Fashion Friday

I received several e-mails asking where I got the cute beach/snack bag in my previous post.  The bags are from a company called Thirty One Gifts and I received them when I did this giveaway.  You can check that post for their website along with information about who to contact if you want to order one for yourself.  Also, a sweet blog reader and director with Thirty One Gifts (hi Allison!) left a comment in my last post along with her information because she too sells their bags.  Thirty One Gifts sells a lot of really fun stuff!

Speaking of fun stuff, I thought I’d share a few things I’ve bought lately.  Fall fashion is my absolute favorite and since I haven’t bought much the past two years (due to pregnancy and post pregnancy baby weight that lingered forever!) I decided that it was time to get a jump start on this year’s Fall wardrobe!

These necklaces I actually bought about a month ago and have loved wearing them this summer.  The one on the left with the matching bracelet is from The Limited and the one on the right was from a specialty shop here in San Diego.  
I love the orange/teal color combo in this one.

This shirt from Banana Republic looks great with both necklaces.  I’ve worn this shirt a ton this summer! It fits cute and I love the pleated sleeves.  Works with most of my jewelry, levi, or white skirts/shorts.  A casual ‘go to’ top for sure.

This necklace also looks good with this white dress shirt I just bought (also from The Limited). 

I guess this top is actually an end of summer splurge vs. fall fashion.  But I loved the way it fit so much that it had to come home with me.  :)

Some fun flats I bought at the Nordstroms sale (for only $50 bucks!).  Should be perfect for running the kids around all day.  I don’t buy many shoes like this because my heels are SO narrow.  If my shoes don’t have straps they slip right off my heels and drive me crazy.  I’m a big fan of flats like this that gather in the back!

Another fun top from The Limited.  I have too many shirts this color, but I loved the sleeves and the way this fit.

I wore it to church last week with this black belt, a fun skirt, and my favorite black heels (that are so high I have to really watch it holding Kole so we both don’t go toppling to the floor).  
But the two of us were stylin’!  :)

This grey cardigan was a bit of a splurge (also from The Limited) but it is my favorite thing I’ve bought lately!  You can’t tell from the picture, but it fits so cute – fitted in the back and then it hangs long in the front.  I tried it on with a white tank underneath, my dark Joes skinny jeans, 
and these boots.  LOVE it!  I’ll have to take a picture with it on sometime because it’s way cuter on a person than on the hanger.  

I found this purple sweater on sale at Anthropologie.  Can you tell that I’m into solid colors by this point?    Kind of boring, I know.  But I just love stuff like this.  

This sweater has a fun, funky orange zipper in the back that you can’t see at all when I’m wearing it.  But I know it’s there.  And it will make me FEEL fun and funky.  :)

So far, this belt (also from Anthropologie) is the only purchase I’m having buyers remorse about.  It was 55 bucks – a bit much for a belt – but I just love it so much!!!  But then I got home and thought “will I really wear it enough…. I already have so many belts…. I could take it back and buy 8 belts from Forever 21 for the same price…..”

and then I tried it on with this shirt I bought in the Spring and MAGIC!  
Ok – keeping the belt.  :)
So that’s it for my first rendition of “Fashion Friday.”  I found a fun dress and some other things too, but I took these pictures during Kole’s nap and right after I snapped the picture above, Kole woke up.  
No more pictures were taken from that point forward!
Have a great weekend everyone! 

Get out the door list

Oh that was too much fun hearing from so many of you!  I’ve loved checking in with my blog throughout the day and reading all of your sweet comments.  Thank you so much for your opinions/advice about the plays.  It’s clear we need to just see them both!  Now I need some advice on how to convince my parents that it is imperative for them to watch my children for a day or two longer than planned.  :)  I’ll keep you posted on how that goes…
For today I wanted to share something that I meant to post at the beginning of summer, but then all of the sudden it was summer and most of my planned posts flew right out the window along with my sanity.  
I’ve found that one of the hardest daily tasks with little ones is simply GETTING OUT THE DOOR.  It requires so much time, energy, and just stuff!  Every summer I write a simple “get out the door list” and tape it to my back door.  It’s a run down of every possible thing I might need for our summer outings. 
Some of the items listed are for when we are heading to the beach (quarters for parking) or the pool (goggles and water wings), but a lot of these items I need to remember every day in the summer for any outing we are going on (sunglasses, snacks for the kids, diapers, etc.)  It’s so nice to have a list to glance at quickly when we’re in a hurry to get somewhere – just to double check that I have everything.  Then I don’t have to think about all of the stuff we need to take and I can deal with Addison’s meltdown over which pair of sandals to wear, Kole’s last minute diaper change, or Ellie’s attempt to sneak 15 toys into the car along with her.  
I only have so much of it. 
I also keep this bag hanging by my keys so I can quickly grab it for snacks and water…  
and this bag sits in our garage by the door.  As soon as I wash swim suits, cover-ups, and towels I put them in here so they are ready to go.

