Monday, September 14, 2009

Girls Weekend!

I spent the weekend in Salt Lake City with my sister. Our highly anticipated girls trip had finally arrived! Car and I played (just the two of us) all day Friday and then my mom and Dayna drove up Saturday and Sunday to finish the weekend off with us. A good time was had by all!
We took great care planning out our weekend.

On the Agenda:

-Pedicures (a must for an all girl weekend)
-Shopping at Gateway
-Farmers Market

- Shopping at Fashion Place
*finally check out the new Nordstroms
*buy new fall boots from Shawn, Carly's husband who sells shoes at the new Nordstroms (I'm all about supporting your family)
-Time with my niece, Claire...without interruptions from my two peanuts

-A little more shopping at none other than Tarjey
-Scenic walks... around Car's beautiful neighborhood and a scenic walk at Silver Lake at the Brighton ski resort. Salt Lake is so gorgeous right now!
-Shopping at Trolley Square
-Ride on Carly's Vespa
-Eat out for every meal
-Raid Car's closet and try on all of her old maternity clothes (needed sooner than usual since we ate out for every meal)

Pretty stressful agenda right? I'm happy to say that we accomplished everything on our list except that we didn't make it on a Vespa ride - ran out of time. And we didn't make it to Trolley Square - ran out of money. Great excuse to go back soon!

Randomness from the trip:

My sister loves me and knows me well. She had all my favorite candy waiting on my bed for me upon arrival. :)

When pregnant it's time to shift your shopping focus. It becomes all about the accessories - scarfs, make-up, hand bags, and shoes shoes shoes.

Speaking of shopping... Claire is finally old enough to enter our "young shopper in training program." She is a natural and passed with flying colors.

Late night Target runs are the best. Especially when Target has giant chicken costumes for sell...and you have someone willing to model one for you. Wish I had a picture of that one.

It's good to get away from your little ones for a few days and it's good to leave your husband with full responsibility for your little ones for a few of days. Then husbands are forced to do things like go grocery shopping, load the dishwasher, pack a lunch and do hair. Sounds like while I was gone "daddy pony tails" were invented which according to my girls are VERY different from mommy pony tails. (No one tell me what my girls looked like at school Friday and at church Sunday - I don't want to know)

Thanks for such a fun weekend Car!!!

Girl trips are simply the best. In fact, we had so much fun we already have our next one planned...Christmas shopping in VEGAS BABY!!!

I'll wait until Kenny's made a full recovery from this weekend before I mention that one to him...


Kath said...

V. cute, fun post! Girls' weekend sounds pretty fun about now...I love Silver Lake! My parents have a cabin just a few walking paces from there. Can't wait to see the boots:)

Carly said...

Yay! I'm finally the first to comment on our fun-filled girls weekend! It was so fun having you here. Claire woke up this morning and went "ERON, ERON?" Luckily she was distracted with all of the shi shi toys and Rella dolls you brought her. Can't wait to see you off your credit card and get ready for round 2 in Vegas for my 31st birthday. Holla!

Josie said...

WOW!! First of all I am so impressed with Kenny's willingness to #1-let you go and #2-take on the girls all by himself!!! Way to go Kenny! 3 is going to be a breeze for you after all!

How fun for you and the girls! I love that she had candy waiting on the bed for you! So cute! What a sweet sis! Glad you had so much fun! (Take a pic of you in the new boots for the next post!) And beautiful pics! As much as I love S.G., I SO miss the real fall!

Bobbidee said...

OHHHH, that looks so fun! I was just thinking about planning one of those, never have and think it is really time now!!! Very cute pics!

Shari said...

So fun Erin! Girls trips are awesome! You guys are so cute together. Look at your cute belly popping out already! Loving it! (Although you probably are not.)

So, about church on Sunday....Kenny sat behind us and I just have to say, he did awesome! I hardly heard a peep from your girls, probably because Eden was too loud but nonetheless, I thought they did great. I could not resist hassling him about their hair though. I really wasn't bad and he was very proud. (Hi Kenny!!) I teased him about there not being any bows though and that they would never be without bows if you were in town. :)

Glad you had fun!

Erin said...

Sounds like so much fun! I love Salt Lake. It is where I am from. You made me miss Fashion Place and all the great shopping. We have none of that here. I'll have to visit my mom soon! Glad you had a great time!

Hopie said...

With that loot on your bed for your arrival.... that's how you know your sister loves you!!!!

kristine said...

I'm glad I got to see you for 30 seconds at the beginning of your shop-filled weekend! The two of you together are always so great to be around... nothing but laughing and great stories about Dix... love it!

Lainee said...

Girls weekends are the best! Sounds like you had a great time! Fun!

Threlfall Mysteries said...

Erin, holy crap, how fun!!! You VanAusdal's sure know how to par-tay! I love checking in on you and on CARLY LU. I miss you guys so much. Car is an incredible host, love the little suprises she left you. Congrats again on pregnancy #3.

Lacey said...

What a fun weekend! I was at the Gateway shopping with my sister on Friday night?!! Were you there too?!! Such a bummer if you were. What would we do without wonderful girl time?

Mickell said...

So fun!!! We just had our girls weekend too in Salt Lake!!! Nothing better than a girls weekend!

Hey I just wanted to say CONGRATS on baby #3! I am so excited for you! You will love it! I hope you get feeling better soon!

Sarah said...

What great the collages...and looks like you had a blast!

Brandon + Meghanne said...

I LOVE having girl weekends especially with your favorite people...sisters! looks like you guys had lots of fun and I can't believe how big Clare has gotten, she is so cute!

Ann said...

Erin-I got soooo many cuddles from Addison in nursery, and truth be told, as I was holding her, I checked out her hair and thought-wow! Kenny did a good job!

Your post made me want to go visit my sister! I was hoping you would be at the gym this morning so I could hear every fun detail!

Dayna said...

Chicken suit? I don't know what you're talking about!!

Kami said...

How fun! You are right, you guys packed it in. I love Lemon Heads too!

Shari said...

Makes me mad that I didn't think to put fun stuff on the bed for my sister when she came!!

Devan and Lexie said...

so much fun! I love girl trips too. I'm so excited for you to have another baby too!