Saturday, February 28, 2009

Opposites Attract

Kenny loves sushi - Erin hates all food from the sea.
Kenny lives for Fall - Erin lives for Spring.
Kenny likes things clean - Erin likes things cleaner than that.
Kenny is a saver - Erin is a spender.
Kenny loves country music - Erin not so much.
Erin wants another baby someday - Kenny not so much.
Erin is an optimist - Kenny is a realist.
Kenny snacks on cookies - Erin snacks on candy.
Kenny drives cautious - Erin goes for speed.
Kenny loves spreadsheets - Erin loves 1,000 thread count sheets.
Kenny is a night owl - Erin is a morning person.
Kenny on vacation is go go go - Erin on vacation is veg veg veg.
Erin is a peace maker - Kenny is a trouble maker.
Erin thinks Bleu Cheese salad dressing is killer -
Kenny thinks Bleu Cheese salad dressing will kill you.
Kenny loves to go to the movies - Erin loves movies on the couch.
Kenny loves change - Erin loves routine.
Kenny is still into Survivor - Erin is SO over it.
Kenny enjoys the cold - Erin enjoys the sun.
Kenny loves the Chargers - Erin loves the charge card.
Kenny hates surprises - Erin lives to be surprised.
Kenny loves to debate - Erin silently stews.
Kenny is analytical - Erin is ana-what?

{Anyone in the mood for Straight Up??? I got your back Paula.}

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Quotable Quotes

One of the things I love most about living with a 2 & 5 year old is the free entertainment. Kids really do say the funniest things sometimes. I update these quotes on my sidebar but I think I'll throw them up on my blog every once in awhile so that when I make this blog into a book I've got them recorded. Don't want to forget the things they said that made me smile.

A couple of days ago we were heading to get some food somewhere and Ellie asked if she needed her shoes. I said "no...we'll just pull -up at the window." Addison exclaims "Pull-up! Are you kidding me!?? I don't wear a pull-up. I'm a big girl now!" This was especially funny for our little family because I ALWAYS say "are you kidding me?" and Kenny HATES it! I usually say it when we are arguing over something and he thinks it is so demeaning. (He'll try to make a point and I shoot him down with a sarcastic "are you kidding me?") Addie said it just like I do and Kenny was not impressed. (Sorry babe. She spends all day with me. You should have married someone else if you didn't want mini Erin's running around. :)

Addison's latest: (Jan/Feb 2009)

"Daddy, what do you want for Valentines Day?
Kenny: "a Porsche Carrera"
Addison: "What about a hat?"

"Mom...please can I call you Frosty the Snowman?"

Me: Addison, how's your owie doing? Addison: "I can't feel it anymore because it still hurts."

Addison's first attempt at going potty: "It's not working mommy!"

After a lot of walking around Disneyland: "Hold you mommy! (which means hold me) legs are getting dizzy!"

Addison says "to later" all the time which just means later. She gets this from TOday and TOmorrow. "Are we going to the park to later mommy?"

Ellie's latest: (Jan/Feb 2009)

Me: "Thanks for helping Addison with that Ellie."
Ellie: "Your welcome, your majesty."

"Mom, when Addison is in a bad mood my throat hurts."

"Mom, I just LOVE the smell of air!"

"Mom...ya know how Thanksgiving and Christmas and Halloween and Pumpkin Patches are over? That's called a bummer....right?"

Me: "Ellie, Ellie...Ellie! Honey you need to answer me. It's not nice to ignore people." Ellie: "But mom, you tell me to ignore Addison all the time!"

"Mom...I love you and daddy a hundred and more than that!"

Then just this last weekend we decided to take the kids to Disneyland again so the night before we left I said "Girls...where would you want to go tomorrow if you could go ANYWHERE!?" (totally expecting them to yell Disneyland!)
Ellie with a huge grin on her face: "TARGET!!!"
Kenny and I cracked up! make your mom and grandma proud!

While seeing the wicked queen at Disneyland...
Queen (mean and serious voice): "Do you know who I am?"
Ellie (scared and quiet voice): "yes"
Queen: "Do you think I'm beautiful?"
Ellie (apprehensive): "yes"
Queen: "Do you think Snow White is beautiful?"
Ellie barely squeaks out: "yes"
Ellie moves in closer to me and Addison's legs grip me tighter. Then we pose for a picture. They were scared to death! Could NOT get a smile out of Addison. I have to admit that this queen even scared me a little!

