
7 oz jar of marshmallow creme
2 teaspoons of Maraschino cherry juice

You can see the dip in the purple bowl on the kids’ table next to my fruit salad.  It’s light pink and it’s delicious!  Not the healthiest, but a summertime hit nonetheless.  

Table for the kids.    
 Table for the adults.  I loved the fresh sun flowers!  
A few more pics from the evening — 

What kid doesn’t love a slip-n-slide? 
Kole was in absolute heaven.  

I think his trains have met their match.
Makes me so excited to have a yard!  This boy and his mom are more than ready for one.  
p.s.  Is anyone else a nervous wreak watching the Olympics!?  I get so stressed during the events (especially girls gymnastics).  My hands start to sweat just watching them!  I can only imagine what their parents must feel like!
p.p.s.  Happy Monday.  :)

Old Gym and Quotes, New Kicks and Music

I’ve talked about my exercise routine a lot on this blog.  Mostly about how I try to prioritize one.  I’ve also mentioned how my “routine” is constantly changing depending on my current “kid” situation.  (I’m clearly in the mood to “quote” tonight.  Don’t know why but it’s “amusing” me.)  Well my “routine” has changed again.  (K – I’ll stop now.) 

Last time we discussed exercise I was walking/jogging with Kole in his jogger, but once summer hit and the girls were home that plan flew out the window!  So two weeks ago I re-joined my old gym!  And I’m so excited about it!  I know.  Gyms usually aren’t that exciting.  But this gym is a bit sentimental to me.  It’s the same gym that I spent 45 minutes in  each day for years when my girls were little.  It’s the same gym that saved me from having a mom meltdown each day while Kenny was working long new attorney hours and I was depressed living away from family.  It’s the same gym that helped me lose my baby weight after I had each of my girls which also helped me feel good about myself again.  It’s the same gym that I made a lot of new friends in (mostly with the people who work there).  It’s the same gym that gave me sanity!  And lots of good blogging material.  Here are a few times my gym came up in past posts: 

I had such a great “mom moment” this week. One thing I love about my gym is that I can see into the windows of the kids club (where my kiddos play while I workout) from the treadmills. Every once in a while while I’m exercising I see the top of their heads running around. Last week I saw them run by and for the first time, Addison looked up and saw me through the window. She got so excited and she ran to find Ellie and they both stood there waving and blowing kisses to me with the biggest smiles on their faces. I started frantically waving back and blowing kisses to them and everyone on the treadmills lining both sides of me were looking at me like I was a total idiot. I didn’t even care. For some reason it just hit me and I was so overwhelmed with love for my two girls. I got a little teary eyed and just thought about how much I love them and how much I really do love being a mom. It was the highlight of my week. (Now I just need to remember that moment the next time they paint all over my carpet)

So I love zoning out and letting my mind wander. Something about the random randomness of my thoughts always makes me happy. I tend to zone out at various times throughout the day. (Often happens whenever Kenny starts a discussion including words like taxes, finance, or bills) Some may call this being spacey, but I like to think my mind is extremely complex and always needs to be in motion. :) This happens whenever I’m on the treadmill, which is why I like treadmills so much. A few random thoughts during this morning’s jog…
Is today only Tuesday? ….I have GOT to call and find out what I need to do to get Ellie registered for Kindergarten ….wait – today is Koni’s b-day! Crap. Forgot to send a card. Why didn’t I write that on my to-do list? Oh yeah, I did. I just didn’t read my to-do list….I wish I looked like Natalie Portman….thank goodness for this song (So What by Pink) because it’s the only thing keeping my feet moving right now….I need new gym shoes….is American Idol on tonight?….I should wash sheets today….my new camera is probably too big to carry around with me everywhere….wish I knew how to wink….why am I thinking about winking?….love it when my mind wanders….I should put this as a good thing on my blog.

