This week

This week we’ve been missing the rain. Last weeks’ showers were a nice change from our always sunny always the same weather. Plus kids look so cute in their brightly colored rain gear. I love taking Addie to preschool and seeing all the fun patterned rain boots lined up.

Rain boots make great accessories, even with ballet tights.

Although it’s nice when your rain gear actually fits.

BUT…not much rain this week. Nope. It’s been nice and sunny… again. I took this picture at Ellie’s school when I went to see her become “Star Student of the Week” for her birthday.

She made an ‘All About Me’ poster that she was awfully proud of.

It included some of her favorite things, one of her least favorite things (snow), what she wants to be when she grows up (a whale trainer at SeaWorld), and a picture of our family. And no, we aren’t a family with exceptionally large ears…those are our shirt sleeves.

She had fun sharing her poster, making a b-day crown, and being the line leader.

She also had fun sharing the Valentines/Birthday cupcakes we made the class.

This week we’ve started getting out some of our Valentines Day decor. It’s easy to make my house look festive during Christmas and Valentines because I already decorate with so much RED. Love it.

This week I have been amazed that my red Target rug from this post is still holding up so great.

This week Kenny is heading up an IPO at work. For attorneys this translates into “Initial Public Offering.” For attorneys’ wives this translates into “kiss your husband good bye for two months.” It’s only been a few days and I’m really missing the extra help around here.

This week, aside from playing the single mom role, I’ve also been working on my Project Life scrapbooks for the girls. I loved what Ali is doing with her book and the way she is adding memorabilia gave me an idea of how I can combine these books with the girls’ school kit books. I’m playing catch up because I decided to start the books in August when both of the girls started school this year. Hopefully I’ll get caught up soon and have something to share. I’m feeling the urge to get “caught up” on a lot of things since I’m down to two months before baby #3 enters the picture. You might say I’ve been “nesting” a lot lately, although truth be told I think a part of me is always “nesting,” pregnant or not.
This week the girls have been racing around in pillowcases,

hiding out in their princess tent which takes up the whole nursery,

and playing a whole lot of “restaurant.” They’ve been serving up all kinds of yummy food like (quoted by Ellie) “hot chocolate stew which tastes just like hot chocolate only a little more cakey.” If you count all of the fake food I’ve been shoveling in I can pretty much say that this week I’ve been eating non-stop. A good friend of mine (who must really really love me) brought me several Cadbury Eggs this week. I love Cadbury Eggs and as this post shows, if they are in my cupboard I have an incredibly hard time resisting the urge to eat them all. I didn’t do so well resisting the other day and when I was down to one egg left I decided it best to just eat it as well and conceal all evidence that they had even been around. This way Kenny wouldn’t see it and wonder if there had once been more. Made sense at the time.

Then I felt so guilty for eating all the eggs in one day that I decided to have just broccoli for dinner. Baby Kole didn’t like that combination too much.

I’ll eat better next week.

El’s birthday weekend

Our good good friends from Utah, Ryan and Josie, came for a much anticipated visit to help us celebrate Ellie’s birthday. Kenny and Ryan have been best friends since High School and Josie and I hit it off from day one. Plus our kids are the same ages and get along great. Doesn’t get any better than that! Pierson (their 6 year old son) and Ellie are best buddies and all she wanted for her birthday this year was to go to Disneyland with Pierson. She was so excited for them to come that she spent the week before drawing all sorts of pictures for them and talking non-stop about everything we would be doing for her birthday. It was like Christmas round two! Ellie has learned from her mother the skillful art of milking your birthday for all it’s worth and then some. :)

Addison was clearly just as excited as Ellie to have our friends for a visit.

We decided to hit SeaWorld while they were here too. We never get tired of the place. Clearly.

{Kiddos on our way to church} Sunday was a fun day in between the theme park days. We relaxed at home together, celebrated Ellie’s birthday, had a BBQ and let the kids play play play while we talked talked talked. I love days like that.

We got hotel rooms and spent two days at Disneyland. I think the kids had just as much fun playing in the hotel rooms with their new toys as they did at the park!

We had heard that the two days we were going to be in Disneyland were going to be full of rain. More rain than Southern California had seen since 1950! Massive downpours. So we were prepared. We packed rain gear for everyone and hoped for the best. It definitely rained on us, but it ended up being the best thing ever. The park cleared out and we were walking on all of the rides. I’ve never seen the lines so short! The kids had fun splashing around in the rain and when it got really bad, we headed to our hotel for a break and then came back to an empty park when the sun came out. I’ve decided that all Disneyland trips need to be planned during rain storms.

I know. We’ve seen the princesses probably ten times this year, but it’s usually a 1-2 hour line to meet them and there was NOBODY waiting. Just us and them. The girls were in princess heaven.

The Roller Coaster in Toontown is one of Ellie’s favorites. She cracks me up on rides throwing her hands up in the air and laughing the whole time. El’s a fun one to hang out with.

The Monsters ride at California Adventure is another ride the girls love. Because there was no line we went on it again and again and again…

Small World was still decked in Christmas decor which was a fun change. Made me wish it was Christmas again.

Such a fun four days spent with friends! We had the best time. Such a great time that I wish we could do it all over again for my birthday. Which is in 47 days. (not that I’m counting)

Ellie’s Birthday

My sweet Ellie turned six yesterday. We have spent the last four days celebrating with good friends and have partied non stop! She had a great birthday and is so excited to be six years old. Mom, on the other hand is not so excited. We got home from Disneyland last night and once the girls were in bed I started to cry and didn’t stop for a long time. Partly because our fun party was over, partly because I’m ridiculously hormonal right now, but mostly because Ellie is growing up way too fast and I want her to stop. Ellie is all the best parts of me and Kenny and there is nothing that beats being her mom. If I could freeze her in time right now I would. I would spend the rest of my life listening to her play pretend with her barbies and stuffed animals, watching her take care of her little sister Addison, hanging her creative artwork all over the walls, and listening to her laughter that fills our house every day.
I love you so much Ellie. Please stay six for a long, long time.

Christmas Card Pages

In 2004 (our first year with Ellie) Kenny and I started sending out Christmas cards. That’s also the year I started saving all of the cards I received from family and friends. I LOVED having pictures of so many loved ones and I wanted to keep them. Now (six years later) my card collection was getting out of control. I knew I couldn’t keep everything so I came up with this solution. Each year I’m going to pick a handful of cards and scrap them (one layout per year). I took the pictures off of the cards and cropped them and then arranged them around making a little collage of sorts. I tried to use different families each year so that at one point I’ll have everyone we receive cards from in our Christmas album. Here’s how they turned out…

I kept it simple so it’s easy to do each year. This honestly didn’t take me long at all and I’m so excited to finally have a solution for what to do with my cards! I’m trying to decide if I should type each families name on a little square to put on each picture or just leave them like they are. Anyway, thought I’d share this idea in case any of you are like me and don’t want to part with Christmas cards, but can’t keep saving them all either! I love that now they will be out in our Christmas album each December for our family to remember and enjoy along with pictures of our past Christmases.
p.s. I know a lot of you reading my blog have your picture on display here…hope you don’t mind. You all look lovely. :)