We all decided we much prefer this character...

While I'm on the subject of quotes...
A favorite from Kenny:
"Babe, I'm just livin' in the real world so that you can float above it."

And a favorite from MY childhood:
My mom talking to me and my sister Carly: "come on girls...let's go run some errands."
Carly: "why do we always have to run ERIN'S and we never get to run any CARLY'S!?"

(Carly & Erin 1983ish)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy B-day Austin!

Just wanted to wish my little bro. Austin a happy birthday...yesterday. (sorry I'm a day late Aust!) Austin is quite simply one of the greatest people ever to grace this world. He is kind to everyone, has a great sense of humor, and is extremely loyal. He is one of those people who is SO good with other people (especially older and younger people which is very telling of his character). He also plays a mean game of double solitaire...even though I can still kick your butt Aust - game on!

A lot of my favorite childhood memories come from hangin' out with cute Austin...

Carly (my 21 month younger sister) loved playing dodge ball, soccer, and kick the can while I (forever the girly girl) loved playing house, barbies, dress-ups, and hosting tea parties. Since she wouldn't play what I wanted to play...Austin quickly became my right hand man. Poor kid didn't have a chance. ;)

Never to old for a good blanket tent! (at least that's always been our motto)

Since I was so young when I started dating Kenny, Austin practically grew up with him around and they have always been like brothers. They are SO CLOSE that I often wonder if Kenny married me just to hang out with Austin. It would explain a few things...

Austin is a great Uncle and is adored by the girls at my house...

and by the girl at his house...

and COMPLETELY adored by me. Love you bro! Hope you had a great birthday!
(see more childhood pics with Austin here & Austin with his beautiful bride here)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Easy Scrappin'

Life is busy and it has become more and more of a struggle for me to fit scrapbooking into my schedule. I definitely don't have the time I once had to spend HOURS on page layouts...picking just the right coordinating papers and embellishments...experimenting with different styles and sketches....running to the store to get just what each page needed and sometimes (when my perfectionist side would come out to play) even starting over on a page when I made a mistake or something looked a little off. Those days are LONG GONE! Now I cherish every second I get to scrapbook (because the seconds are few and far between) and I want to HAUL to get as much done as I possibly can. I'm loving that right now there are so many different ways to record family memories. Thank goodness for blogging! Since my blog is our new family scrapbook, I'm just focusing on my girls' individual books and any themed books I want to have... a Halloween book to pull out every October, a Christmas book that will include all December pics and a handful of friend/family Christmas cards each year, and any other individual events I want recorded in a book... like this one I just finished of our 10 year anniversary trip to Italy. I used Pebbles Share and Tell binder and page protectors and it made it SO easy! I only scrapped a few main pages and then just slid the rest of the pictures in the 4x6 slots. My journaling was also typed on 4x6 cards and I tossed all of our post cards in them as well. I didn't agonize over each page...just used a lot of the same supplies, kept it simple and got it done. Definitely the quickest book I've ever completed. YEA for having one less project on my to-do list! Thought I'd share these albums/page protectors in case any of you want to use them to make a quick album and have one less project on your to-do list too. :)

**Added bonus: getting it done in time to give to Kenny as part of his Valentine's Day present.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Music randomness

I love blaring my music and singing in the car and I didn't stop this when I started having babies. I remember once when Austin (my brother) came for a visit and was driving around with me and Ellie in my car (Ellie was 2 at the time). Ellie kept saying "Spiderwebs Spiderwebs Spiderwebs!" Austin thought I was going to turn on Itsy Bitsy Spider or some other kid song when I turned on the song Spiderwebs by No Doubt (second song on my play list) and Ellie and I both started jammin' to it. She knew almost every word. Austin got a big kick out of that and it's still one of her favorite songs.

One of my favorite things about being a mom is the total control you have to influence your own kids. My girls will simply have to rock to Gwen Stefani...and wear a lot of green...and eat a lot of Golden Spoon yogurt...and learn to love their dance classes and pose for yet another picture. They will also have no exposure to country music (ICK!) unless they are forced into listening to it by daddy or grandma (who both lack serious taste in good my humble opinion).