I’m fond of the scales at the gym. They’re like big, fun toys. I like to move the black thing back and forth trying to get it to balance. I’m not fond of the way my i pod always seems to add at least seven pounds when I weigh myself. (It’s a mini, not a shuffle)

Today I went to the gym for the first time since I had Kole.  With Ellie, I didn’t take her to the gym until she was over one year old. I didn’t trust anyone but me to take care of my baby. When I did finally leave her, I gave specific instructions on everything about her from what she liked to play with to how she liked to be held. Then I found a treadmill with a direct view into the Kids Klub so I could watch her the whole time I worked out. I took Addison to the gym around six months. I knew and trusted the ladies I was leaving her with by this time, but still gave them specific instructions each time I dropped her off and still tried to workout at least part of the time close by so I could peek in on her. With Kole I was counting down for him to turn three months – old enough to go to the Kids Klub. I dropped all three of my kids off today, handed the ladies a diaper bag, muttered “bless you all!” and headed for the exercise equipment as far away from the Kids Klub as possible.

**Side note:  (I don’t recommend you click on that last post “Life with Three” if you get queasy easily.  It’s a very real look into what life can be like with little ones!  But one of my favorite posts just the same.)  :)

Anyway!  You can see how my gym used to be a big part of my life and why I’m so excited to be back in the routine of visiting again.  Kole is finally old enough to run and play with the other kids and doesn’t cry when I leave like he used to (which was why I took such a long break).  It has been two years since I stopped going and it was like a family reunion when I re-joined.  So fun to see so many of the same people working there!  They couldn’t believe how big the girls are now.  They were also so happy to see that Addison’s hair is still super curly.  :)

Now that I’ve gabbed all about my old gym with old blog posts, it’s time to share something new!  
In honor of my new gym membership (and in hopes to motivate me to exercise) I bought some new running shoes and downloaded some new workout music.  
I mentioned attempting to hit the Nordstroms sale with Kole a couple of weeks ago.  The trip only lasted about 45 minutes but it was just long enough to find these fun Nikes on sale for 50 bucks!  SCORE.  Such a great deal. Have you all seen the fun Nikes this season?  Mine aren’t nearly as bright and colorful as most of this collection.  These shoes are so popular around here.  I was in desperate need of some new running shoes and these are so comfortable.  Perfect for treadmill running at my new-old gym!  

I also thought I’d share the new tunes I added to my workout play list on my ipod.  I mixed all of these songs in with my old running mix which you can see here.  Great music to get your feet moving!

Raise Your Glass – Pink
Rolling in the Deep – Adele
Rumor Has It – Adele
Party Rock Anthem – LMFAO
Pump It – Black Eyed Peas
Dum Diddly – Black Eyed Peas
Boom Boom Pow – Black Eyed Peas
Bad Romance – Lady Ga Ga
On the Floor – Jennifer Lopez
Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen
Girlfriend – Avril Lavigne
Battlefield – Jordin Sparks
Party in the USA – Miley Cyrus (in honor of this post)  :)
Run the World (Girls) – Beyonce
Hello – Martin Solveig

Any fun, fast paced songs I’ve missed?  Do tell!  

Happy Friday everyone! 

House decisions made!

My brain is officially fried.  Kenny and I spent 5 hours this afternoon with our builder and window guy.  To continue the 4 hour meeting we had yesterday.  Which was a continuation of the 6 hour meeting from a few days before.  And you know what?  We aren’t even half way finished with exterior windows and doors!  We haven’t even made it to the fun part yet where I get to pick out styles!  We have been going room by room and determining exact size, which way the windows/doors will open, and (for me) discovering all sorts of things about my floor plan that I didn’t realize before… – Oh!  I’m going to need a 15 foot ladder to plant flowers in that flower box.  Maybe that’s not the best location for one.  Come to think of it, maybe my architect already told me that and I chose to ignore him because all I could think about was how pretty some purple petunias would look in that window.  :)  

Anyway!  Despite the mummy like state I am constantly walking around in with so many house decisions still left to make, I feel really excited about the things I have decided on!  Here is a peek of a few things I am including in the new house…

I have been having a love affair with dutch doors for some time now.  I absolutely adore them and I  wanted one so badly!  Aside from the look and overall charm they add to a space, I love the idea of opening the top half of the door to let in the ocean breeze or watch my kids while they play outside.  When we were working on designing the mudroom with our architect, I sent him this picture:

