Thursday, July 23, 2009

Highlight #4

{Kiddos had a ball}

Kenny and I weren't the only ones partying every day during our Utah trip. The girls had so much fun. They played with friends, swam everyday, and spent a lot of quality time with their grandparents. (recipe for happy kids)


Life is good. (Especially when you're on vacation) :)


Shari said...

They are best friends. It's so cute.

Bonnie said...

I want a big blow up of the hugging picture. That is just Too cute for words. How we miss our Rollins family....kiss them for me.

Malea said...

The colors on your photo's are so bright and vivid. I'm so glad you had a great vacay.

Threlfall Mysteries said...

K, I love your pics. More than anything, I have to say how much I love Koni'a 'Girbaud" shorts she is wearing in Kenny's graduation picture. I just love how pictures can bring back memories so freshly. You're so good at bringing old memories back to life to Erin... once again, just love your blog!!!

Josie said...

Love it! Pierson had SO much fun with Ellie! He is just dying for us to make a trip out there. Love you guys!

Kath said...

I wanna go on your vacation...everyone hugs and smiles and does fun splashing stuff and looks adorable!
PS Thx for the comments on my blog and I know the greens don't match and I also know that my shoes didn't really match w my jewelry today. Someday, someday I will pull it all together like my darling friend, Erin:)