I'm always torn about whether or not I like music on blogs. I like to check out what everyone else is listening to, but I also like to solely concentrate on pictures and words and the music is a big distraction. I usually end up muting any music when I check blogs because I like to give the new post my full attention. I recently added a few songs to my blog just because they are songs the girls and I are particularly enjoying lately. Addison's favorite song is The Show by Lenka (first song on my play list). At the end of the song the lyrics say, " I want my money back. I want my money back. I want my money back. Just enjoy the show" Addison's version: "I want my mommy back. I want my mommy back. I want my mommy back. Just enjoy the show..." Classic! Viewing the world from the eyes of a two year old. So stinkin' cute - I had to get it on film.

**push pause on my play list to hear Addison's version of The Show :)


Monday, February 16, 2009

LOVE-ly weekend

I've never made sugar cookies before (gasp!) but I love eating them and I knew my girls would love decorating them so when my cute friend Josie gave us her mom's 'to die for' recipe (Thanks Josie!) I figured it was time to try. Sad to say that Kenny and Ellie ended up actually making the cookies. I got bored with it and started taking pictures and cleaning instead. :) They did turn out delicious and I'm sure I've gained a few pounds this weekend to prove it!

It was a fun weekend full of...
cookie decorating
card making
fondue with friends
surprises on the doorstep
rain rain rain
more eating
and a little more eating

Hope you all had a LOVE-ly weekend as well!

p.s. Heart my conversation hearts? (previous post) You can make them here.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

To all of you!

AND to my Valentine-

BABE - I love you more than...

{you are SOOOOO loved!}

Love, me

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Good Things

Yesterday was the best day. We woke up to POURING rain - I'm talking torrential downpour. It was dark, wet, windy and cold. I was so not in the mood to bundle the girls up in rain gear and send Ellie to preschool. (Stuck indoors with hyper-active children... I remember all to well from teaching school what rainy days are like!) Plus I wasn't in the mood to take off my pajamas. So I didn't. I kept Ellie with me and the three of us stayed home. All day. We never left the house. Usually this isn't possible with my little ones because they get stir crazy and start to drive ME crazy, but for some reason the stars aligned and everyone was happy and in the mood to be home. We watched the rain (so did Ellie's "friends"), made Valentine cards, watched a movie together (Return to Neverland), and then the girls played together while I cleaned, did laundry and a little scrapbooking. Kenny came home from work that evening and we all looked just like we did when he left. It was a perfect pajama day and I went to bed that night feeling very lucky to have spent such a fun day at home with my girls.

Spring sandals are in! I love Target sandals for my girls. They are so cute and so cheap! AND how cute are these shirts for $5 each. Love them! I'm still actually debating if Target is really a good thing since I go there for paper plates, cereal and toilet paper and leave with new clothes and shoes for the girls, a pair of earrings, new scrapbook supplies, seasonal home decor, organizing bins, and ANOTHER pair of pajama bottoms. We have a love/hate relationship with Target at our house. I (the buyer of all things too cute to pass up) love it. Kenny (the family financial planner) hates it. Don't worry babe. Target just may have a surprise or two for you as well.

The sound of popcorn popping. Great sound. Means the girls are in bed and it's time to sit down, pull out my laptop, turn on the tv, and chill with Kenny.

Daddy's home from work!

The smile on Ellie's face when I pick her up at pre-school.

Listening to Addison playing pretend. Especially when she puts all of her little "friends" in time-out. Clearly she has spent a great deal of time there herself.

LOVE LOVE LOVE Golden Spoon yogurt. A hangout I frequent often. I banned the place for awhile after my Coach sunglasses were stolen there. I left them on the counter, stepped outside to check on my girls, and when I came back they were gone. They were an anniversary present from Kenny and I was SO mad. But...sunglasses have been replaced and I couldn't stay away from Golden Spoon for long. The place calls my name. (New York Cheesecake is to die for!)

