Carving Time

Once again my hideous Halloween tablecloth came in extremely handy! We carved our pumpkins on it tonight. I guess I should say Kenny carved our pumpkins tonight. The girls and I assisted in the way we usually do… offering up a lot of chatter, constructive criticism, and our award winning smiles.

{Ellie and I setting them up – the bag Ellie is holding is full of pumpkin seeds that she thinks she is planting in our yard for next years crop of jack-o-lanterns}
Hope everyone has a fabulous Halloween weekend!

– Looking forward to seeing everyone’s Halloween pics on Monday in blogland. :)
– Hope the girls get lots of good candy. My stash is getting low.
– Santa: if you happen to be reading this, notice I didn’t get the total effect I was going for with the jack-o-lantern picture. It’s good, but not great. The new lens and tripod I want for Christmas would have made my picture great. Just thought I’d make your job a little easier this year. I’m nice that way.
– To answer so many of you who have asked if we’re finding out what they baby will be, the answer is DEFINITELY! We find out in two weeks and can’t wait. I’ll need some assistance in the name department once we find out. Ellie and Addison have decided that if it’s a girl we’re naming her Jasmine and if it’s a boy we’re naming him Aladdin… and that’s all we got.

Our routine at the patch

We check out the year’s crop.

Visit with the locals.

Select our pumpkins.

Pose for a picture.

And another one.

And if Kenny’s in a good mood…maybe for one more.

Then we buy our tickets. Those magical, little, orange tickets.

And we wait in line – only for a minute, but it feels like forever – for what we really came for.

And this.

And this.
And if Kenny’s in a good mood…maybe a little of this.
Another enjoyable year at the Pumpkin Patch! Only 364 days to wait until we go again.

Happy 30th Shawn!

My cute brother-in-law turned 30 today. I wanted to wish him a happy birthday because he is my favorite brother-in-law… and would be even if he wasn’t my only brother-in-law. My sister Carly couldn’t have picked a better husband – oh wait – that’s because she didn’t pick her husband. I picked him for her. Now Shawn is starting to sound like a pumpkin so let me explain. While Car and Shawn had been friends since High School they had never dated. They were always in different places at different times. I knew Shawn and had always liked him. He’s friendly, stylish, kind, funny, smart…and I could tell that he had a thing for my sister. He’d always ask about her and his eyes lit up whenever I talked about her. One time while talking to Shawn about Carly I said “you should call her…here’s her number….she’d love it….do it!” It was a bit bold of me since we’d never talked about him liking my sister. He smiled and wrote down the number. I went home and told Car what I’d done and also told her that if Shawn called she WOULD go on that date. He called. They went out. And from that date on they were inseparable.

You’re welcome Car and Shawn. And the two of you will be paying me back for the rest of your lives. Or you could pay your debt off this Christmas with that new pair of UGGS I’ve been eyeing. (Shawn sells shoes at Nordstroms….you should see my sister’s collection. Her boots alone would make you drool.)

Shawn has been such a fun addition to our family. We all love having his calm, happy personality around. He is a also such a darling uncle to my girls – always visiting with them and making them feel special. (that would be Shawn wearing the princess crown for Addie’s birthday)

He is also a great father to his little peanut, Claire. You should see the way he takes care of her. Up with her in the night, up with her first thing in the morning, always fixing her healthy little meals, always playing with her. Completely attentive to his two girls ALL THE TIME. We tease Car about how good she’s got it. And thanks to me, she’s got it REALLY good. (Car – the newest UGGS that are light tan, not the dark brown ones.)

Happy 30th Shawn! We all love you so much!!!

blanket picnic

My mom did a lot of things I loved when I was growing up. One of my favorites was when she would surprise me and my sister or me and my friends with a little picnic. While we were upstairs playing she’d bring up plates with crackers, fruit and cheese and let us eat in the bedroom. Such a little thing but it always felt like such a treat and it always made me feel special. I love to do the same for my girls – surprise them with a little blanket picnic. Whenever I do, I think of my mom and the happy childhood she gave me.

A little snack on a blanket,

a few “friends” to join the party, and a great conversation.

Doesn’t get much better than that!