Tuesday, June 29, 2010

One of the dolls

This morning I fed Kole and propped him up on the couch while I fixed breakfast for the girls. I told Ellie to keep an eye on him. Five minutes later I went to pick him up and found this...

She told me she was getting the babies ready for a movie. I'll have to save this one for Kole's future wife. :)

At my mom's again (wish Kenny could have come). I'm having a great time so far and and it goes without saying that so are my girls. Aside from dragging out all of my old Cabbage Patch Dolls they are spending lots of time with family and in the pool. Love being in Utah for the 4th. Love this picture.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer organizing

Last week I mentioned being in a funk and going on an organizing rampage. Since my mom was here to help with the kids I was able to get so much done! (thanks mom!) Here are some of the before and after pics.

I've been wanting to use my bedroom hutch to house all of the educational workbooks, flashcards, etc. for the girls. Beginning of summer seemed like the perfect time to get this mess in order.

Everything is categorized - bottom shelf is stuff on Addison's level, middle shelf for Ellie, and the top shelf for educational stuff that they aren't quite ready for. Now when we have down time over the summer it will be so easy to pull out something to work on with them.

Love being able to close the cupboards and have it put away so the girls aren't getting into it without me.

Next I attacked the games. Our games were spread out all over my house. Some were in the girls' closet, some were in the hutch, some were in a cupboard downstairs - none of them were getting played with much.

I rounded them all up and put them in this big drawer below the girls' bunk beds (these big storage drawers were the reason I fell in love with their bunk beds in the first place). Now they are all together and in a location that the girls can get to easily. Ready for summer afternoons when we need a little down time.

On to closets! Here's another mid-mess picture. Kole loves to stare at the light coming through the window almost as much as I love to stare at him.

I went through all of the girls' clothes (I do this every six months) and got rid of the stuff they aren't wearing and organized all of their summer clothes.

Warmer clothes that will still fit them next year are on the other side of the closet.

Then I organized all of their drawers. One for ballet clothes/shoes, one for summer nightgowns, one for swimsuits, etc.

Since I had so many bags already going to Goodwill I decided it was a good time to go through the baby toys and get rid of stuff I didn't think I'd use for Kole.

Fun to see all of these toys out again. :)

Since the girls' closet and games were organized I decided to complete their room by going through all of their books. Kole is an organizing maniac!

I got rid of A LOT of books. We had too many and there were quite a few the girls weren't reading anymore.

Love it! Now we have room for new books. I put all of the leveled books for Ellie to read this summer on the bottom shelf (along with a few for Kole) and then just straightened the rest.

Done! Everything on my to-do list checked off. Such a good feeling! Did I cure my funk? I don't know, but I'm definitely feeling more ready for summer. :)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

BPS Giveaway Winner!

So instead of using the 'Random Integer Generator' to pick a winner, I decided to do things the old fashioned way. I wrote all of your names down on slips of paper and had Ellie draw a winner. We did a drum roll and everything. It was just more fun that way. :)

The winner of Jessica's "Don't Blink: Scrapbooking Your Baby's First Year" class is -

lettersfromsouthbeach who said:

"I would love the opportunity to win! I have a 5 and 3 year old and have yet to make their baby books! Thanks!"

Congrats! E-mail me at chargerfanken@gmail.com so I can send you the class code.

For those of you who were interested in the class and didn't win, remember to use the coupon code and you can take the class for about the price of lunch. Happy Scrapping!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A giveaway!

Jessica Turner contacted me and asked if I was interested in doing a giveaway on my blog. Fun! This is my first. :) Her timing was perfect because I had just been thinking about how this fall when my girls go back to school I need to make Kole's baby book a priority. If I don't make it happen while he is still a baby, chances are it won't happen at all! Jessica is offering 20% off of her self paced class called "Don't Blink: Scrapbooking Your Baby's First Year." I'm excited to take her class and get some new ideas and a little motivation to do Kole's book. Who knows...maybe I'll get motivated to do Addison's too. That would be my four year old. Nice.

Class Description:
Finding time to scrapbook amidst milestones and diaper changes can be a challenge, but it is possible! In the self-paced class Don't Blink: Scrapbooking Your Baby's First Year, you will receive tips, tricks and inspiration to complete your baby's first year album - while he or she is still a baby. And don't despair, if your baby is walking and talking, Don't Blink will still inspire you to complete his album before he graduates high school.

As a new mommy who works full-time, writes The Mom Creative blog and loves to scrapbook, Jessica Turner's life is a constant juggling act. After not finding any baby scrapbooking resources she loved and with a commitment to completing her son's first year album while he was still a baby, she developed Don't Blink: Scrapbooking Your Baby's First Year.

After taking Don't Blink, you will be inspired to create dozens of layouts for your baby's scrapbook. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the amount of pictures you have taken and the layouts you could make, you will have the tools needed to create a scrapbook that will be cherished for generations by your child. AND, you will be able to get it done during naptimes, at night and whenever else you can squeeze in fifteen to thirty minutes to scrapbook!