Anything I can do ahead of time makes life that much easier when we are trying to go somewhere.  
I’m always amazed at what a feat getting out the door can be!  

paint and advice

Hope everyone had a good weekend!  Ours was a productive one.  I decided to paint a wall.  My house is driving me crazy because I want to re-do everything BUT as I’ve mentioned before, we are house hunting.  We may find a house we love in two days, or we may find a house we love in two years.  I kept putting off decor changes thinking that as soon as I started making a mess of things we would find our dream home.  Then it hit me.  As soon as I start making a mess of things we’ll find our dream home! So I’m tearing into this house with high hopes that it will all be for nothing!  :)

I didn’t know where to start, so I just slapped some paint samples on our dining room wall and picked the one I liked best!

The color is called Jamaica Bay by Behr  and I got it at Home Depot – I hate Home Depot by the way.  But I love this color!  When you hold something blue against it, it looks green and when you hold something green against it, it looks blue.  It’s a great sort of aqua color.  I have to say that Kenny and I are NOT DIY people.  If we want new furniture, we buy it.  If we want something painted, we hire a painter.  But this wall was such a small space that I figured we could figure it out on our own.  At least I hoped we could.  
I taped everything while Kenny had the girls at swimming lessons and then when they came back I put Kole down for a nap and we all got to work!  Kenny painted a little…..

I painted a little…..

Even Ellie painted a little.  Addison opted out because the thought of getting paint on her well thought out outfit was too much to bear.  
Two hours later Kenny showered and came downstairs in this shirt.  I decided it was a sign.  A sign of what, I don’t know.  That we’ll find a new house soon?  That this color is the bomb?  That I should paint more walls and buy Kenny more shirts in aqua?  All to be determined.  For now, we are getting used to this change.  I walked downstairs this morning, walked around the corner, and WHOA – there’s a  bright bluish greenish wall!  Now I just need to make a few other changes so that it doesn’t look so out of place.  But I have to say that I’m very proud we painted ourselves.  Maybe I’ll become a DIYer after all!  Can you be a DIYer and hate Home Depot???
And here is another question for anyone kind enough to answer it….
Kenny and I are planning an adults only trip to New York in the fall and are trying to choose which Broadway musical we want to see.  We’ve seen Les Miserables on Broadway and Wicked and Phantom in L.A. (Wicked was the best!) so now we’re thinking either Lion King or Mary Poppins.  
Has anyone seen either or both of these?  Any opinions on which one is better?  
Thanks so much!  Hope your week is off to a good start!  

An organized hutch (part 2)

How is everyone’s week going?  Is anyone else tired yet?  We’re having a fun summer, but my kids are seriously wearing me out!  It’s like they are in hyper over drive or something.  Things are a little crazy around here so naturally I turned to my guaranteed solution for feeling a bit of “inner calm.”  You may remember a while ago when I organized my hutch and put keepsakes in these fun red boxes….

 Well – I didn’t share the left side of my hutch because it wasn’t completely finished.  I had a lot of loose odds and ends that needed a home so when I found some fun containers last week on sale at the Crate and Barrel Outlet I decided it was time to finally complete the hutch.

This hutch had become a storage place for lots of random odds and ends – mostly miscellaneous fall holiday items because my Christmas stuff is organized in various trunks.  I pulled everything out, made a great big mess, and started categorizing!  Ahhh… feeling the inner calm already.

You may notice that one box is holding a million remotes.  We have one remote that is programmed to do everything but Kenny insists on still keeping the pile of individual ones.  What am I supposed to do with those!?  File them next to computer cords, a Valentine garland, and some Halloween spiders web of course.  See what I mean when I say random odds and ends.  Doesn’t get much more random than that.

Before long, the left side of my hutch looked like this!  With bigger holiday items on top, and smaller items in their oh so tidy containers on the bottom.  The containers ended up being the perfect size and I was able to fit all twelve.  I decided not to do labels.  As much as I love a good label, I usually don’t use them with clear containers.  It’s so easy to see what’s inside and I like having the option to switch things around often.  You know.  Like on another day in the foreseeable future when I’m needing some more inner calm.  
Like maybe tomorrow.  
I was excited because I even had one empty box leftover!  An excuse to buy more!  Bonus.  
So now the left side of my hutch looks like this.  
The right side of my hutch looks like this.
The drawers still look like this (only because a certain one year old can’t reach them).

And the whole hutch is nice and organized.  A place for everything and everything in its place.
The only problem???
The front of my hutch still looks like this.    
A project for another day!  Most likely when my girls have gone back to school.  
How many more days???  
Not that I’m counting or anything….

Ellie’s “hafe” birthday

 Yesterday Ellie informed Kenny and I that today was a special day…

She also handed us an agenda for her “hafe” birthday celebration…

Someone has been watching her mommy and has become quite the little list maker.  :)  What choice did we have but to put on some party hats!?

Addison was in charge of the “dress up fancy”…

Kenny came home from work early to “ice the cupcakes.”  He even mixed in a little food coloring to really spice things up.

The cupcakes turned out fabulous and the girls and their toys put on a great ballet show.  Ellie started age seven and a half with a bang.  
And where was Kole during the celebration?  

Mom put this little guy to bed early.  He had his own little party all. day. long.