Pretzel Hugs

Last year I found this little treat on Becky Higgins’ blog. I decided to make them look a little more “Chrissmassy” and to deliver them for friends and neighbors for Christmas.  They were such a hit that I made them again this year. They are seriously SO YUMMY and so easy to make. All you need is Pretzel Snaps, Hershey’s Hugs, and Holiday M&M’s.

It also helps if you have a couple of good “helpers” to unwrap the Hugs and place them on top of each Pretzel Snap.

After you place the Hugs on each pretzel you can count them all. Why? I don’t know. But Ellie seemed to think it was an important step.

Then place them in the oven at 200 degrees for about 7 minutes. Just watch for the Hugs to barely melt.

After you take them out of the oven promptly place two Holiday M&M’s on each Hug. Then put them in the fridge to cool. I like to leave them in the fridge overnight and then take them out the next morning and deliver them sometime later that day. Let them sit on the counter after the fridge for a bit so they are room temperature when you deliver them.

Olivia the pig loves Pretzel Hugs too.

Then wrap them up on cute plates or in cookie jars and deliver! And don’t forget to make a tray for your own family. They really are such a tasty treat. I should know.
I’ve eaten about a hundred of them in the last week.

Oh…one last thing –

Keep a close eye on your “helpers.”

**Update:  Here is a fun way to give your pretzel hugs as a gift!

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  1. says

    I made these this year for my neighbors – so easy and people LOVE them!!! I neglected making any for my own family and may have to do that today, just for fun!

    P.S. are you heading home for the holidays?

  2. says

    Well those are 2 very cute helpers you have there! Messy face and all. What a cutie, (that would be Madi too.) What cute and yummy looking treats, definitely very “Erin”.

  3. says

    those look yum and easier than our rendition. not that I would know…angie did all of the choc. dipping while i did the other stuff. i love how it looked so tidy and lined up perfectly. i just can’t “create” without a mess. you probably can’t create with a mess.

  4. says

    We did those with rolos, pecans, and white chocolate drizzled on top this year…not as festive looking, but tasty just the same. And I have eaten my FAIR SHARE!!! Merry Christmas!!!!

  5. says

    Yummy! So creative, and based on all your blogger comments it looks like everyone has been making these for years – why have I never even tried them before? You should bring some home for us to eat too.. I would take an edible gift anytime! THREE MORE DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS!! YAY!!!!

  6. Kelly Napier says

    This question is a little late post-Christmas, but I might need to know for Valentine’s Day surprises :) Were you able to get the hugs to all melt by placing that many (looks like 96) on the baking sheet? I first tried about 80, but they would NEVER melt. I’ve found the most I can make at once is about 20. Do you have a convection oven or maybe another tip?

  7. says

    Hi Kelly! I’ve never had a problem with them melting and yes – I put all of those on the tray in the oven at once. I think my oven is a convection oven??? Are you setting your oven to 200?

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