To my sister, Carly

Just wanted to thank you once again for the brilliant Christmas gift you gave the girls. We’ve so enjoyed listening to their melodic recorder tunes over and over and over again…ALL DAY LONG. In fact, to return the favor Kenny and I have something extra special planned for Claire’s birthday.


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    I could just HEAR the squeaking and squawking while I read your post!!! What a funny Christmas gift Car!!! The girls do look darling playing…so into it!

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    toys that make noise….what a treat! love that addie is looking up to her big sis in the photo. i hope my girls are as good of friends as yours are. too cute!

  3. says

    Carly, Erin and I have been talking and I, being the great friend that I am, have given her a few ideas….

    Be scared…be very very scared…

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