Class link:

Coupon code for my readers:
Jessica is giving all of my blog readers 20% off Don’t Blink!
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*Disclaimer: This coupon only applies to the Don’t Blink Self-Paced class; coupon does not apply towards other Self-Paced Projects, Workshops or Gift Certificates. Good for one time use, per student. Expires December 20th, 2010 at 10pm PST. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Coupon must be entered in the “Promo Code” box during checkout and press “apply” button; discount will be applied immediately. Not applicable towards previous purchases. Other terms and restrictions may apply.

Aside from the coupon Jessica is giving away one free spot in her class! If you would like to win a spot, leave me a comment on this post before Monday, June 28th and I'll draw a winner.

{This is fun} :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A quick page

Just sharing a page I put together for Addison's Project Life book -

It was a quick one. I did it while Kole was sleeping and the girls were watching High School Musical for the first time. Opened a whole new can of worms with that movie!

Felt good to be scrapbooking again.

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Blessing Day

We blessed Kole in church this last Sunday. Kenny gave him a beautiful blessing. He mentioned Kole having a long, happy, healthy life. He didn't mention what he really wanted to include - that Kole would someday become a starting linebacker for the San Diego Chargers. Needless to say, I was happy with the blessing.

Blessing Kole on Father's Day made it extra special for our family. I was so proud of my two boys.

Glad my mom was there for our special day. Also glad she was there to help us all get out the door and to our early morning church on time. It takes an army these days!

We snapped a few pictures before church but we were in such a rush that I didn't know if any would turn out so I tried to get everyone together again right after church. Sadly, the picture above is the best of that bunch. I like to call this one "my daughter - the Egyptian." Pictures never happen for us after church. Kids are too squirly from sitting still for so long and we are all too anxious to get out of our dress-up clothes and back into our pajamas. Kole felt the same and was ready for a nap so I didn't even get one picture of just him in his little blessing outfit. I'll have to put him in it another time and snap a few.

Our biggest blessing is having this little guy in our lives. We are so grateful for him. He made our family complete and we couldn't love him more.

Friday, June 18, 2010


was a better day.My sweet Ellie finished up her last day of Kindergarten. Her class celebrated by wearing their pajamas and bringing a favorite toy. Ellie must have tried on over ten different pj's the night before until finally selecting her watermelon ones to wear (because those are the ones Addison wore for her pajama day). Wonder how long I have until these two don't want to look alike? She also put her doll Eva in her pajamas the night before so they could go to sleep and wake up ready to go! She had such a great year. Made wonderful friends, had wonderful teachers (pictured above), and grew in so many ways. I'm so proud of my baby - who clearly isn't a baby anymore.

Yesterday I tried to put my house back together after pulling everything apart in a moment of weakness. While I did that, Kole enjoyed lots of fun time with grandma.

And the girls amused themselves in ways they usually do.

Then I decided I needed a break from organizing so Kole and I caught up on our recorded So You Think You Can Dance episodes. Kole loves So You Think You Can Dance.

Then grandma gave him a bath. Kole also loves pink.

He especially loves his grandma.

And he loves his turtle crib.

and all of us sure love him.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

In a funk

I'm in a funk.

Must be the "I just had a baby and am sick of being over weight, over worked, and overly tired" funk.

I'm tired of seeing myself in the mirror in the morning. I've been more in the mood to see...I don't know...Natalie Portman. I doubt Natalie Portman would have her hair in a bun and no make-up on. She probably wouldn't be wearing maternity clothes that are too big or regular clothes that are too small - neither of which look good. I can't imagine Natalie Portman covered in milk spit up and she definitely wouldn't have huge dark circles under her eyes. Yup. Natalie Portman is who I want to see in the mirror right now.

Kole is 11 weeks old today and this is always about the time I get in a post baby funk and want to do something drastic - like cut my hair short and dye it black. Ok - maybe not that drastic, but I'm in the mood for a change. I can't though. I know better. I did drastic things to my hair when both of my girls were around 11 weeks old and both times came home crying and then called my hair dresser the next day to fix it. I also know better (after reading my letter...again) that retail therapy won't cure my funk. But I have to admit, knowing that didn't stop me from buying a new purse, wallet, and shoes the other day. Staying away from clothes since trying on clothes right now will only turn the funk into pure depression.

I have to say that Kole has been the BEST little baby. And I have honestly loved having a baby in the house again. It's just what having a baby does to ME that I don't love.

My mom came into town again (cue cheers in the background!) so I decided that while she's here and I have some extra help with the kids I'd rearrange a few things and do some organizing. Hoping that helps with the funk since chances are, I'm not going to wake up tomorrow and see Natalie Portman in the mirror.

My sister called today and when my mom told her I was organizing again she said that if I did another organizing post she'd stop reading my blog. Hmm. Guess I'm losing one of my favorite followers.

Here are a few pictures of the mess I started making today. When you're organizing, things always get a lot worse before they get better.

I started pulling so many things off of shelves that I had to line the halls and outsides of the rooms with all of the stuff so we still have room to walk.

Addison, as always, was a huge help.

My little guy is another helper that is always close by. Don't know if this project will cure my funk, but it's worth a try.

