I suppose (someday I’ll miss)

I suppose someday I’ll miss they way Addison goes through an average of 15 different outfits each morning before she finally gets dressed.

I suppose someday I’ll miss cleaning up constant food messes just in time to prepare another snack/meal and start all over again.

I suppose someday I’ll miss all of the fingerprints on my stainless steel fridge and sliding glass doors.

I suppose someday I’ll miss the obsession my girls have with bodily functions. The laughing any time one of them mentions poop or pee or “little fluffs” as my girls like to call it. (Great name right? Ellie came up with that one when she was two and it has stuck :)

I suppose someday I’ll miss the way I have to say “please open the lemonade gate” every time before the girls will let me undo their car seats to get them out of the car. They can be so annoying adorable when they want to be.

I suppose someday I’ll miss all of the help with home decor.

I suppose someday I’ll miss hearing voices screaming “ME FIRST, IT’S MINE, and GIVE IT BACK!” from the upstairs.

I suppose someday I’ll miss burning the chicken I was cooking for dinner because of these screaming voices from the upstairs. (*disclaimer – I have to be honest here – while tonight the chicken burning really can be blamed on my girls fighting, it usually occurs because I’m a crappy cook and am way too impatient for chicken)

I suppose someday I’ll miss cruising through the princess isle EVERY TIME we’re in Target and I suppose someday I’ll miss the fight that always follows as I attempt to leave without purchasing a toy. (I’ll admit…I don’t often win this battle)

I suppose someday I’ll miss having my scrapbook supplies, shoes, and jewelry strung all over the house because they seem to be much more appealing than regular toys.

I suppose someday I’ll miss having to gather all of Ellie’s “friends” each night before she goes to bed – hunting all over the house for a certain Snow White or Jasmine or her favorite stuffed bunny “Haula“.

I suppose someday I’ll miss pretending that I can’t find Kenny and the girls when he walks in the door every night. Even though they are hiding in the same spot that they hid in the night before…and the night before that…and the night before that.

I suppose someday I’ll miss getting into bed at night and being greeted by a My Little Pony instead of by my pillow.

I suppose someday I’ll miss all of the “help” with vacuuming and sweeping and dusting and laundry. So much “help” that it takes me twice as long to get anything accomplished.

I suppose someday I’ll miss all of the craziness that goes along with raising young children because I am told by nearly every other woman in the supermarket who has been in my shoes that I will.

And you know what?

I suppose they’re right. Even though it can be hard to believe, I suppose someday – I’ll miss it all very much.

Week Happenings

Just wanted to post a few pictures from last week. Some of the week happenings were:


The girls enjoyed some particularly warm weather at the beginning of the week. We’re clearly ready for summer around here. We’re also clearly lovin‘ the new shades. And while we’re at it, we’re clearly needing a new sprinkler that shoots higher than one foot high on full blast.

(also a big thanks to Mr. Snail who kept my girls entertained for over an hour. I owe ya one big guy.)


A few shots of Ellie at her gymnastics class. She’s doing great and I love that she has something that she is passionate about. Except for when that passion leads to gymnastics happening all over my house…and my furniture…and in front of her little sister…who copies everything…and is a bit less coordinated.

On Wednesday morning I went with Ellie’s pre-school class on a field trip to the beach. They flew kites, played at the park, and had a picnic. It was great spending some one on one time with her and seeing her interact with all of her cute friends.


Then on Wednesday afternoon I partied with my ‘Activity Day’ girls. Twice a month I have a group of 8-9 year old girls from my church over to do fun activities. What better way to show the girls the positive influence literature can have in our lives than with a good old fashion read-a-thon? Plus I just wanted an excuse to put on my pajama’s at 4:00 in the afternoon. My girls worship these older girls and actually sat still and “read” the whole time with them. I love read-a-thon’s. I remember loving them as a student and I remember loving them as a teacher.

All of this remembering is making me suddenly feel very old.


SeaWorld Saturday morning. I know. We should just sleepover there. We have definitely made good use of our season passes. The girls love it and we always hit it early in the morning before the crowds. Feels like we have the whole park to ourselves for an hour or two. Plus this Saturday we got to meet Sesame Street Friends. :) Good times.


Other happenings this week were pretty routine…

-Ellie played lots of pretend

-Kenny negotiated a merger

-Addison set a new record for minutes spent in time-out

-As for me, I tried to focus on the fun times with my kids during the week. The times from the pictures above. And for the ‘not so fun time-out times’, I took lots of Ibuprofen.

The Rule Is:

If the bed looks like this… it’s off limits. But if the bed looks like this…it suddenly becomes a…

– tent
– beauty shop
– swimming pool
– castle
– boat

– tree to support the vine that swings people into the mud (mud being the brown pillows)

– pet store
– skating rink
– warm place for “friends” to rest
– volcano full of hot lava
– picnic spot
– and of course – a trampoline
Lucky for them, the bed usually goes un-made.

Inspired by the weather

I’m loving this Springy time of year! I’m not usually a crafty kind of gal but this weather has inspired me to create! When I saw these fun button butterflies in Pottery Barn Kids I decided I could easily make something similar with scrapbook stuff I already had on hand. So on a sunny afternoon, I blew the dust off of my circle punches and ended up with this –

I just painted a wooden scrapbook frame green (you can buy them at Michael’s for $6.00). Very cheap. Very simple. Very quick. For now, my butterfly’s home is in Ellie’s room on this shelf –

I’m kind of into butterflies. I’ve had these butterflies (also Pottery Barn Kids) hanging in the playroom for awhile…

Whenever I walk by the girls’ playroom and see these butterflies hanging I remember the day I hung them. My mom was visiting and I was being a bit of a perfectionist and kept hanging and re-hanging until I felt I had them all three exactly how I wanted them. My mom gets so annoyed by my tendency to over analyze small details so when I asked her what she thought for the 20th time she answered, “I know what those butterflies are thinking. They’re thinking how do we fly out of this window and be free!” I always think of her and smile when I see my perfectly placed butterflies…and then I re-adjust them so they are facing the right way.
Some Springy flowers also in the playroom and a favorite picture of my sweet little Ellie smelling the flowers – 18 months old.
My windows are open right now and we are enjoying the nicest ocean breeze. Outside my petunias are blooming. :) Happy Spring!

To my sister, Carly

Just wanted to thank you once again for the brilliant Christmas gift you gave the girls. We’ve so enjoyed listening to their melodic recorder tunes over and over and over again…ALL DAY LONG. In fact, to return the favor Kenny and I have something extra special planned for Claire’s birthday.