Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Quotable Quotes

Addie's latest: (March/April 2009)

While doing her hair "mommy you're ruining my curls!"

"Mommy...does Minnie Mouse go to time out?"

"Mom I'm hungry." "Do you want some yogurt?" "No...I want some real food. I want a sucker."

Looking at a picture of Kenny in front of the Coliseum in Rome... "there's my daddy at his office."

"I'm not being Ellie's sister because her feathers are in a bunch." (must be from their favorite show Little Bear?)

"Mommy I need another popsicle." "You haven't finished that one yet." "I can't ... it's too cold. I need a new one."

"Mommy...I need to tell you something...don't smile, don't laugh, don't get mad." (I don't even remember what she needed to tell me...I was too amused by the way she started the sentence to pay attention :)

Ellie's latest: (March/April 2009)

"Mom, remember when I was little and we sat around all day eating Wheat Thins? Remember that mom?" (I don't remember this, but I'm not denying it)

"Mom - I named this bear Shiver Anatillia China." (say that three times fast)

"Mom...why do those tortilla shells taste different?" "They're fat free." "Fat free is so gross."

When my mom was visiting for Easter Ellie smelled her arm and said, " smell good Utah. I smell like San Diego." Then she smelled her again..."yup....Utah."

"Mom, what if something was wrong with our house - like if it was backwards and you couldn't get in?"

"I have a tummy ache and it hurts when I wash my hands."

"Try this mom. It's hot noodle coconut soup with root beer."

After getting her haircut: "Mom - Am I still 5 now that my hair is short?"

Talking to Addison: "Say it love ice cream more than me."


Liz said...

Your girls are brilliant!!! I love how their minds work and all that they pay attention to! I wonder if I smell like Utah?

andee said...

Too Cute! You are so good to write those precious lines down. What a good mom you are!

Josie said...

Oh those are so hilarious! How precious! I love it. It is amazing what their little minds remember isn't it?!

Hopie said...

Ellie's my kind of girl, my Grandma smells like Las Vegas, not in a casino-stripper kind of way, in a Grandma-smells-yummy kind of way!!! TOO CUTE!!!

Bobbidee said...

So funny! What a great thing this blogging thing is!!!

amyd said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading all that. i keep a journal of all my kids funny sayings and now I am going to copy you and post it.

Shari said...

I love this so much Erin. It is the real purpose for blogging if you ask me.

How do you do it though? Do you honestly carry around a pen and paper or do you you have a file for a brain that never forgets anything?

The Harrises said...

Clever sayings like their mother! You've had a powerful influence on them--that and tv.

Dayna said...

We can't wait to hang out with the little munchkins in Cancun...Good thing they're so dang cute!!

bryn said...

they're funny! what cute girls. and don't you love their stream of consciousness? kids are the very definition of living in the moment. cute, cute girls!

Bonnie said...

I love that I "smell like Utah"...How cool is that?
I also agree that "Fat Free is gross"! Glad you have a record of their cute talk....makes me miss them both even more. :(

Mary said...

I just love this post Erin! I'm going to have to let Curtis know about their office's change of location. Too fun!

amy said...

this post had me laughing out loud! seriously, hilarious. thank you for sharing!! today was a bit rough being almost 37 weeks prego & not wanting to chase my 18 month old around. so, thanks for the laugh. I needed it!

p.s. I'm thinking what Shari is do you record/remember all the great one liners from your girls? Are you willing to share your system?

Kath said...

D A R L I N G!! thanks for sharing!!