No "after" pictures yet. Are you still around Carly?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Taking dinner to a family

After just recovering from having a baby and then having major surgery I have been on the receiving end of a lot of help from others. Last Friday Jessica Turner did a great post on tips for when you're preparing meals for others. We had meals coming to us for over two months and I learned SO MUCH from my friends. Things that really helped our family that I want to make sure to do when I'm trying to help a family in need. These are some of the kind things people did for us that I want to remember...

-If you're the person in charge of scheduling meals, schedule them for every other night. People always make such a delicious big meal and there are almost always leftovers. It's so nice to have the meals spread out so you can enjoy and eat everything.

-Call ahead and let them know about when you'll be by. Obviously when people are bringing you food you are so appreciative that you don't care when they bring it, but everyone was so kind to call or e-mail me and ask when a good time for us was or what time did I usually feed my kids. I ended up being so grateful for that because then I wasn't upstairs bathing the girls or feeding Kole right when they came by. It also allowed me to, ya know, have the spit up wiped off my shirt ahead of time.

-Take something for the kids. So many people either made "kid friendly" meals for us or if they didn't, they brought sides that my kids would like...rolls, fruit, some plain pasta with butter, etc. This was so nice. I never would have thought to do that. Little kids are always picky (mine are the worst!) and it was great to feed them with the meal too.

- Take-out is a great option. I had several good friends and neighbors who knew restaurants I liked and picked up take-out for us instead of cooking a meal. This was such a treat! It was also a light bulb moment for me. Why have I not been doing this all along!? Kenny will be bummed because the times I take others meals are some of the few times I actually cook. But let's be honest here - something I've cooked isn't helping anyone out anyway.

-Team up with a friend. Some of my friends made a meal together. One made the main dish and another did the salad, bread/rolls/rice, and dessert or vise versa. Great way to still take a nice meal even if you don't have time to make everything yourself.

-Wait until things have calmed down. One thing my friends and I have talked about is how nice it is to have a meal brought by awhile after you have had a baby. (I was REALLY blessed this way because we had meals brought after I had Kole and again after I had surgery.) Right after you have a baby your family is usually in town and you are on a high from meeting your sweet newborn. Then reality check. All of the sudden the baby is 6-8 weeks old and fussy and your family and help are gone and you haven't slept well for 3 months (because end of pregnancy is so freakin' uncomfortable!) and you feel like at any moment you may lose it. This is always a nice time for someone to bring a meal. :)

-If you don't have time to make a meal, you can still do something to help. So many people sent me flowers or brought by dessert or treats. Friends brought by magazines to read while I was on the couch recovering. One friend sent me my own copy of New Moon. :) Another brought by my favorite lemonade, some cookies, and a Care Bear DVD for my girls to watch. So thoughtful! I turned on the movie for the girls when Kole was sleeping, ate a cookie, drank some lemonade and instantly felt better. Friends brought coloring books for the kids and picked up groceries and things I needed from the grocery store and Target. Another friend dropped off her 12 year old daughter several afternoons to play with and entertain my girls. Such a huge help to me and something my girls really looked forward to. I can't tell you how many times I got home and found something like this on my doorstep -

some type of treat or little pick me up gift. Everything meant so much to me and was such a huge help. I made a note to myself that if I don't have time to make a meal for someone, there are lots of ways to help and show you care.

**side note

-Last little lesson I learned...when people are going to be bringing in a lot of meals to your house, teach your family appropriate, appreciative behavior. One night a friend was bringing dinner and had called to tell me she was running late. Kenny got home from work and I said "so and so is bringing us dinner but is running a little late so we can wait to bathe the girls." Kenny (totally kidding around and being his usual sarcastic self) made some joke about how she really needed to be on time because he was hungry. I rolled my eyes and he laughed at himself and we didn't think a thing of it. So 20 minutes later my friend arrives and Ellie answers the door and says "Why are you so late!!? We're hungry!" I could - have - died! As soon as my friend left I pulled the kids aside and reviewed what is and isn't appropriate to say when someone brings a meal. Then I pulled Kenny aside and reviewed what is and isn't appropriate to say in front of the kids. Nice.

Taking someone a meal is such a generous thing to do. The meals people brought us seriously saved us over the last two months (and they all tasted so good!). We were beyond grateful and incredibly touched by the kindness that was shown to our family. I can't wait to return the favor by remembering the tips above and doing the same for someone else. There are a lot of good people in the world and I thank God every day that I'm surrounded by so many of them.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Friday Favorites

Just posting a few recent pictures I'm enjoying...

Picking and eating peas with grandpa in his garden - a favorite summer pastime.

My boys - both doing what they do best.

Addie on her way to "pajama day" at preschool - is there anything better than pajama day?

Not in this house.

Since Kole came into the picture the girls have had to help out more around the house. Just the other day Addison unloaded all the toilet paper from Costco into the cupboard for me.

I haven't opened this cupboard since.

I'm scared of what may happen.

The girls have been a HUGE help.

tummy time

This one can do no wrong.

Hope your weekend is a beautiful one!