I told him I loved this look and for sure wanted a dutch door in my mudroom coming in off of the front porch, but I also wanted lots of space for lockers/cubbies for the kids.  We initially had the dutch door in the plans, but then a few weeks later we took it out so that I would have more storage space.  Until three days ago when I put it back in.  :)  I couldn’t stop thinking about it!  One of those things I really wanted and I finally decided it was more important to me than extra storage.  I still have plenty of room to do what I want to do for the kids in the mudroom so it worked out great.  And I’m so excited about this door!  I haven’t decided what color it will be – white, black, grey, or maybe something really bright and fun?  Kenny is excited too.  Last week he said “are you still talking about that dutch door!?  Enough already! Put it back in!”  So I guess he’s less excited about the door and more excited that I won’t be discussing it anymore, but regardless, we both got what we wanted in the end.  :)


We have a fun outdoor entertaining area coming off of the french doors in the family room.  It’s a covered patio with a fireplace similar to the picture above.  The last few days we have debated installing the lift and slide doors (we have doors that come off of our living room and into this outdoor patio).   The lift and slide doors are so cool.  They slide right into the wall so your indoor/outdoor area becomes one big room.  But tonight we finally decided to stick with the french doors because they are more compatible with the style of our home.  Plus they cost less.  Always a bonus!  
Speaking of style!  I love two styles of homes: Nantucket/Cape Cod and French Country.  When we first started designing the house I was trying to combine both styles, but as the house progressed, it turned into more and more of a Nantucket look.  Guess that style is my ultimate favorite!  I could never find an exact picture of what I wanted for the exterior, so I sent my architect individual pics of everything.  I sent him SO many pictures:  love this door, love these windows, love this siding, etc.  It has been so fun seeing everything I love come together to create a home!  This is one of the pictures I sent him for inspiration and our house has several similarities… 

Isn’t this home beautiful!?  This is exactly how our garages will stick out from the house only ours are on the right side of the house where the garages in this picture are on the left (looking head on).  Just like this picture, we will pull into our garages on the inside.  This made the most sense with the shape of our lot. Another thing I love about this house is all of the white molding.  I LOVE white molding and the way it pops against any rock or siding.  I also love the triangle peaks in the roof line (over the front door and over the front garage).  Our house has a lot of peaks/gables in the roof line.  In fact sometimes I worry that I went a little too crazy with the gables!  I don’t think I went too crazy with the white molding though.  In my opinion, one can never have too much white molding.  :)


These two pictures show the type of window style that is consistent throughout the house.  LOVE it!!  I haven’t decided how thick I want the lines in the upper part of the windows to be and if there will be six squares (pic above) or three rectangles (pic below).  That will be decided in our next 5 hour window meeting.  (I’m about to ask our babysitter to just move in with us!).  
I haven’t decided exactly what I’m doing for ceilings in the main rooms of the house (a lot of it depends on what we can afford after we see where we’re at with everything else).  But I do know what I want for the family room.  We have a high pitched roof in our family room and this is the look that is penciled in the plans:  

SO pretty!  My mom saw these pictures on-line a few months ago and called me and said “I found a picture of what you’ve been talking about for your ceilings!”  Sure enough, there they were.  It was love at first sight.


I have gone back and forth so many times on whether or not I should do a stainless steel fridge or cover it so that it blends in with the kitchen cabinets.  After much debate, I’m leaning towards having it blend in with the cabinets like the picture above.  I love the look of stainless, but this will be much more practical so that I’m not cleaning fingerprints every other day like I do now.  But don’t hold me to it, since I have been known to change my mind as often as Addison changes her clothes.  Which as you all know is pretty often.

So that is just a peek of some of the things that we are including in the new house!  There are still so many decisions to make, but like I said, I’m feeling good about the choices we’ve made so far.  Maybe I don’t suffer from decision making disorder after all!

Or do I?  
I can’t decide.  


The more torn up the better!

So fun to finally see our lot buzzing with activity!  
These pics are from over a week ago and things are even more torn up as of late!  The kids had their day in the sun running through the trenches, but now things are getting dangerous so no more exploring the lot with the littles.  
I love driving by to see what’s been done each day.  
I look out at the lot and think to myself – “looks like more holes in the dirt!  Fabulous!”  
Who knew dirt, heavy duty machinery and a porta potty could be so exciting!?  :) 

We are knee deep in window and door decisions this week.  SO many options!  It has been a bit overwhelming and will take weeks to finalize.  Good thing I totally know what I’m doing.

  (I so totally don’t.)

Good times around here.  :)
Happy Tuesday everyone!