So we've had a bit of an obsession at our house. The show: Yo Gabba Gabba. The plot: there is none. The music: terrible. The characters: hideously strange animal/alien things. The host: strange, skinny black man in awful orange wig. The problem with all of this (aside from the obvious): my girls love it! This show is so bad I never know whether to laugh or cry when it's on! It came on once at the end of a Little Bear we had recorded and Addison fell IN LOVE with the characters. She has assigned us all one to be...she is Toodee (the blue cat/dragon), Ellie is Foofa (the pink flower thing), Kenny is Muno (the one-eyed red guy), I'm Brobee (the green one "because mommy loves green"), and Dayna - my sister-in-law is Plex (the yellow robot). Addison worships Dayna. Are these names for real? Anyway - the show is awful but I get the biggest kick out of seeing my girls when it's on. They are GLUED to the TV or they are up dancing along with the weirdos. So...because Addison learned to go potty and Ellie was such a good helper my cute mom mailed them their own Toodee and Foofa dolls. They were ecstatic. (thanks mom!) Guess I'm stuck being Brobee and watching this strange show a little longer...

Girls...these are vegetables. And a blue fruit we don't usually eat. I'm TRYING to feed my girls more veggies. It's not going well so far... Addison exclaims "pee-yew stinky diaper!" every time she sees them on her plate (that's what she says anytime she doesn't like something). Oh well. I feel good about making an attempt and plan on being persistent. I don't scare that easily.

The current edition of CK (my fav scrapbook magazine). First of all my idol Becky Higgins is on the front - AND get this... it's a special organization issue.
I was beyond giddy when this came in the mail!

Along with Addison's Gabba Gabba obsession she is also in love with this outfit. This green shirt and white skirt are all she wants to wear anymore. Has to put it on first thing in the morning...then if I have the strength... I fight her to get other clothes on to leave the house. Then the second we're home again the outfit goes right back on. Most days (if it's warm enough) I just let her wear it. She has had this on everyday for the last month. I'm so sick of this outfit! I have to wash it at night when she's asleep. Good thing? Not really right now, but I'll save this outfit and I'm quite sure that someday I'll look back on it as a good thing.

So I love zoning out and letting my mind wander. Something about the random randomness of my thoughts always makes me happy. I tend to zone out at various times throughout the day. (Often happens whenever Kenny starts a discussion including words like taxes, finance, or bills) Some may call this being spacey, but I like to think my mind is extremely complex and always needs to be in motion. :) This happens whenever I'm on the treadmill, which is why I like treadmills so much. A few random thoughts during this morning's jog...
Is today only Tuesday? ....I have GOT to call and find out what I need to do to get Ellie registered for Kindergarten ....wait - today is Koni's b-day! Crap. Forgot to send a card. Why didn't I write that on my to-do list? Oh yeah, I did. I just didn't read my to-do list....I wish I looked like Natalie Portman....thank goodness for this song (So What by Pink) because it's the only thing keeping my feet moving right now....I need new gym American Idol on tonight?....I should wash sheets new camera is probably too big to carry around with me everywhere....wish I knew how to wink....why am I thinking about winking? it when my mind wanders....I should put this as a good thing on my blog.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

It all started with this

So the other day my friend Malea posted this lovely Jetette Review group picture on Facebook. ("Jetettes" is the name of the dance team I was on in High School) Everyone was tagged in the photo and we were all having a lot of fun chatting on-line back and forth... laughing about this picture and the good ol' days of dancing together. We were such a close group of girls and always had a blast together. I mentioned how great it would be to see everyone again and then Lindsay had a fabulous idea. The current Jetettes are having their review (end of the year performance) in March. What if we all head to St. George and get together to catch up and then go to the review? Next thing I knew we were planning our first ever Jetette Reunion! I'm so freakin' excited for this!!! Some of these girls I have stayed in touch with, but a lot of them I haven't seen in years! Everyone is booking plane tickets and making plans for the party! We're meeting at my mom's house for dinner, a slide show, game and plenty of time to catch up, and then heading to the review. Our drill team advisor is even going to stop by and is reserving us seats at the review. I can't wait to see everyone again! I have so many fun memories of all of our practices, competitions, half-time performances, bus trips and get-togethers. I'm counting down to our reunion. We are going to party like it's 1994!!!

Thought I'd post a few pictures of us that year together...

Side note*** Nice that we aren't dancing in any of my pictures (I think we spent more time messing around). AND nice that my pictures are all grotesquely cropped because they are from my old scrapbooks (why did we do that?).